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Steve Jobs, The Late Founder Of The Powerful Apple Company, Has Been Praised Many Times By The Enthusiasts Of The Technology World And Has Become A Legendary Figure For Many.

Biography Of Tim Cook, The CEO Of Apple And His Performance Review

Steve Jobs, The Late Founder Of The Powerful Apple Company, Has Been Praised Many Times By The Enthusiasts Of The Technology World And Has Become A Legendary Figure For Many.

Some even believe that Jobs is the best CEO of Apple and all technology companies. But after 12 years have passed since the death of Steve Jobs and the handover of the  CEO of Apple to Tim Cook, it is not harmful to look at the achievements and statistics obtained during the period of this prominent figure as the CEO of Apple.

It takes a lot of courage to succeed in an excellent and popular figure like Steve Jobs. Of course, suppose we want to distance ourselves from shared beliefs and be more realistic about Jobs.

In that case, we must state that while Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were incredibly innovative and innovative and capable of developing new technology products, the CEO of Apple Being was not one of their main strengths.

Photo of Tim Cook in his youthRobertsdale High School students book photo; Tim Cook, first from the left in the image above, is a famous student and someone who reads a lot.

Biography of Tim Cook; Who is Tim Cook?

Timothy Donald Cook is the current president of Apple. Tim Cook’s biography states that Tim Cook’s date of birth is November 1, 1960. The name of Tim Cook’s father is Donald Cook, and the small town of Robertsdale in Alabama, USA, is where Tim Cook was born. How old is Tim Cook? It would help if you said that he is now 62 years old.

Biography of Tim Cook at a Glance

  • Tim Cook’s date of birth:  November 1, 1960 (November 10, 1339)
  • Tim Cook’s education:  Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Auburn University, Master of Business Administration from Duke University
  • Tim Cook’s home:  Palo Alto, California
  • Tim Cook’s net worth:  $1.8 billion
  • Tim Cook’s Twitter:  tim_cook
  • Tim Cook’s email:
  • Tim Cook’s main page:  Tim Cook’s Instagram page does not exist
  • Tim Cook’s wife: He is not married
  • Tim Cook’s children: He has no children
  • Tim Cook’s phone: iPhone
  • Tim Cook’s job: CEO of Apple
  • Tim Cook’s car: unknown

His mother worked in the housing construction field, and his father worked in a shipyard. Tim Cook’s education is in the field of industrial engineering. Tim Cook’s degrees include an industrial engineering degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Duke University.

As mentioned in Tim Cook’s life story, Tim Cook’s field of study was industrial engineering. His commitment to waking up early is evident. Every day at 4:30 in the morning, the Apple CEO’s work starts with checking emails in Tim Cook’s room.

Biography of Tim CookTim Cook at 11 years old

About the family life of Tim Cook and his wife, we must also say that Cook is not married and has no children. There is no information available about Tim Cook’s religion.

About Tim Cook’s lifestyle, it should be said that he loves fitness and is a mountaineer, and sometimes he pedals. He goes to the gym regularly and lives a healthy life. One of Tim Cook’s beautiful quotes is, “We are paving the sunny road to justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick.”

Tim Cook, a great executive for Apple

Tim Cook has proven himself as an excellent successor and even better than Jobs in the post of CEO of Apple, and it is not an exaggeration if we consider him the best CEO of Apple among the six CEOs that Apple has had so far.

Tim Cook's photo

Apple is the world’s first multi-thousand billion-dollar company, an honor achieved during Tim Cook’s management. On August 2, 2018, Apple reached this point by calling a value of $207.05 per share, but at the time of Jobs’ death on October 5, 2011, Apple’s stock was worth $50.53, and the company’s total value was about $300 billion.

Apple’s revenue almost tripled when Tim Cook became the director of Apple. In 2018, Apple earned $265.6 billion, the highest profit in the company’s history. In 2011, it was $108 billion.

When Tim Cook was introduced as Apple’s CEO, tech industry experts were skeptical that he could significantly increase Apple’s revenue. They considered it nearly impossible to raise it to a million dollars, but in the past eight years, Tim Cook has Cook proved them wrong.

Tim Cook's photo on the cover of Time magazine in 2016Tim Cook’s photo on the cover of Time magazine in 2016

Apple is successful in every field in which it competes. Although demand for iPhones has decreased, sales of 216 million iPhones in 2018 were still the company’s best record of the year. In the same period since the CEO of Apple, 43.5 million iPads and 18 million Mac devices have been sold.

Apple Watch has also been another success of this company during the new period of the CEO of Apple in these years. Although the company has not announced the number of sales of this smartwatch, according to the estimate of the market analyst company CanalysSo far, more than 50 million Apple watches have been sold.

This means that the sales of this device have been higher than the sales of all Swiss wristwatches combined, and if Apple increases the number of health-related features, this number could increase even more. Apple’s after-sales service business, which could secure the company’s future if hardware sales decline, is already more significant than most Fortune 500 companies.

The main page of Tim CookTim Cook visiting the Apple AirPods production line in China

Apple’s golden age under CEO Tim Cook

In addition, in terms of brand value, Tim Cook, during his tenure as the CEO of Apple, has been able to turn this company into a leading company in the fields of inclusiveness, diversity, and privacy and continues to defend the company’s creative environment.

In 2011, when Jobs died, Greener Electronics GuideThe Green Peace organization gave Apple a 5 out of 10 in terms of environmental commitment. Since the tenure of Tim Cook, Apple has spent billions of dollars in the field of green energy and now works 100% on the renewable energy cycle.

In addition, according to Lisa Perez Jackson, the former head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, who now leads Apple’s environmental initiatives department, in the new era of the CEO, Apple is the only technology company trying to achieve a 100% sustainable production chain. So far, thirty percent of this commitment has been fulfilled.

Since Jobs’ death, something of a new cult has developed around him as one of history’s greatest innovators, and it’s well-deserved. But we must note that not every dirt Jobs touched turned to gold.

In his first term at Apple, Steve Jobs was removed from management for behavioral reasons, and his next company, NeXTIt, was also a big failure.

The company continued to try for years without success until it was finally bought by the CEO of Apple for 400 million dollars by exiting the hardware business and relying on its operating system (and with this, Jobs returned to Apple). Jobs’ other company, Pixar, was very successful, but this company was also principally led by John Lester and Ed Catmull.

Autobiography of Tim Cook

When Jobs returned to Apple, he achieved great success, but the company was much smaller and continued to manage in crisis mode. Yes, Jobs made possibly the most remarkable corporate comeback in history.

But when the early crises subsided, he handed over much of Apple’s CEO duties to Tim Cook, then Apple’s chief operating officer, so he could focus on his favorite work, developing new products with designer Jony Ive. Tim Cook led Apple behind the scenes and was the principal architect of the massive manufacturing and logistics operations that make Apple successful today.

Jobs was a unique person as the CEO of Apple. But while he held this position, he worked more as Apple’s chief product manager.

Tim Cook was never in this position, and according to Horis Dedio, owner of the analyst firm Asymco., many people expected Tim Cook to fail because he’s not a producer character. Still, he didn’t need to be a CEO.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Years after Jobs’ death, Apple continues to produce new and unique products. Jobs and Eve were very close and successful colleagues. But after him, the way continued, and the Apple Watch was the company’s first primary product without the influence of Steve Jobs and achieved great success and exceptional popularity among Apple customers.

AirPods, Face ID as one of the safest and best facial recognition systems (although it has some flaws), the excellent Apple Pay payment system with around 252 million users worldwide, and the SoCA12 Bionic mobile phone that competes well with desktop processors. The best iPhones, iPads, and smart speakers Apple has ever made came out during the Apple CEO’s tenure.

Of course, Tim Cook’s tenure as Apple CEO has not been perfect either. Valid criticism of Apple neglecting Mac products, product delays, poor keyboards, shame for canceling the AirPower charging pad, more expensive iPhones than ever, and allegations of tax evasion have been some of the dark spots of these years.

Wife of Tim Cook

The most significant achievements of Apple during the time of CEO Tim Cook

But what is more important than products in a mature company like Apple is logistics, which means the chain of production, distribution, finance, and sales, which is not very efficient but can bring success to the company.

As the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook was the principal architect of the manufacturing operation, making Apple the giant it is today. Years before Jobs’ death, he also performed duties related to Apple’s CEO.

Since taking the official post of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has taken an aggressive policy to enter new markets, especially China. This work could not be done without having a large and efficient production chain.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently announced that he does not expect to be at the company for the next ten years. Although Cook mentioned this, he also said he has not decided to resign.

He recently emphasized in an interview that his company will focus on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies in future products. He believes that adding artificial intelligence to this company’s current effects can increase users’ dependence and need on them even more because, in the future, people will need to be connected to various services at all times.

Children of Tim Cook

How much wealth does Tim Cook have, and how much does he earn?

Regarding the story of Tim Cook becoming a billionaire, it should be said that Apple has broken its profit and revenue records in consecutive years and continues to grow. According to the latest ranking of Forbes, Tim Cook has a fortune of over 2 billion.

According to published statistics, Tim Cook, the 62-year-old CEO of Apple Company, was equal 14.8 million dollars in 2020, while the payment of the CEO of Apple Company for 2019 was announced to be similar to 11.56 million dollars.

Tim Cook’s salary in 2021, the tenth year of his management of Apple, was reported to be over 100 million dollars. But in 2023, Tim Cook’s income will have a strange decrease; Tim Cook’s income will decrease by $35 million to $49 million, which is about half. In the link below, you can read more details about the income and wealth of the CEO of Apple.

Summary and answers to frequently asked questions

Apple is a large, complex company with many products, services, and markets. As the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has been able to manage Apple in areas that Jobs could not.

To conclude this article, Horace Didio says about Tim Cook’s management:

“When you’re a huge company with a lot of people working and a multifaceted business model, you need a CEO with comprehensive capabilities; And that’s what Tim Cook has always been: the best person for the job.”

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was born on what date?

Tim Cook was born on November 1, 1960 (November 10, 1339) in Alabama, USA. His father was a worker in a shipbuilding company, and his mother was a housewife.

What companies did Tim Cook work for before Apple?

Tim Cook worked at IBM for 12 years. Then he went to Intelligent Electronics as Chief Operating Officer. He then worked at Compaq for six months before joining Apple.