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Publishing a video blog

Teaching how to publish video blogs and introducing the best publishing platforms

Publishing a video blog requires observing many points that must be taken into account. If you visit YouTube or similar platforms in 2023, you can easily access a long list of influencers, vloggers, streamers and other people who have stepped into the online world by producing a lot of content in the field of digital marketing.

If you are also wondering how you can create a blog community of similar size on YouTube or another channel; We’ve created the following guide to help you set up your own blog.

How to publish a video on different platforms?

You may have a page on YouTube but want to publish your videos on other platforms as well. Publishing blog videos manually is a time-consuming task. But there is a way you can automatically and simultaneously publish your videos.

After using the program that we will introduce to you in the field, you can publish your videos in cloud services such as Google Drive and get help from it to manage your content. The Vid Octopus application is one of the applications that operates in that field and hastened to help you to save your time and money.

Types of blog publishing methods

Video blogs also have different types. But in general, there are two ways to publish it: publishing video blog live and publishing video blog after editing.

Publishing a live video blog: We often see this vlog model by those who are active on YouTube or Instagram. Because these two platforms have provided the right platform for publishing live video content in an acceptable way.

Publish video blog after editing: But the most common and popular type of vlogs are edited video vlogs. That is, after filming, the vlogger sends the video to the editor, and at the end, the edited video is published in the space. The target will be posted. Of course, you should know that this type of vlog is one of the most expensive videos.

Introduction of blog hosting platforms

By the end of 2023, almost over 70% of internet content will be video. For this reason, a vlog hosting platform is essential for businesses looking to use vlog publishing as a powerful tool.

There are video hosting platforms that are also free and you can use it as a video sharing site. Of course, there are paid vlog hosting platforms where you are required to pay a subscription based on the additional and advanced features you get. The most famous vlog hosting platforms are:

For each of these sites, you can upload your vlog videos to your account and create share links. Of course, free hosting platforms also have their drawbacks.

One of the most common problems on the YouTube platform is that when someone clicks on your video, next to your video in the sidebar, YouTube also displays the videos of your competitors and directly advertises them. slow This issue cannot be very pleasant.

Common mistakes in video blog publishing

Mistake #1: We often see blog posts that are just created from an embedded video. But this is wrong. When publishing a blog video, it’s best to give your audience some context before they see your video. For example, introduce the topic of your video with a few sentences and then put the summary of the video in a separate paragraph. You can also encourage the user to refer to other parts of your video.

Mistake #2: Another mistake is not customizing your video to the platform you are going to publish your video blog on. For example, if you publish your video on YouTube, you must use special codes to optimize the width of the video.

Mistake #3: When you publish a quality blog video, it’s important to invite the viewer to interact at the end of the video. People who don’t end their video like this are making a huge mistake.

Principles of vlog production

These steps will teach you the basics of vlogging, even if you are an amateur:

Plan ahead: Determine your blog type. Do you want to blog about your travels or your cooking? It doesn’t matter what your interests are. It is important not to get confused at this stage and to be able to make the best choice.

Prepare your tools: Prepare the tools you need based on the style and theme of your content. The basic tools required are an external camera and microphone. But most importantly, find a professional video editor. Some people do video editing themselves, but if you don’t have enough expertise in this field, leave your content production order to more specialized people so that your content has a high quality level.

Create a suitable background: If your blog theme is such that you will be in motion all the time, this option is not for you. But if you are going to stay in one place, you need to create a good visual effect for the viewer. By doing this, you attract the viewer’s attention and encourage him to join you.

Be active: Don’t forget that you are required to be active from the time you first publish your blog video. Your connection with your viewers should not be cut off, because it affects your work, which is still an amateur.

How to make money through vlogging?

We will teach you how to earn money through vlogging in this section. Vlogging or video blogging is a very popular method of providing Internet content. Vloggers can earn money from their blogs by producing videos about a specific topic.

Here are the steps required to start vlogging:

Choose a topic

You must first choose a topic for your vlogging. This topic can be anything from cooking, fashion, video games, etc. Choose a topic that interests you and is attractive to you.

Choose a name for vlogging

You should choose a name for your vlogging that can identify with you and appeal to your audience.

Provision of equipment

For vlogging, you need a camera, microphone, lighting, video editor, etc. These equipments can be purchased from different brands according to your budget.

Making videos

You should produce videos for your vlogging. These videos can include tutorials, reviews, interviews, TV show recaps, etc. At this point, you need to edit your videos and prepare them for use on your blog.

Steps to become a professional vlogger

Becoming a professional vlogger to earn money through vlogging requires extensive and complex steps, which we will discuss below:

Determining the topic and content

First you need to decide what you want to vlog about. At this stage, you should choose a specific topic for your videos and choose the right content for it. This topic should be attractive and interesting for the audience so that you can attract them to your channel.

Find the necessary equipment

Necessary equipment for vlogging includes camera, microphone, lighting and computer or laptop. To begin with, you can use your cell phone camera and gradually upgrade your equipment in the future.

Making videos

To make money from vlogging, you need to produce quality videos. You should prepare your videos according to the topic and content. You should pay attention to the type of videos you produce and make sure that you offer something new and useful to your audience.

Editing videos

Editing videos is a must to increase vlogging income. It is one of the most important parts of vlogging content production. For this, you can use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. At this stage, you should adjust, edit and increase the quality of your videos.

Final remarks

Video content is profitable and even with a low budget it is possible to make money through vlogging. All you need is a cell phone with a good camera. With vlog, you can increase your followers, increase your page rank, increase the click rate and bring branding to you and your brand.

Also, vlog making applications can help you in this ups and downs path. Another interesting thing to note is that there are companies that operate in this field and you can take advantage of their offline vlogger recruitment services for video blog production.