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Everything about motion graphics footage

Users who are active in the field of video content production must have heard the term motion graphics footage. Footage is one of the most common motion graphics terms used when choosing a motion graphics format. If you intend to design or use a motion logo in your content production, it is better to learn more about this style of motion graphics. Motion graphics footage helps you create an attractive and professional video for your advertising and digital marketing.

Currently, most designers use ready-made templates in order to provide logo motion as quickly as possible. Various software and tools such as After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop allowed designers to make any changes in the format and ready files. With this trick, not only a dedicated motion graphic is created for users. Rather, this video will reach the customer as soon as possible.

Motion graphics software speeds up design operations and, on the other hand, produces attractive and professional content. For this reason, users who intend to order content production usually choose this method. The design of ready files is layered. For this reason, designers can add new effects to their video projects.

Currently, various tools are used to present this type of video project, of which motion graphics footage is one of the most famous and popular ones. Footage has various types and uses, which we will examine in the following article.

Getting to know the footage

Currently, one of the most common programs used in the production of advertising videos and content production is Footage. Because this allows users to produce an attractive and professional project or make desired changes to it, with footage, you can change the features of the file and add new and attractive effects to it.

Of course, footage has a significant difference from ready-made projects, and that is that footage is a raw video file. This file is saved through CCTV or video recording and does not have any special effects. The most important use of this raw video file is that it allows users to use a variety of backgrounds during project design. Using it in the production of new content is another use of footage. It should be noted that this file is different from ready-made videos.

This raw and unedited film is usually recorded by video cameras in the film industry. This product can be used in all kinds of music video production projects, film editing or production, and other video projects. These raw videos can be edited after recording using video editing software. For example, he changed their color, cut them, or applied any necessary changes to them.

If we want to define footage in one word, we must say that it is a video film created through a video camera and motion graphics or 3D After Effects and Cinema Ford software. Currently, this product is introduced as the first material for making clips.

Check all types of footage.

It has certainly happened to many designers that they need a professional background when creating a video file. Footage provides this possibility for them. Of course, we must remember that there are different types of footage. That is why they are categorized. Each of these footage has its own uses. Therefore, you should pay attention to your needs when choosing. For example, amateur footage is used to make nature documentaries.

Introducing types of footage

Types of footage include the following:

Stock footage:

Stock footage means natural footage. This footage is taken by different people and some professionals through ordinary cameras. The purpose of recording this video is for all users, especially those planning to make a video in an urban environment.

Motion graphic footage:

Unlike stock footage, motion graphic footage is designed through graphic software and does not have a real environment. Software such as After Effects and Cinema Ford are usually used to create motion graphics footage. This footage is designed to create attractive special effects in the clips.

Alpha footage:

The most important use of alpha footage is in the production of movies and special effects. This type of footage consists of two parts, and the background can be removed during the making of the clip. With this footage, you can quickly remove the background and add the desired file to it. Alpha footage has various effects, including explosion and fire, plant growth, etc.

motion graphics footage

Chroma key footage:

Chromakey footage is one of the most widely used footage in video projects. This footage has a green screen that the character is in front of. By using movie editing software, you can easily remove the green screen and place the desired movie in the desired environment.

Overlay footage:

This footage is a type of alpha footage. It only has a background problem. This footage was designed to create light effects. For this reason, it is usually used in video clips that require artificial light.

The use and benefits of footage in motion graphics

The most important application of motion graphics footage is to create a more attractive and professional video project. Because it is possible to make any changes, and you can add all kinds of special and attractive effects to your file. Other uses of motion graphic footage include making video clips, educational videos, religious clips, promotional teasers, wedding clips, etc.

One of the advantages of footage in motion graphics is that it speeds up the editing operation and helps the designer to produce the desired file faster. Making the clips attractive and professional is another advantage of this footage. The footage can be used in various graphic programs. In general, motion graphics footage can be used on any software that requires graphics and special effects. Another advantage of this footage is that no plug-in is needed. Therefore, you don’t need to buy special and expensive plugins to use it.

Features of motion graphics footage

One of the most important features of motion graphic footage is that it saves time and money for the project. With this program, you can quickly turn a simple clip into a professional and attractive one and attract a large audience. You must pay attention to the fact that the audience can easily distinguish a simple and beginner clip from a professional clip.

Therefore, if you intend to attract an audience in digital marketing and content production, be sure to use this motion graphics style. Footage can increase the audience’s curiosity and attention. You can also use it to maneuver on various topics. Another feature of motion graphics footage is that they can be changed. With a small change, you can use it in another clip.

In addition, with footage, you can convey the most complex messages. For this reason, it is the best option for companies that want to convey their message and purpose as quickly as possible. Another feature of the footage is that it is in .mov format and can be opened in all kinds of editing software, such as After Effects, Premiere, etc.


In this article, we reviewed motion graphics footage. This footage can be edited, turning simple user clips into professional and attractive ones. Also, with a little change, it can be used in other motion graphics. If you intend to make a professional clip quickly and at the lowest cost, don’t neglect motion graphics footage.