Social networks

Social networks and their impact on internet marketing

Currently, the concept of Web 2.0 is expanding. In the late 1990s, a new phenomenon entered the world of Internet marketing and communication. This phenomenon was social networks. Websites such as Facebook and MySpace were created, followed by business networking groups such as Twitter and Linkedin.

So that the general public was able to create their profile on these websites and, through that, communicate with other people, have friends around the world, and share information. But the group that could understand these networks faster were Internet marketers. They could quickly create product and service pages on these social networking websites and share them by forming groups.

Social network marketing is a set of activities that increase site visits through the same social networks.

In the marketing process of social networks, they have turned towards producing attractive content to attract visitors’ attention. And by sharing content by each visitor in the space of social networks, the goals of internet marketing of websites are achieved without paying a special fee through social networks.

Social networks have gained a good place among people. On the other hand, their easy access has made Internet marketing enter a new stage so that the communication between the audience and website administrators has improved. Various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin have been active and have attracted many users.

Increasing graphic content and photos

Facebook posts with photos attract 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks. Similarly, other sites such as Pinterest are the most popular due to the activity in the field of images and photos.

One of the powerful methods for Internet marketing on social networks is to put rich images so that most users are eager to read the content when they see a beautiful image.

Increase the power of Google plus

In the early days of Google plus, most users compared it to Facebook and considered it a failed project. But Google cleverly prevented the failure of this project by connecting its various services.

As far as being active in Google plus helps your business and being more visible in the Google search engine, and considering the high power of Google, all companies and businesses need it.

Among the benefits of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the following can be mentioned:


  • Wider reach between users and companies.
  • Provide countless content and update it.
  • Being popular among users.
  • We are creating more facilities for both users and website administrators.


  • More popular among web admins.
  • The ability to select users and people more accurately.
  • The ability to review a specific topic without needing to be a follower.

The impact of social networks on businesses

According to research, users visit their profiles on social networks at least once daily, and most users check social networks several times daily. Social networks allow you to connect with your fans and friends every time you log in. This virtual world has greatly influenced users to prefer to place their orders online instead of shopping in person. For this reason, the business market in social networks is very prosperous. Here are some of the important effects of social networks on business:

Increase awareness of the brand name

Almost half of the world’s people use social networks. According to these statistics, social networks are an excellent way to advertise and present the brand.

60% of Instagram users say they have discovered new products and brands on this platform. So, as you can see, social networks greatly impact brand name recognition.

Social networks increase sales.

No matter what your product brand is, social networks help you sell your products better. You can market your products through social media. The selling process through social media is much easier and more cost-effective than other methods. Therefore, join social networks and display your products in whatever field you are in.

It is possible to go “viral” on social networks.

Many people may like your post and circulate it around the internet, so it becomes public. This state is called “viral.”

Therefore, be more careful in choosing posts. If users like your post, it will be shared and become famous. Finally, you have connected with many people on social networks by creating a good post.

Social networks increase your knowledge.

With social networks, you can easily get information about your audience. Information that may determine the main policy of the organization.

For example, you can measure their interest and behavior according to their reaction to posts. You may also change your production line over time and produce new products to match users’ tastes.

Through social networks, you get information that you could never get before with this speed and low cost.

You monitor your competitors.

Before the presence of social networks, you could hardly find out about the decisions of your competitors. Still, despite these media, you can easily get information about your competitors about advertisements, goals, products, etc. You can also improve your position by monitoring your competitors.

You have the report and statistics of your work.

In face-to-face marketing, you get the results and statistics you want in the long term, but in social networks, you get exact results simultaneously.

For this reason, analysis and evaluation in social networks are much easier. Based on the analysis, you can make better decisions for user satisfaction.