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white hat SEO and black hat SEO

The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO according to Google’s new algorithms

What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO? Suppose you are interested in the subject of SEO. In that case, you have surely come across terms like white hat SEO or black hat SEO in educational articles, SEO training videos, podcasts, etc. These phrases are specific techniques and methods for SEO. By examining these methods, we will learn how to increase the SEO of the WordPress site.

Definition of white hat SEO

White Hat SEO refers to a set of SEO site optimization solutions and techniques that are completely in accordance with the principles and rules of search engines, including Google. In this topic of SEO, it is tried to increase the ranking of the site by maintaining the conditions and rules specified by Google.

Definition of black hat SEO

In contrast to white hat SEO techniques, there is black hat SEO. In a simple definition, it can be said that black hat SEO is a set of website optimization techniques that conflict with Google’s algorithm. Black hat SEO is a way to trick search engines and get better rankings.

The difference between white hat and black hat SEO

The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is in their targeting. Black hat SEO techniques work on search engine bots and don’t care about real users. In the case of SEO, the goal is to satisfy users and provide appropriate content.

For this reason, the risk of using such methods is very high and may cause the website to be penalized. In white hat SEO, the main focus is on the audience. In fact, all strategies are used to improve the site’s quality and users’ well-being. White hat SEO has no risk and is very effective since it is designed according to Google’s algorithms.

The difference between white hat and black hat SEO is the time to achieve results. Unlike white hat SEO, black hat SEO results are quick but fleeting. Usually, people who want to increase the rank of their site in a short period of time use this method. If maintaining the top position of the site is more important than getting it. With the help of white hat SEO techniques, we learn how to increase the SEO of our site and maintain the top position of the site.

Is white hat or black hat SEO better?

In the topic of SEO, rules and principles are stated so that we can use them to improve the website’s user experience. By following these points, the quality of the site and its content will increase, and the site’s rank will increase fundamentally. The position obtained with the help of white hat techniques will never fall.

However, it should be noted that in order to maintain the site’s ranking, you must always check the latest changes in Google’s algorithm and new SEO techniques. In this way, the site traffic will increase, and you can attract more regular users. Usually, when examining the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, the question arises for users: despite the contradiction between black hat methods and Google algorithms, why should we learn these techniques?

Black hat SEO techniques are usually mentioned in all articles related to website SEO. You should note that black hat methods may be able to deceive search engines for a while, but over time, this error will be detected by the search engine, and the site’s position will drop a lot. Many common techniques and activities to increase site SEO have the potential to become black hat SEO methods.

Full and accurate familiarization with black hat techniques can prevent such problems. Also, getting to know forbidden techniques can help you find correct and principled methods. In this way, you can progress in improving your site’s status.

What actions are considered black hat SEO?

Getting the top position in the search results should not distract you from the website’s main goal, which is the user experience and the audience’s satisfaction. In this regard, any technique or method that is against this goal is considered black hat SEO or will lead to black hat SEO in the long run.

  1. Spinning: The apparent rewriting of the article is called spinning. Google’s new algorithms can identify copy texts, rewrite copy content, and make minor changes. It is considered a form of black hat SEO.
  2. Using unrelated titles that have been searched the most
  3. Spam comments
  4. Buying backlinks

The things mentioned are among the most common black hat SEO techniques that some may use due to a lack of knowledge.

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

In the section on the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, we mentioned the high risk of using black hat methods. Although marketing in this way is not considered fraud; But in this method, illegal techniques are used to achieve desired results. If the Google bot detects a black hat violation, it can blacklist that website in general. This issue is very harmful to businesses.

Disadvantages of White Hat SEO

Excessive use of basic SEO methods can also change the SEO color of your site from white to black in the long run. Excessive repetition of keywords, use of keywords unrelated to the main topic of the content, excessive use of relevant keywords, internal linking on short keywords, excessive linking, excessive use of heading tags, placing hidden text or hidden links on the site, etc. are all included in this category. All these activities will cause your site’s rank to drop drastically in the long run.

Follow the basic tips to rank in Google.

Ranking in Google and maintaining this position is one of the key factors in increasing the output of a website or online business. The importance of site ranking in Google is so great that many businesses use Google Ads service to be at the top of the search results. Google Ads is an advertising service provided by Google.

The Google Ads payment system is such that the website owner pays a fee to Google for each click and entry of users. Despite this system, some people believe that the effect of advertising is temporary, and to stay in the first place, it is better to use natural techniques and rules to increase SEO.

How do you increase the SEO of your site? The topic of SEO is designed based on the algorithm of search engines, including Google, and following its principles and rules can significantly increase the site’s rank.

Effective tips in Google SEO

There are many resources in the field of teaching the principles of SEO and optimizing websites. Next, we will learn how to increase the SEO of our site.

  1. Installing an SSL certificate: Website security is one of the key factors in Google SEO. Installing an SSL certificate (SSL) is a practical solution to increase the site’s security factor.
  2. Responsive site format: Today, most internet users use mobile phones or tablets. In such a situation, the site’s format and structure responsiveness will encourage users to your website.
  3. Create a blog: Since most people go to the Internet to find answers to their questions, creating a blog can be useful in attracting people who work in your field.
  4. Use of content distribution network: high site loading speed is an important factor in Google SEO. CDN, or content distribution network, increases site loading speed and increases site security against malicious cyber attacks. This network consists of several servers and stores the website’s static information. With the help of CDN, the closest server responds to each user in terms of location, and this increases the loading speed.
  5. The right host: Choosing the right hosting services will increase the site’s security, increase the speed of technical support, and improve the site’s quality.
  6. Adding new features: Adding sections such as the About Us page, the Contact Us section, the site map, placing the search section on the site, determining user privacy rules, encouraging users to leave comments, etc., all in improving the SEO of the site. They’re effective.

Expert tips to increase the ranking and SEO of the site

How do you increase the SEO of your site and maintain the position of the site? Applying SEO rules has a great impact on increasing the site’s rank. Maintaining the top position is much more difficult than improving the site’s rank. To keep a page in the first search list, it must be updated and strengthened regularly. In general, SEO can be divided into three main parts:

All the activities done to optimize the website at launch are called internal SEO. Choosing the right content management system allows you to design and run your website according to SEO rules. WordPress is an Open Source system, and using this system makes your work very easy.

Today, most users use WordPress. With the help of this system, the site design is largely done according to the principles of SEO. How to increase WordPress site SEO? There are many plugins that you can use to increase SEO. For example, WordPress Seo Yoast and All In One Seo Pack are examples of these plugins.

The activities done to improve SEO outside the site are called external SEO. This part of SEO is dedicated to increasing traffic and branding. Backlinks account for a large part of external SEO. You can use strong sites for linking and, in this way, increase your site’s incoming traffic.


This article examined the difference between white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO. As you can see, using black hat techniques is not only beneficial to the website but also reduces the site’s credibility.