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human content production and artificial intelligence content production

What is the difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production?

The difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production should be evaluated from various aspects. Today, many people use artificial intelligence to produce all kinds of text, images, video, etc. content. It is very important to evaluate the current and future status of content production orders using artificial intelligence and humans. By examining the methods of SEO optimization, we can know each of the methods of content production.

In fact, artificial intelligence knows well what SEO is and produces various content based on SEO rules. People also know each of the algorithms related to SEO and produce quality content based on them. In general, we must say that in digital marketing, human-generated content is more valuable than artificial intelligence content. Artificial intelligence cannot plan properly for content production. Humans lawfully produce all kinds of content in various fields.

How is the production of various types of content by humans?

If you want to know the difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production, you must first evaluate how humans produce content. People who produce content have a lot of expertise and experience in producing different content. Journalists, page writers, SEO, and other people are among the people who produce the best human content. In this style of producing content, very creative content is produced. This method of content production requires the experience and expertise of people. In general, we must say that content production by humans will not be done in the shortest time frame, but it has a very high quality. The legality of the contents produced by humans is one of their most important features.

How is content production by artificial intelligence?

To understand the difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production, you must know the content of artificial intelligence well. Production of various types of content will be done using artificial intelligence through artificial intelligence algorithms. In the method of artificial intelligence technology, various algorithms automatically produce a lot of content in various categories using various types of data that are educational. In some cases, the content produced by artificial intelligence is of good quality.

The contents produced by artificial intelligence automatically work on the topic in question. In fact, according to the types of educational data, artificial intelligence content is produced. Producing content by humans and using artificial intelligence technology are methods that are used to produce high-quality content. Each of these methods will have different advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of human-generated content

To understand the difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of human content production. Human-generated content is usually associated with SEO knowledge and experience. The author uses a lot of creativity to write various content in order to produce the highest quality content. Authors who produce human content can present their attitudes and feelings in the content. This helps the produced content to have a great impact on the reader’s mind. Authors who produce professional content can add a lot of videos and images otoall types of content. In this way, more attractive content is produced for websites.

One of the disadvantages of creating content by humans is that it takes some time. A lot of time should be spent in order for the content to be organized and of high quality. In general, you should know that the cost of producing content by humans is more expensive. Producing human content is limited to the experience and expertise of SEO because it is exclusive. We need many writers to produce extensive content. Of course, writers who are professional in their work can produce quality content in any field.

Advantages of content production by artificial intelligence

In order to evaluate the difference between human content production and artificial intelligence content production, we must know the advantages of artificial intelligence content production. Creating content with artificial intelligence is very fast and does not cost much. The content produced by artificial intelligence is very accurate. Each of the algorithms can automatically produce content at a very high speed without spelling and grammar errors. The possibility of using large resources is one of the most important advantages of producing content with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can use larger content and articles that are of excellent quality. The content produced using artificial intelligence technology is collected automatically in the shortest period of time. Appropriate timing, creative content, and improving site ranking are the most important advantages of producing content with artificial intelligence. Evaluation and processing of data is done with artificial intelligence algorithms in a principled way.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence for content creation

The disadvantages of creating content by artificial intelligence are different. Content that is produced with artificial intelligence may be less relevant to the reader due to inaccuracy. In fact, artificial intelligence does not pay attention to the reader’s taste, and this causes the readers not to have a good relationship with the produced content. We need creative dimensions to produce content. Artificial intelligence cannot create creative dimensions for content. If the content produced using artificial intelligence technology is not very accurate, it is possible that different mistakes will be made in the content.

Audiences can quickly lose their trust in the use of artificial intelligence technology. Content production using artificial intelligence may face different technical limitations. AI algorithms cannot easily work with languages that are not English. Accordingly, the difficulty of producing Persian content using artificial intelligence is somewhat high. Artificial intelligence does not organize the generated content properly.

What makes content production with artificial intelligence different and better?

It is clear that AI is getting better at writing and other skills day by day. As a result, should writers who publish copycat content worry about losing their jobs? The quick answer is no, but even though 37% of businesses now use AI, there is still a significant difference between humans and AI.

1. Quick results based on facts

Undoubtedly, AI can generate articles for a wide range of topics. Using its algorithms, artificial intelligence receives and analyzes data and quickly obtains real results based on facts. However, these details are collected from various sources, which are unreliable in some cases.

2. Mastery of English grammar

Artificial intelligence companies are as advanced as humans, even in more difficult language problems such as Abductive Natural Language Interference (ANLI). ANLI is a reasoning process in which one tries to deduce the best explanation for a set. In this context, the score difference between humans and artificial intelligence is only 1%. The truth is, even the best writers make mistakes. Even with multiple edits, typographical errors can sometimes occur. However, it is not recommended to use AI for rewriting because it cannot deal with issues such as correlation, sense, and logic.

3. The ability to simulate different scenarios

Although only humans have the ability to understand the concept of content strategy, artificial intelligence can be used to simulate different scenarios. This helps you know your target audience better. For example, instruct the AI to respond as a specific person based on facts you know or assume about the buyer persona of your products. Present a specific challenge and ask the AI to act as the described persona to get an idea of how your buyers go about solving their problems. You can also ask it questions about specific problems that may affect your business or try to identify the information channels and purchasing processes of your customers. Although each shopper is unique, AI can provide insights into each person’s life.

What criteria make content production better by humans?

There are several important criteria for writing quality content that challenge AI. These strengths of writers cannot be covered by artificial intelligence:

1- Artificial intelligence is emotionless and robotic

Especially when a question is presented with specific keywords, the dryness and insensitivity in the answers of artificial intelligence will be more apparent.

2- Humans are funny and creative

AI uses repetitive words and strict formal expressions, but writers can think outside the box to make content unique and special. In practice, artificial intelligence does not have the necessary flexibility to provide different and attractive content.

3- Writers understand assignments better

Getting the right results from artificial intelligence is a challenging process. This process can lead to additional costs. This cost will increase more in more complex works.

4- Communication with contacts

As a writer, you need to know who your audience is, who you want to attract, and what the goals of your writing are. You need to be able to identify the expertise level of your target visitors and tailor content accordingly. On the other hand, artificial intelligence only structures the text based on the received information. Therefore, if human knowledge is not applied, the content created by artificial intelligence will be general and generic and will most likely lose its value.

5- Humans are great at formatting

Artificial intelligence often uses a structure with similar paragraphs and phrases. Good writers use short paragraphs, lists, quotes, statistics, and headings to increase the visual appeal of their writing, but AI-generated content is much more concise and lacks mentions.

6- Humans make connections between different ideas

The human brain can understand complex issues and create a logical connection between them. Despite the fact that humans have a noticeable superiority over artificial intelligence in deep and complex thinking, this superiority is due to the research and more time they spend on this work. This issue increases the costs of human content production compared to artificial intelligence content production. In simple and uncomplicated matters, the content produced by artificial intelligence is more economical.


In concluding the difference between human content production and content production by artificial intelligence, we must say that each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we explained all the advantages and disadvantages of content production methods. Content production using artificial intelligence technology may cause repetition of various contents. For this reason, the attractiveness and creativity of the content is lost. Using technologies related to producing content will cause problems in grammar. To produce quality content, it is better to use the human method. There is less error in the human method. Google places more value on human-generated content.