Prevent other sites from using site bandwidth

Hosting service companies hosting do not use the same control panels for purchased But we can say with confidence that C-panel is one of the most common and popular. In this management panel, a feature has been provided to users through which they can prevent other sites from consuming their site bandwidth. In this article, teach you how to prevent the use of site bandwidth by other sites, or in other words, the theft of website bandwidth by other websites.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • Prevent website bandwidth theft
  • How to prevent bandwidth consumption with hot links
  • How to configure Hotlinks Protection in C Panel

Prevent website bandwidth theft

Hotlink, also known as inline linking, refers to a time when a website links directly to files on your website or from your bandwidth to serve on your website. use. For example, a page on another website may link directly to images on your website. As a result of the website, when visitors go to the page of the mentioned website, it is your website that provides the mentioned image files. So your website bandwidth was used or so-called stolen.

Hotlinks Protection C Panel is a great feature that you can use to prevent your website bandwidth from being stolen. This means that you will be able to prevent other sites from linking to your website and losing your site bandwidth. In the following, we will teach you step by step how to use the Hotlinks Protection feature in order to prevent the theft of the website bandwidth.

How to prevent bandwidth consumption with hot links in C Panel

In order to activate the Hotlinks Protection feature, you must proceed as follows:
  1. First you need to enter the management section of your C-panel host.
    Learn how to enter the control panel C-panel host
  2. Then click on the Hotlink Protection option through the Security menu.
    Prevent bandwidth theft in C Panel
  3. In this step, we will enter the Hotlink Protection page.
  4. Then, to use this tool, click on the Enable to activate the protection of your site links. This will easily enable Hotlinks Protection for your website.
    Prevent bandwidth consumption in C Panel
  • When activating the ability to prevent bandwidth consumption by other websites in C Panel, keep in mind that you must enable hot links for all your domains. For example, configure your website subdomains and the URLs you use to access your C Panel account.

How to build a subdomain in a C-panel host

  • Be sure to include the link you use to access your C-Panel account in the list of URLs to prevent website bandwidth theft. If the link is not entered, you may not be able to see the embedded images in the HTML Editor section of the File Manager interface.

How to configure Hotlinks Protection in C Panel

After activating the hot link, you will be able to change the Hotlinks Protection C panel configuration on the main page. This section includes the following:

hotlinks protection C Panel

  1. In the URL to allow access websites you want to allow access to your files.
  2. In the Block direct access for the following extensions , define the file format that you do not want other websites to have direct access to. For example if you want to access all images in jpg format. Restrict You must enter the name of this format in this box.
  3. If you want other websites to have direct access to your site files, select Allow direct requests .
  4. In the Redirect the request to the following URL of the websites you do not want to allow access to directly from other websites.
  5. Click the Submit button.
When you click the “Disable” button, the system deletes all entries in the URL list. We recommend that you save the list in a safe place before disabling the Hot Link feature in your C Panel.

Consumption of website width by other websites is an event that can cost you a lot. For this reason, it is necessary to use the available facilities to prevent the theft of your website bandwidth. The feature is located in the C-Panel admin panel called Hotlinks Protection. In this article from Fa Host Knowledge Base, we have tried to tell you how to protect the bandwidth of your purchased C-panel host.

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