What is the H1 tag and what is its use in website pages

A website page contains a collection of elements such as title, URL, content, description, etc. One of the things that is very important and we should pay attention to it is the H1 tag . As you know, there are headings from H1 to H6 and each of them has a specific use in the content. The issue that should be paid attention to is that the H1 tag should be used only once on each page and more than that is considered a mistake. In the following, the features and details of the H1 tag will be described and the reason why we should not use it more than once is explained.

What is the H1 tag and what is its use?

H tags mean HTML Headings Tags, whose Persian equivalent is title. In terms of writing, we are required to use headlines in the content because by using them we give order to the content and attract the attention of the audience. Also, the use of titles is to give summary information about the related content. That is, in fact, with the title, we announce the subject of the related content to the audience. If we want to define H1, the phrase of the main title or index title will be the most appropriate.

In the picture below, the position of H1 can be clearly seen and understood:

What is the H1 tag
What is an H1 tag?
If you want to learn about H1 to H6, we suggest you read: HTML <h1> to <h6> Tags

Using H1 more than once on the page is not correct and in addition to structural weakness, it will also have a negative impact on SEO and website optimization. This issue will be discussed further.

Explaining the impact of the H1 tag on site SEO

There are a number of standards on the web that there is no physical barrier to not using them. For example, you can use H1 unlimited times on your website pages, but this is definitely not a principle. The H1 tag is very important for Google. In fact, with H1, we tell Google what our content is about. We should choose the value of H1 (content index title) in such a way that it has the following characteristics:

  • Bring the subject matter of the content well to the audience.
  • Not too short and not too long.
  • Use keywords in it intelligently.
  • Encourage the audience to read the content.

Checking the number of H1 tags used on the site page

There are several ways, of which we present two cases. The first case is the case-by-case inspection of the headlines, which can be determined by right-clicking and clicking on the Inspect Element option. This is shown in the image below.

Checking the number of H1 tags

An easier way that does not involve human error is to use the MozBar extension for the Chrome browser. with the Google Chrome browser For this, it is enough to go to this link and click on the Download MozBar Free link and install it.

After installation, go to the address of the desired page and proceed according to the image below:

h1 tag

For example, below we refer to one of the big sites that have such problems in using the h1 tag on their site:

Error in using H1 tag