What is a Server room? What Features does the Standard Server Room have?

The server room is a safe and secure place to keep network equipment, where all kinds of servers, storage, and firewalls are kept along with other peripheral equipment. Setting up a standard server room reduces maintenance and network security costs and creates a better environment for network management. In this article, we will see what the server room is? And what features should a standard server room have?

What is a server room?

The server room is where network equipment is kept out of the reach of non-specialists. This space is prepared to keep all equipment safe and secure.

Standard server room specifications

Because protecting information within a network is of great importance, it should be kept in a safe and secure place. The server room is an answer to this need. People’s access is limited by creating a special room for the server and other important network equipment, and network monitoring is managed much better. For many companies and organizations, having a server space can be one of the most important network factors.

Perhaps the use of the word “room” may lead to a misunderstanding of the concept of the server room. The server room does not mean a limited and small space as the size of the room, but sometimes it can take up an entire floor or even a large environment. Various issues arise in the development of server rooms, which make its setup a special specialty.

To set up a standard server room, standards such as ISMS or similar standards in this field must be followed.

Also, the specialized points of the network and layout and other network issues have their place and should not be forgotten.

To build a standard kind of it, information security management must be followed. Information security management includes a set of standards, principles, and measures beyond this article’s scope. But observing them is also a point that should not be forgotten.

Here we will review the general principles that can help us set up a standard server room.

Points to follow in a standard server room

The point that should be considered in the field of server space is that this room should be designed specifically for data center equipment. Unlike residential or office rooms, the space dedicated to servers or other data center equipment has special conditions that we will discuss further.

  • The first point in building a server room is its “door.” The door of the server space should usually be locked to prevent unauthorized people from entering, and it is better to use an iPhone or to use identification equipment such as a magnetic identification card to open it.
  • The second point is the entry and exit control. It is better than the server room’s entrances are equipped with imaging equipment. For this, CCTV cameras should be used in the server space. Also, it is better to use long-term memories in these rooms so that the cameras’ videos can be stored for a long time. However, logging in and out must be done under the name of admin or server room manager.
  • The third point in the server space, the airflow of the server space, is also very important. The server needs very good ventilation during operation because it must be cooled permanently. At the same time, moisture should not enter the server because moisture entering the server can cause its circuits to connect. Therefore, a cold and dry air stream must flow in the server space. The best thing to do is use air conditioners and dehumidifying equipment.
  • The fourth important point in the server room is to maintain the temperature of the server room. The temperature of this room increases rapidly due to the location of the data center equipment. This increase in temperature can cause the equipment to fail. For this reason, there should be a constant flow of cold and cool air in this room. But by installing temperature measuring equipment, the room’s temperature can be controlled dynamically and according to the rise in temperature. With this, the cost of keeping the server space cool is reduced.
Server temperature warning systems are among the parts that should not be forgotten. If the server room temperature exceeds the normal limit, the temperature warning systems should be able to report this sudden increase in temperature to us.
  • The fifth point is to maintain fire safety tips. As mentioned in the above paragraph, the temperature of the server space rises rapidly. This increase in temperature can increase the possibility of fire, especially when the cooling equipment suddenly stops working. At the same time, static electricity emitted from circuits can cause sparks and fires.

In the server space, anti-current, heat-resistant, and anti-static paints and coatings should be used. Fireproof equipment should also be used for important parts of the data center, such as doors, windows, or important parts such as racks.

The use of fire extinguishing equipment is also a point that should not be forgotten. Because server space fires are of electrical origin. The use of dry powder capsules, air seals, etc., should be used to extinguish these fires.

  • The sixth point, here is the lighting system of the room. The server room should be fully lit. To have a good view of all parts, it is necessary to avoid lights that create heavy and intense shadows, such as bulb-incandescent lamps. Instead, diffuse and pervasive lights should be used.
Next, the lighting system must be connected to a timing system or an automatic shut-off system that will automatically turn off the lighting if the room is unused or if no one is in the server room.
  • The seventh point is to provide good energy for the server room. In the server space, a lot of electricity is consumed. Servers and other equipment consume much energy, especially during peak hours. Installing electrical panels and providing the right amount of energy to servers and other data center equipment is a point that should not be forgotten. Power failure is one of the permanent problems in server rooms. Using a generator, UPS equipment, and suitable storage equipment can help us against the loss of information during a power outage. If your servers belong to a large organization, using these types of equipment should be among the first points you pay attention to.
  • The eighth point in creating a secure server room is to create an outlet for volatile electricity. Earth well is one of the measures that should be taken in this regard. The earth well can transfer the excess amount to the ground and prevent damage to other equipment when the power fluctuations disturb the electricity flow.
  • The ninth point in the server room is to use DC currents instead of AC. Sometimes using batteries as a power source is a must. Therefore, DC Inverter should be used to convert electric currents to each other. Also, other electrical equipment that can create stable energy is recommended.
  • The tenth point is the UPS of it. UPS is one of the most important types of equipment that must be present in the server space. A server room UPS is an always-on battery. If the power is interrupted for any reason, the UPS of the server room will immediately take over the power supply and prevent the workflow interruption.

Using it, other network data center equipment can perform a safe shutdown. Also, this tool prevents data loss.

The server space is very important as the heart of our organizational network. Mentioning these ten points can prevent disruption of the workflow in the network and provide an acceptable speed to our work.