Instagram engagement rate

10 great tricks to increase Instagram engagement rate

Increasing the rate of Instagram engagement is an essential issue to create a successful business in the context of this social network. Today, Instagram is the beating heart of marketing techniques for marketers. You ask why? Because 13% of all living beings on the planet are members of this social network. More interestingly, 80% of these users are determined followers of brands and businesses. We know very well that the Instagram engagement rate is calculated based on the number of likes, comments, and the number of times the audience shares a post. According to a statement published by Oberlo, this engagement rate for the social network Instagram is about 4.21%, which is ten times higher than what Facebook calculates for published posts.

It is also 55 times the rate that Pinterest considers for its posts, and more interestingly, Instagram engagement is 84 times higher than the rate that Twitter calculates for its posts.

Lately, however, the TikTok app has been capable of entering this field and contesting the engagement rate with Instagram. But with this decline in Instagram engagement, business activists and pages are still looking for ways to achieve an acceptable rate.

Therefore, in the following, we will introduce ten tricks to increase the rate of Instagram engagement. We will provide explanations about each of them so that you can protect your business pages from the challenge that has occurred.

Introducing ten tricks to increase Instagram engagement rate

  • Always be posting.
  • Instead of lecturing, tell a story.
  • Build a strong brand.
  • Appear in the solid visual section.
  • Choose the right hashtags.
  • Create a hashtag for your brand.
  • Focus on user-generated content.
  • Use gifs.
  • Use emojis purposefully.
  • Learn from your good performances on Instagram.

Now, we will present and discuss each of these ten tricks to increase the Instagram engagement rate to use them to achieve a high engagement rate on Instagram.

1- Always be posting.

Brands need high activity to increase the number of their followers and thus increase Instagram engagement rate. But how do they provide this unusual activity for Instagram?

According to studies, posting one or two posts per day is an acceptable activity for Instagram, and a page with such activity is known as a dynamic and active page. Of course, knowing what time of day you publish your posts also has a significant impact on your Instagram engagement rate. You can understand these watches according to the Instagram algorithm for your page, which can be seen from the insight section.

Among the famous Instagram pages, pages like FashionNova publish more than 30 posts a day. In other words, some of them publish a post every half hour!

It is fascinating to know that this amount of post publishing for big businesses is not only not harmful but also causes these pages to have over a few million real and active followers. The engagement rate for this page with this activity rate is about 0.07%.

Another example of this posting process can be the National Geographic page. This page publishes between 5 and 7 posts a day. From 135 million real and active followers, it is possible to understand the activity and strategy of this page. The engagement rate of this page on Instagram is 0.24%.

Therefore, observe discipline in posting and its continuity.

2- Instead of lecturing, tell a story.

Some businesses forget that Instagram is a colorful and lively social network where people watch a combination of videos and engage with attractive photos and text.

Therefore, dry and soulless writings containing one or two severe and working things can not attract the audience’s attention in this colorful world. Instead of giving dry and serious speeches, take attractive photos and various videos and decorate them with short and beautiful captions.

Captioning is very important on Instagram. Try to write short and exciting stories in captions or publish fast and exciting topics in reports. The most successful global pages that follow this example well and can be an excellent example for it is:

  • Airbnb
  • Lego
  • Red Bull
  • Patagonia
  • Nike

Of course, to convey up-to-date information, it is essential to point out that writing extended captions is becoming a trend, contrary to what was not common in the past. But such captions require particular skill and treatment. For this goal, it is essential to monitor accurate and external pages and see what new methods they use in their progress. Because, inevitably, these pages have become Instagram leaders, and most of the audience looks at them.

3- Build a strong brand.

Creating and strengthening a brand identity is one of the most important ways to increase the engagement rate on Instagram. Follow a specific framework in your stories and posts. Like using a particular color, pattern, or theme that belongs to your brand, the audience will not miss you with these items.

Use words and phrases to convey to your audience that they are part of your family this way. You can keep them loyal to you.

4- In the visual part, appear strong.

Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that along with all the features and possibilities of Instagram, what constitutes the main feed of this social network and acts as its beating heart, is the visual content.

Instagram is a place where content is visual. Articles, long posts, textual content, and essential, instructive, or news captions will never be read or impressed on users if they do not appear with a compelling photo, image, or video.

Do not use effects or edits for your photos that take away from their natural state. In this regard, even some pages are bound by the “Unedited Edit” law, which means they do not edit the images.

What the pictures and videos show you should be in the style of your business. The Glossier page, for example, publishes all its images directly from the camera without applying weird effects or professional Photoshop edits on them.

You should not follow any page in choosing this method. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. It is enough to see what our business has an identity, and if it were a human being and it was supposed to be present among the people, what would it wear. What color it came in and how much editing and effects was enough for it.

5. Choose the hashtags correctly.

Hashtag on Instagram is one of the most critical tricks to increase Instagram engagement rate. Common among business page users is the use of hashtags used by others.

They believe they should type the beginning of the word related to their product and see what hashtags Instagram offers them. Then they choose the most used hashtag. By doing so, they have minimized their chances of being seen. When you select a hashtag that 1000 others have used before you, you hide your post among thousands of posts with the same hashtag.

Of course, this does not mean using hashtags that no one else has used. Because even in this case, it means that no user searches for this hashtag so that he can see your post.

So what is the solution?

It is best to look at similar posts on your Instagram and see their hashtags. Then check the number of likes and comments received by that post if there were a significant number of likes and comments. You can also use one of the most relevant hashtags for your post.

Instagram has indeed allowed its users to insert 30 hashtags, but inserting 30 hashtags at the end of your caption does not have a pleasant image and shows your post as aimless and uncertain.

Most professional and popular pages use 3 to 5 hashtags under their posts. Studies have shown that using 11 hashtags is the best and most effective rate for this purpose.

6- Create a hashtag for your brand.

Create a hashtag for your brand. This hashtag should be short, typed, easy to remember, and include your brand name. This type of hashtag makes you gradually become a prominent brand, and people can find your page by searching for your brand name and viewing it. Over time, it also looks like you have a community related to your business.

7. Focus on user-generated content.

This trick is one of the solutions that some businesses are aware of, and few business page activists use it. At the same time, one of the most influential and miraculously easy tricks to increase Instagram engagement rate.

To do this, for example, you can ask your users to take photos with your products and publish them on their pages and use the hashtag you want for them. By doing so, you are encouraging other contacts and users to produce targeted content for the growth of your business.

8. Use gifs.

Research shows that people often watch videos that last 15 seconds or less. So if you can not make long and attractive videos, and on the other hand, you do not always want to share still photos and images, use gifs to create variety and increase Instagram engagement rate.

9- Use emojis purposefully.

The use of emojis requires a specific strategy and the threat of a particular action. So that it gives color and glaze to your posts, captions and images, but not highly or informally.

Of course, in the first place, you need to make sure that your business is in a way that requires the use of emojis, and using them will not harm your brand image. Then select emojis related to the content of your page and use them gently to decorate your captions.

Emojis should reflect the mood of your business and be consistent with your content.

10. Learn from your good performances on Instagram.

Monitor the performance of your posts. See which of your posts gets better and more engaging. Find common ground between these posts. This way, you will know what kind of content your audience will welcome the most. Then add more of these types of content, images, and posts to your content calendar and increase their number over time.


To increase your Instagram engagement rate, you need to perform these ten tricks simultaneously and be committed to them. Of course, there are many tricks that Instagram publishes in various articles and informs users through its media. But the most important and influential of these tricks was the list you saw in this article.