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How to Install/Reinstall the Operating System

Thank you for your Shopping dear customer, in this video, we are going to show you How to install Or Reinstall the Operating System automatically so that you can do it automatically whenever you need to reinstall it.

Installation Steps

Enter your Client Area, click on services at the top of the left page, then all your services will be displayed on the new page, select the desired server and enter a new page, on this page scroll Down to install the operating system or reinstall Select the Action option at the bottom and then select Reinstall and two options will be displayed to you. It asks for the version of the operating system, for example, the Cent OS or Ubuntu Linux family, after selecting it, click the Reinstall option and wait for the operating system to be reinstalled, which takes a few minutes, and after that, a new email Entitled VPS Server Welcome Email with the information of your new virtual server will be sent to you. Server information such as username and password may have been sent to you.

Note: If the operating system you need is not available in the list, please contact support.

If you have problems playing videos or installing the operating system, contact the Ded9 SupportTeam

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