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The 4 Best Blockchain Games To Make Money in 2023

The 4 Best Blockchain Games To Make Money in 2023

When video games entered the entertainment industry for the first time, no one could have imagined that gamers would earn from this activity one day, in addition to game developers. Video game monetization has been around for less than a decade, with the rise of the cryptocurrency industry, the Metaverse, and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Games developed on the blockchain platform called Play to Earn, or P2E for short.

But earning dollars with the game, while attractive, requires sufficient knowledge of cryptocurrency, the mechanism of in-game assets or NFT, the Metaverse and the necessary equipment to enter it. In addition, due to the multitude of P2E games, it is required to do the required research related to the native digital currency, its value, the difficulty of the game, ways to earn and transfer it, etc.

This article introduces this industry to provide a comprehensive guide to earning money from blockchain-based games.

Introduction of P2E games and their mechanism



If you are into online and strategic video games, you are probably familiar with the environment of a P2E game. But aside from its gameplay and rules, the economics of monetizing games have put it in the spotlight. According to the definition of the Coinmarketcap website, One of the primary sources of information about the digital currency industry and its subcategories, The purpose of income-generating games is as follows:

“Platforms that offer their players the opportunity to monetize the game by acquiring and owning in-game objects and assets that can be valued and traded in the real world.”

Asset in such games means a sword, pieces of land, clothes, characters, and, in short, any tool used in the game and is a type of asset. If you are familiar with the digital currency industry, you must know that this asset is Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT.

You are technical; playing games that give digital currency requires game consoles, PS5, or Xbox. But nowadays, you can also download these games with mobile phone devices. Therefore, earning money from mobile games is also possible today. Some games require payment to enter, and others are free.

The great thing about monetization games is their lack of focus. Its platform has provided such a possibility; thus, gamers are sure that any central organization does not control their assets and earned income. What benefits the game developer is the game’s increasing popularity, the value of the digital currency, and the income they can get from it.


Methods of making money from profitable games

The digital currency industry has created good opportunities to realize this goal, one of which is making money from P2E games. But the simple question is how to make money with the game now. We will answer this question below.

Monetization of NFTs of monetizing games



As we said, in-game assets called NFTs can be valued, bought, and sold. These assets are traded in NFT Marketplaces within the game or in secondary markets, such as Opensea, for other digital or standard fiat currencies, such as dollars.

If you ask, what is the purpose of the buyer to pay money for Blockchain gaming tools? The simple answer is that the more useful and valuable your tool or NFT is, the better the buyer can play and go through more steps using it.

Technically, NFTs are unique and non-fungible tokens that are generated or minted on one of the blockchain networks like regular digital currencies. In addition to in-game assets, images, songs, and almost anything can be NFTed. For this, you need to use NFT mint websites.

Earn digital currency directly from the game.

Another primary way to earn money from the game is to complete its stages, perform activities, and receive rewards from its native digital currency or other digital currencies. For example, the game Decentraland pays dividends in MANA and SAND currency. Some games also use well-known coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin to deliver rewards.

Mechanism of earning games

But how are the games that give digital currency developed and work? The answer to this question lies in understanding the decentralized nature of blockchain and Metaverse. This feature distinguishes them from well-known video games like Call of Duty. A game studio often develops these games, But they are open source, which means any web, blockchain, or Web Three developer can contribute to their development.

The players’ feedback and needs guide the developers of profitable games. They offer their suggestions on platforms like Github. Developers are also rewarded for each successful bid. Therefore, if you have programming skills, do not neglect the opportunity provided by P2E games in addition to foreign freelance sites.

Governance decisions in revenue-generating games

Decisions on implementing suggestions or changing the game for blockchain and its native token are usually made by voting among the game community members. Of course, sometimes, not all players can participate in voting. In most games, people have to share or stake their governance tokens to get the right to vote. An activity that itself is considered a passive way of earning money from the game through deposit interest.

Also, in some P2E games, groups of gamers can gain more power in voting by forming a DAO organization. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Finally, before downloading any P2E game, you can visit its website and read its white paper. In this document, the game mechanism and its technical and economic development methods are given by the studio that owns the game.

The economy of P2E games



Generally, the more users of a P2E game, the more the value of NFTs of that game and its native token will increase. With the increase in the value of these assets, the developers’ profit also increases. They mainly earn from in-network transaction fees. Players can sell each NFT many times to make money from the game. Each time, a portion of the sales profit is given to the original manufacturer. Each time, the parties to the transaction are required to pay a fee.

Now, the faster the transactions and the more manageable the production of NFTs, and at the same time, the more attractive the game environment, the more the transactions and subsequently the fees will increase. Also, they should arrange a mechanism to encourage players to trade their NFTs as much as possible.

The economy of games, with rewards primarily based on native digital currencies, is mainly from advertising. The more popular the game, the more and more capitalistic companies will advertise it to be broadcast to gamers during the game.

A variety of blockchain-based revenue-generating games

Technically and structurally, P2E games are divided into five general categories. Despite the general similarity, making money from each game is different in detail. They can also have multiple versions, such as mobileAndroidndroid and iOS, and desktop to suit other operating systems. In the following, we introduce the types of P2E games.

NFT based games

The primary type of monetization games are NFT games. Making money from the game in them is the same as we introduced in the previous sections. The most critical income-generating activities that you can have in these games are:

  • Buying and selling land
  • Buying and selling NFT tools
  • Composition and development of NFTs and characters

The environment of some NFT games is sometimes developed to the extent of a virtual world or Metaverse. To get the best and most complete user experience in these games, such as Dicenterland, it is better to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware.

However, some NFT games, do not require special equipment. They are a great option to earn digital currency with mobile games., Card games Splinterlands are considered one of the most essential NFT games without the need for particular capital. The cards of a card game can often be shared and used in other games.

Hand-to-hand combat or PvP games



Making money from Player vs. Player or PvP games is exciting for gamers who are fans of one-on-one battles. These games are like conventional video fighting games; players are rewarded for playing, developing combat tools, fighting, and winning against the opponent. Roblox Game Studio is one of the leading players in this type of game scene. The games Clash of Lilliput and Rebel Bots are also among the most famous in this field.

DeFi monetization games

DeFi games are built on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. The significant advantage of these games is the possibility of staking digital currencies, providingg the platform’s liquidity, and receiving its profit for gamers. Of course, they also can earn money from the game in the usual ways. Axi Infinity, which we will explain in more detail in the rest of the article, is one of the most famous Android digital currency games based on DiFi.

Farming games


Making money from farming games is attractive to many gamers. Their central axis is agricultural activities. Collecting crops, growing them, trading and selling them, and raising animals are among the most critical activities. The requirement to play these games is to buy a piece of land in the game environment. You can buy this land from the game itself or other gamers. Farming games have become so widespread and numerous that they are called the DeFi Land industry. DeFi Land aims to gamify all decentralized financial activities.

AAA Web Games 3

The most sophisticated and complete type of income-generating games are AAA Web3 games. They are often developed in metaverse environments. Entry and activity in them are also impossible without AR and VR equipment. Interaction and immersive experience with the possibility of actual ownership of in-game objects and their exchange are among the features of these games. AAA Web3 games are built on robust blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana.

It should be noted that in Metaverse environments, there are other income-generating opportunities besides the game. The entertainment and education industries are two of the most critical options. For example, you can earn money in Metaverse environments by holding webinars, classes, scientific and tourism tours, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

History of P2E games


2017 was the year of the emergence of the blockchain-based game industry and the emergence of the opportunity to earn money from the game for gamers. In November of this year, game studio Axiom Zen launched its first P2E game, Cryptokitties. A game developed for home computers and NFTs in it can be bought and sold with Ethereum digital currency. Its most important NFT is also a pet called Cryptokitty. This asset is known and traded as an ERC-721 token.

Players each raise their Cryptokitties and have children. Each Cryptokitty’s offspring can have definable traits that the gamer determines. Then, he can sell his animal. The high dependence on the Ethereum blockchain and the gap between the supply and demand of kits is the problem of this game, which has caused delays in transactions and decreased popularity.

History of P2E games from 2018 until now

2018 was a turning point for those interested in making money from blockchain games. This year, the game Axie Infinity went to the market. The legal problems of the leading developer of this game, namely Sky Mavis, delayed its development and progress for some time. But today, many consider Axi Infinity one of the main ways gamers can make money from the game.

In the following years, other studios, such as Animoca Brands, developed the opportunity for gamers to earn money with the game. In 2021, Animoka Brands bought the Sandbox game from its previous owner, Steam, and turned it into a P2E game.

The current state of P2E games

In less than ten years, the blockchain-based gaming industry has gone through many technical difficulties. Delays in transactions, several large hacks, server errors, and transaction errors have been among these problems. But today, the industry is looking to the future with more hope than ever. By the end of 2022, the total value of the P2E Games industry reached more than 3292.73 million US dollars.

Top four P2E games in 2023

The attractiveness of making money from mobile or home computer games o has led to the development of this industry in the past decade. There are many successful games currently in the market, and below, we will introduce four famous ones.

Devikins, the best Android game



Many consider Devikins to be one of the best cryptocurrency games. It is a relatively emerging military and combat game in which RPG turn-based throwing is the main activity of gamers. Additionally, you can breed stronger characters and earn money by selling them with the game’s native token, DVK.

Other mobile and desktop versions of Devikins are also provided. Entry to this game is free, But to pay for transactions, you need to charge your account with TRX digital currency or Tron, which belongs to a network of the same name. The best wallet to store DVK is also Klever Wallet.

Oxy Infinity: The most popular way to earn money from mobile games

It is relatively easy to make money from the match Oxy Infinity, which we mentioned in the history of P2E games. In this game, like Cryptokitties, you have to breed animal-like creatures called Axie so that they are ready to fight with other animals. You can have more land under your territory in this game with more victories.

You will see the name Axis Infinity in the list of options for earning digital currency with mobile games on all reputable websites. This game has over three million active users, and its daily transaction volume reaches over three billion dollars. The native token of this game is called AXS; when writing this article, it costs about $6.93. Entering this game requires the payment of three axes. Transactions and amount of rewards are also done with SLP digital currency.

Sandbox: A leading metaverse



Sandbox is one of the most famous and oldest ways to earn money from mobile games. A sandbox is a metaverse whose members are rewarded with digital currency SAND or MANA for their activities. These activities range from farming to racing, construction, and other real-world activities. They can also create, develop, and trade all NFTs in this game. The gamer is in the sandbox through his avatar, an NFT that can be created and new features added.

Sandbox developer Animoca Brands uses VoxEdit 3D modeling software to develop NFTs in this game environment. By accessing the interface of this software, players can create their NFTs and enter them in the sandbox. Entry to this game is free; However, you need to know that the price of each SAND at the time of writing this article is $0.52.

Also, you can create your games in Metaverse Sandbox. For this purpose, this platform provides you with a tool called Game Maker. The more players your game gets, the more you earn. The game developed on the sandbox is also considered as an NFT. In total, land, native tokens, and NFTs are the assets available in the sandbox. You can also create an ESTATE by combining lands.

Gods Unchained: An easy card game.


Gods Unchained game can be considered the best way to earn money from the game for card game enthusiasts. If you are familiar with the Pokemon environment, this game is easy for you to play. The difference between the two is that in God’s Chain, each card is an NFT registered in the blockchain. The more powerful the card is in the game, the higher its value.

So far, over seven million NFTs have been minted on Gods Unchained. This game can be placed in both card games and PvP categories. GodsUnchained is free to enter and has both mobile and desktop versions. Its native token with the GODS symbol is priced at $0.1695 when writing.

Monetization of the game and its future

By overcoming technical and security problems and increasing the acceptance of the P2E gaming industry by the public, it is expected that this industry will have a strong presence in human life. Yahoo Finance predicts that the value of this industry will grow by nearly 18% by the end of 2023 and reach about 8,856 million US dollars by the end of 2028. Big gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, and Square Enix have also stated that they will enter the field of P2E games shortly.

Interestingly, income-generating games have become very popular and unpredictable in developing countries. Gamers and even ordinary citizens of Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, and South America have found it attractive to profit from the game. Our country is no exception to this rule. It is recommended to use fixed IP filters when playing these games to avoid the banning laws of some game platforms.