role of hashtags

The role of hashtags in social pages

In recent years, hashtags have been effectively used for advertising in the virtual space. This icon, created to address users, is one of the most popular social networking systems today. In this article, we will compare the hashtags of 5 types of the most famous social pages in the world and find out how we can use hashtags to introduce our brand more effectively.

This sign is used to categorize and identify desired phrases and has the same function as a metatag in content SEO and identifies and makes keywords available in existing content. To use the hashtag in the media and social networks, you must first select the hashtag symbol, write the keyword or comment mode text without space, and activate the hashtag function with an enter. By using hashtags in your posts, you allow virtual networks to categorize your posts.


The hashtag was first created for Twitter in 2007 and was later adopted by its competitors. The purpose of the hashtag on Twitter is to make more users interact with each other and to report a byte of an event, event, brand introduction, date, day, etc. Still, nowadays, the most efficient way to use it is to find suitable chat rooms on Twitter and participate in them.

For hashtagging on Twitter, only words, numbers, and hyphens should be used, and icons such as +,! $, %, -, ^, &, * are not supported. There is no limit to the number of hashtags on Twitter, but the total text of the tweet should not exceed 140 characters.

Twitter pages are introduced to users in two ways. For example, when you search for #student_services_institute on Twitter, the pages are either presented based on the most popular pages, or the introduction of the entire relevant content is categorized and presented based on date.


In 2011, Instagram also switched to using hashtags and based all its users’ searches on hashtags. The hashtag can only consist of words, numbers, and hyphens on this social page, but it has a limited number, and only 30 hashtags can be used in each post. The introduction of Instagram accounts is also presented to users only based on the latest ones.

Hashtags on Instagram will be very effective in increasing the followers of a business brand, especially if this hashtag is developed about the important needs of the community. In this way, if the user is looking for an online textbook order on the Instagram search page and searches for #student_bookstore, he can see relevant pages and add them to his following list.

The game hashtag is another attraction of Instagram. In this way, you can make the images you share more attractive to your audience by hashtagging specific words that have become a fixed dictionary on Instagram today, for example, when you share a photo of your work environment to promote it using the #Atwork hashtag. Or, if you go to the gym on Fridays and want to introduce the name of the club to your followers, use the hashtag #Gymtime#Blueclub because experience has proven that people tend to click on certain hashtags.

Google Plus

In 2013, Google Plus added hashtags to its system. Still, unlike its competitors, it offered a different use of this technique from the beginning, so that the hashtag in Google Plus identifies links and pages of sites for search engines. Hashtags allow Google Plus to know exactly what your post is about and introduce it to Google’s algorithms so that your page ranks higher based on user searches. It has caused most web admins or site managers to use Google Plus hashtags in SEO techniques and content creation.

The introduction of Google Plus updates is provided to users based on the latest ones. The use of hashtags in Google Plus is unlimited, and the only rule that must be observed is that there should not be a space between words. Also, you cannot use only numerical hashtags such as #2017, but use words or a combination of words and numbers is possible.


The most famous social page, Facebook, also entered the world of hashtagging in 2013. There is no limit to the number of hashtags in Facebook posts, and numbers, words, and hyphens can be used, but searching through hashtags on Facebook is a little different, so if, for example, we are looking for pages related to restaurants, it is better to search for form in the toolbar.

The ranking of Facebook pages in searches is also more complicated and includes a combination of different factors, Like if the page is on your follow list or not? Is the page related to the search topic or not? How popular is the page?

Of course, the hashtag on Facebook is not as widely used as on other social pages, but it seems that eventually, it will be widely noticed by users.


The hashtag on Pinterest is considered a type of search completion. That is, when # is placed after a word, that word will be clickable. The best way to use hashtags on Pinterest is to promote your business brand. There is no limit to the number of hashtags on this social page, and only words, numbers, and hyphens can be used. The pages and brands will be introduced on Pinterest based on the most popular.

A driving force is usually needed for any success, and even today, advertising is considered the driving arm of many businesses. The modern business world in today’s era has also used social networks as one of the best and cheapest ways of advertising, so knowing how to use all kinds of systems and technical techniques on these pages will undoubtedly guarantee victory and increase managers’ income in the face of competitors.

Tips for using hashtags on social pages

Hashtags were first used on Twitter. But today, all platforms and social networks support hashtags. Advertising agency experts believe that hashtags have become very important nowadays due to the importance of social networks in marketing and advertising.

Social networks advertising agency experts emphasize that using hashtags will help you put your content in front of a large audience. Below are the tips for using hashtags on social media pages:

Before using any hashtag, do a simple search about it

Advertising agency experts suggest you check all social networks to ensure that your hashtag has not been used for inappropriate purposes before. That irrelevant impression cannot be made from your chosen hashtag. It would help if you also ensured that other popular brands are not using this hashtag for advertising purposes.

When you use hashtags well, you can better introduce your brand to others and increase your brand sales. The only important thing that advertising agency experts pay attention to is that before using any hashtag, you should always do a simple search on the internet to see how other brands use it.

Social Network Hashtag Don’t use too many hashtags.

Advertising agency experts advise brands, not to overuse hashtags. Placing multiple hashtags in one post is considered spam. Usually, no one likes to use too many hashtags in their post. Excessive use of disproportionate hashtags not only does not help to attract the audience but may cause dissatisfaction of customers, which will eventually lead to leaving your social pages.

Don’t use all the hashtags exactly in the photo description

The hashtags used in the photo or the comments are not very different. You can gradually add hashtags in the comments. For example, upload the initial image with one or two hashtags and add a few new hashtags between every few comments.

Have a hashtag strategy

Do not use any words. People who visit your page and see a lot of clutter may be less inclined to follow you. You can choose between twenty and fifty hashtags and use only them. It may cause more homogeneity in the selection of photos unconsciously.

How to search the desired post with the hashtag

If you are a die-hard Instagram user, you have often encountered the question of how to search for the desired word with the hashtag and reach the desired page? When you click on a word hashtag, several pages will open in front of you, which include the following:

1- Related posts: In this section, Instagram offers suitable hashtags for your desired topic. For example, if you search for #clothes, all the pages whose photos are published with #clothes or #menswear, etc., will be presented to you. You can choose the option you want in the list in front of you.

2- Popular posts: In this section, the most visited posts are introduced to you as popular posts, and you can take a look at them. These posts are usually from celebrities or famous brands that many followers like.

3- Recent posts: In this section, Instagram will show you hashtag posts that have been recently visited. This option can greatly help you find the post you are looking for.