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The First Image Of The PlayStation 5 Slim Was Leaked; Slim But Not Too Thin

The First Image Of The PlayStation 5 Slim Was Leaked; Slim But Not Too Thin

A New Image Is Circulating On The Internet, Which Is Said To Show The New Version Of The Playstation 5 Or The Playstation 5 Slim For The First Time. 

Although this image is attributed to the slim version of the PS5, the new version of the Sony console doesn’t look much smaller.

The slim design of the PS5 Slim

Chinese forum member A9VG first published the image below and claimed to show the new design of the PlayStation 5. The SLIM label in this picture is self-explanatory.

PlayStation 5 Slim

Even though the design attributed to the new version of PlayStation is almost the same as the original version of PS5 and no significant changes are seen, at least we see a vertical groove on the side of the device that continues to its back. In addition, rumors have promised the presence of two USB Type-C ports along with less curvature in the Blu-ray drive compartment and 5 cm less height.

So far, Sony has not even confirmed the new console’s launch. However, rumors about the release of a new version of the PlayStation 5 have never stopped, and even the possibility of a detachable optical driver is discussed. If this rumor is true, gamers can add an optical drive to the digital version of their PlayStation 5 console later.

Do not forget that the features and specifications attributed to the PlayStation 5 Slim could initially be from test kits or early versions, which will not necessarily be the same as the final product.

It is said that Sony will launch a new version of the PlayStation 5 before the end of this year, so we can expect to see more rumors and the first official news in the coming months and weeks.