What Is Snapchat And How To Join It?

What Is Snapchat And How To Join It?

One Of The Most Popular Social Networks Around The World Is Snapchat, Which Offers Various Interesting Features To Its Users.

Today, our world is immersed in the Internet, and people spend a lot of time in the virtual world. One of the reasons for people’s presence on the Internet is social networks, which can keep users’ eyes staring at them for hours.

The most famous are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. In the upcoming article, we will try to introduce the last item entirely so that you can know it more.

The popularity of Snapchat among users worldwide, especially among young people, has dramatically increased; But it may seem a bit difficult to work with.

In the upcoming article, we will tell important information about Snapchat, how to work with it, and other important points about this social network.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat can be introduced as a multimedia app and a popular social network that runs on smartphones equipped with Android and iOS operating systems. You can send images and video files to your audience through Snapchat, which are called Snaps; All submissions will disappear after viewing by users.

Snapchat account specific snap code

Like WhatsApp, Snapchat also can chat, but the most crucial difference is that the message disappears after being read.

The main difference between Snapchat is the disappearance of recently sent messages and files. It is not harmful to know that it is possible to change the settings by you; In fact, you can change the settings to make messages disappear after 24 hours of users viewing them. It is also possible to delete chats by tapping on them again.

Snapchat is one of the best networks for publishing niche content, short articles, and image-driven stories.

Download Snapchat and install it

Now that we’ve shared some information about Snapchat, you probably want to use it. The first step to doing this is to download and install Snapchat on your mobile device or tablet. In the following, you will learn about the efforts of downloading and installing the mentioned app.

  • First, launch the app store on your mobile device or tablet.
  • In the search box, type “Snapchat” and tap the icon when it appears.
  • Tap Install to start downloading Snapchat.
  • Tap Accept to allow the app to access your device’s camera and other options.
  • Tap Open to run the app.

Steps to install Snapchat on Google Play Android

Snapchat is easily installed on your device, and you can use it.

Use of Snapchat

After downloading the Snapchat application from Google Play or App Store, you must use your email address as a user account and enter the application. Next, you will need information such as date of birth and phone number to authenticate. It would be best if you also chose a username and password. Although you used email to create an account, you can change the username.

Snapchat requires access to your phone’s camera to take pictures and videos. You can switch between the selfie and rear cameras of the device using the icon on the right side of the top. You must press the button at the bottom of the screen to take a picture or record a video. The sender of the message can set a time limit. Once the audience sees your snap and exits, it will disappear.

There are three primary interfaces. When you tap on the app, the camera screen will open. A section titled Discover on the right side of the page displays your audience’s new stories. Finally, to send messages and chat, you must go to the left side of the camera screen.

Screenshot of Snapchat application environment

To chat, you need to tap on the contact name you want. You can also send an emoji, snap or photo from the gallery in the chat; Of course, the functionality of Snapchat goes beyond simple conversation and includes things like a group chat.

If you are new to this program, you must know the essential points discussed below.

Add friends to Snapchat.

After registration, Snapchat will ask for the necessary permissions to access the required information; You must confirm the necessary licenses so that the program can automatically identify all your contacts.

Snapchat also introduces you to people based on mutual friends. Your audience can share their username or snap code; It’s like displaying a QR code that you scan, and it will automatically add. You can find your snapcode by tapping your Snapchat profile icon in the top left of the camera screen.

Add friends section in Snapchat

Age conditions of Snapchat users

Snapchat will ask for your date of birth when you sign up. You must be at least 13 years old to use this application.

Contacts on Snapchat

If you are under 13, you will be redirected to the children’s version of SnapKidz. The children’s understanding of Snapchat allows users under 13 to write captions but not send messages.

In general, all users can declare the age of more than 13 years to use Snapchat features and thus benefit from all Snapchat features. 74% of Snapchat users are in the age group of 34 years, and 45% are in the age group of 18-24 years; most use the application several times a day.

Delete Snapchat account

There are many reasons to delete a Snapchat account, including privacy concerns and less phone time. You can quickly delete your budget and all the associated data if you want.

Snapchat does not allow you to delete your account directly from the app. To delete a Snapchat account on iPhone or Android devices, you must enter the account deletion page through the link on the Snapchat support page.

Previously, the Zomit team has written a complete article on how to do this, which you can access by clicking ” How to delete a Snapchat account on Android phones, iPhones, and desktops. ”

Interesting features of Snapchat

The Snapchat program has many features, such as Snap Streak and various unknown filters for all users; If you intend to use this social network, you should familiarize yourself with them. In the following, we will introduce you to some of the features of Snapchat.

Snap streak

When you and one of your audience exchange at least one snap during the day for several days in a row, it is called Snapstreaks. A flame emoji will appear when you do this for five days in a row. If the snap exchange lasts up to 100 days, you will see 100 emojis. Finally, there’s an hourglass emoji to indicate that it’s done.

Snapchat emojis

Snapchat is full of various emojis, and it is not harmful to know that the official online documents of the company are also full of emojis. Note that emoticons are not randomly displayed. Almost all emojis have a special meaning, purpose, or story behind the scenes.

How to increase Snapchat score

Winning an award in Snapchat, which is entertainment, cannot be considered effective in improving user status, but increasing points is also essential. Some methods can make you appear as an active user; These methods include:

  • Send a snap
  • Get Snap
  • Add other friends to Snapchat
  • Create lots of Snapchat stories
  • Maintain a snap streak
  • Using Snapchat again after a period of absence

User account verification

Did you know that it is possible to verify your account on Snapchat, just like Twitter and Facebook? Famous figures of the world who are active in various sports, art, music, and others can verify and make their account official.

Snapchat doesn’t use a blue tick to indicate verified accounts, but you shouldn’t be surprised if an emoji means these accounts. The exciting thing is that each person can choose their emoji; For example, Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver, uses the checkered flag, and Arnold Schwarzenegger also uses the hand muscle emoji.

Personal URL on Snapchat

Unlike other social networks that use URLs to introduce and create unique IDs, Snapchat went for Snapcode and didn’t bother users too much. Using Snapcode, Snapchat introduced the idea of ​​using QR codes to connect with people and interact with the popular platform. They have been able to prove their success in this field.

Of course, the situation changed in 2016. Other people can add you as a new friend and contact you using a snap code or URL. Your URL has the following format:


Ability to switch between cameras while shooting

Most camera apps have a reliable option to switch between rear and selfie sensors, But Snapchat does not have such a button. Of course, the absence of the mentioned option does not mean it is impossible to switch between sensors. You can tap the screen while recording to move the sensors.

Putting people at the top of the list

Naturally, there are people with whom we relate more than other users, and it makes sense that you want to put this group of people and their stories at the top of the list. You can tap on the user account of the desired contact and enter the Edit Name option from the settings section. Next, you must add the word A before their names to display your desired audience at the top of the list.

Creation of exclusive filters and lenses

Image of the user interface of the Snapchat filter creation site

It is possible to create custom filters and lenses on Snapchat, but  you have to pay. It is impossible to do such a thing with the application; you have to enter the online website Create.snapchat.com. The cost you need to pay also depends on the location, size, and duration of your use.

Editing in Snapchat

Although Snapchat is not a suitable replacement for image editors on Android or iPhone, you can edit your video content a bit before publishing. For example, it is possible to change the emoji size, add text with a unique style and rotate the images before publishing.

Watch live video (Live Video)

It was early 2018 when Snapchat unveiled its newest live video viewing feature. Users cannot publish the moments of their lives, but it is possible to view live news and notable events worldwide. This feature was implemented to coincide with the start of the Winter Olympics, and we saw CNN and other famous channels using this feature.

Interesting facts about Snapchat

Up to this part of the article, we tried to give complete information about Snapchat and its features. In the following, we will introduce you to some interesting facts about the mentioned app; Stay with us.

There are more than 347 million active users on Snapchat

The latest data shows that in the second quarter of 2022, Snapchat had 347 million daily active users worldwide, which means that these people visited the app at least once every 24 hours. The mentioned statistics show an increase of 18% compared to 293 million users last year.

The developer company attributed its progress to the steady and steady growth in the number of Snapchat users worldwide. People’s use of the said app in North America experienced the lowest increase and was only four percent more than in the second quarter of 2021. In comparison, the annual growth of the number of Snapchat users in Europe was announced at 10%. The number of users of this social network outside of Europe and North America has been growing much faster than these two regions.

In the second quarter of 2022, the number of Snapchat users in other parts of the world increased by 35% compared to last year and reached 162 million people.

The high popularity of Snapchat among young people

Statistics published by Snapchat show how popular the app is among the younger generations. Nearly six in 10 (59 percent) of all 13- to 24-year-old Internet users in the United States use the photo-sharing app.

Its developers have understood what the younger generation wants from social media platforms. By defining the target audience, the creators of Snapchat have realized the users’ demands and produced an application that meets their needs.

54% of Snapchat users are female

It is essential for those who plan to market on Snapchat to identify their target audience well. Note that 54% of all users of this social network are women.

Vertical video ads on Snapchat

Vertical video ads can be viewed by holding the phone vertically. You may have seen some of these video ads, but did you know that Snapchat is the pioneer? The idea of ​​video ads is from Snapchat, which will make it easier to view ads and increase efficiency.

Snapchat, the king of ephemeral marketing

Ephemeral marketing is based on video, images, and media that are only available for a limited time. This marketing creates a sense of urgency. It is also more personal than a marketing funnel. Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the best temporary marketing platforms.

Snapchat yellow logo

I was playing the sound of 64% of ads on Snapchat.

Playing the sound of advertisements on Snapchat social network looks fantastic compared to Facebook and other social networks; For example, the statistics of playing ads with sound on Facebook is equal to 15%, and this statistic for Snapchat is equal to 64%. Your time will not be wasted on improving the sound of Snapchat ads.

Picaboo was the original name of Snapchat.

One of the exciting facts about Snapchat is its original name. This application was known as Picaboo for about a year.

Snapchat has had 34 consecutive failures.

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Frank Reginald Brown worked on the Snapchat project while studying at Stanford University. The social network Snapchat, which is available now, was the result of 34 continuous failures to be published in this way finally.

Strong disagreement among Snapchat developers

Frank Reginal was excluded from the Snapchat project by his friends. Although no one knows about this, Frank claims that Spiegel and Murphy changed all the passwords on the server and cut off communication with him a month before the start of the social network.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the last part of the article, we have gone to some frequently asked questions about Snapchat.

Does Snapchat play photos?

Since the pictures posted and sent on Snapchat are deleted after 24 hours, some people believe that their photos will not be broadcast, but is this thinking correct?

First, it should be noted that the recipient or recipients can easily take a screenshot of your post. Of course, Snapchat will notify you when this happens, but there are third-party apps that allow users to bypass the screenshot notification.

Any personal photos you share on Snapchat are likely to be shared without your knowledge.

Another thing to consider is that photos shared by Snapchat can remain on the servers for up to a month until the recipients open them.

What is a Snapchat story?

A Snapchat story can be considered a collection of your snapshots during a day or event; Story is an essential and vital part of Snapchat. All snaps are displayed the way they were taken. They are available for 24 hours, and you can view an unlimited number of them. You can add images or video files to your Snapchat story by selecting the option on the left side of the screen and tapping the add option.

Why are teenagers so interested in Snapchat?

There are many arguments that Snapchat is the new Facebook. We are witnessing the same growth in popularity that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg faced in the past.

In general, we can say that Snapchat is against the traditional social networks still used. Facebook can be described as a repository of memories; It keeps your pictures safe, reminds you of status updates from the last five years, and is one of the best tools for social communication.

Instagram also encourages you to show your ideal life to others and interact with friends and new audiences. Snapchat is different from these two social networks,; without trying to create complexity, it can make communication between you and your audience simple. Snapping or chatting lets you show your friends what you think of them.

Is Snapchat right for you?

Snapchat is more oriented toward teenagers and young adults. Snapchat is also great for businesses looking to capitalize on the 18-34 demographic. Try to be within your age range, and don’t add your children after installing the app. Your children have nothing to hide, but you should be concerned about their privacy.

Snapchat is a great and simple app that you can use to record different moments of your life. You don’t need to dedicate much time to work and have fun with it like other social networks. The mentioned program has a high value for use, But if you don’t like its performance, you can quickly exit Snapchat and delete the application.


In general, Snapchat as a social network has excellent uses and new ideas not seen in other social networks. This social network has more fans among teenagers and young people and is considered the best place for advertising. But in the end, you decide whether to use such a service.