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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

All of us are members of social networks and communication tools and use them, but unfortunately, some of us do not follow the rules of presence in these new tools.

The fact is that entering and being present in any space has its customs and these customs are different not only according to the conditions of that space but also for different people and according to their social status, for example, considering a lady or a gentleman. Assume that he is going to a religious place; surely this person will wear a dress appropriate to that place. Still, the same person will appear in a celebration or wedding ceremony with a completely different appearance, which is suitable for the space in which he is located. Has it?


If we are working somewhere, we respect the conditions of the work environment; if we have an important meeting ahead, in addition to clothes and appearance, we will also use different tones and words that suit the conditions of that meeting.

Presence in social networks can also be considered from this point of view; maybe a teenager can be present in these networks according to his wish, but observing the etiquette of presence in social networks is mandatory for a working person, employee, manager, or an official because Apart from their identity, such people also have a work, administrative and social identity that is connected to their job position. Choose as his profile picture, but an active person in the community should know the rules of presence in social media tools and follow them; now let’s briefly review some of these points together.

Clear name and surname

It is very important to observe in this case that in a social account, we must specify our name and surname clearly and accurately, and avoid using abbreviations such as M, F or other favorite names (Nick Name). Remember that we are in groups and public spaces and many people don’t know us, so we need to be present in such public spaces with our real name and identity.

Choosing the right profile picture

Our profile picture is not supposed to send a message to others; messages can be sent in the form of text, audio, video or image in groups and channels or personal chats, the profile picture should show our personal and individual identity, using nature images, Religious, political or emotional images are not worthy of the presence of an active person in the community in social and communication networks.

Separate personal and work account

Suppose for any reason, you have two or more different accounts in communication tools. In that case, it is preferable not to appear with your account in public groups and administrative messages because, whether we like it or not, many of us will be prejudiced by our name and profile picture.

The philosophy of presence in communication networks

Presence in communication tools such as Telegram and WhatsApp or social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is for exchanging information, votes, and opinions and also establishing communication, so if someone sends you a message, even if you do not know him and want to If you didn’t receive another message from him, it’s okay to reply to him, for example, say: I received your message, I don’t want to receive another message from you.


Avoid spamming people strictly, except when their message contains racial, religious, or gender insults, profanity, etc.; remember that the spam reporting tools available in communication networks are usually processed by machines and understand the content of the message. They don’t, but they only make decisions based on the number of spam reports. By inappropriately spamming people, we cause their communication tools to stop working, and we may unintentionally deprive them of the possibility of communicating with others.

In fact, by being on communication networks, we should also be prepared to receive unwanted messages from other people. If you do not want to receive messages from others, avoid sending text, messages, images, etc., in public groups and social networks.

The previous set of profile pictures

Some communication tools, such as Telegram, allow you to upload multiple profile photos. Each time you send a new photo, the collection of your previous photos will remain in your user account. They will also watch your previous ones, so don’t just pay attention to your current profile picture, and if the old pictures in your profile are inappropriate and unusual, it’s better to delete them.

Profile photo time and conditions

Your profile photo should be from a recent time; it is better to avoid putting your childhood photos as a profile picture, as well as unusual and unconventional pictures, group and family photos, friendly photos, or student photos are good options for placement. They are not in the profile picture of social and communication networks.

Compliance with the rules and customs of society

It doesn’t matter if we like the rules of the society or not; it is better to create our photo and profile by the customs and laws governing the country, you have full control over the images you send in the private sphere, but it is better to cover it in a social network or public group. And choose your appearance according to the customs of the society and respect the boundaries to some extent; in many cases our identity is tied to our work and social identity, maybe we need to send a message to our work or office contact, in In such a situation, we are the representative of our workplace and we must keep in mind that our audience may have different mental and religious conditions from us.


So our work should respect the opinions of our customers and business partners and choose a reasonable and conventional profile picture.

Be careful with your character images!

Remember that your profile photos or images sent can be saved; consider that you have chosen a group photo with your friends or acquaintances for your profile, now suppose that for any reason, the person in that photo does not want to be seen next to you, but you violated this by placing a group photo and exposed that photo to all your contacts, so it is better to be a little more cautious about choosing your profile photo and sending images. By doing this, you have also respected the privacy of your other friends and colleagues.

Send messages to different groups.

We may be members of different groups, friend and family groups, office or company groups, etc. Note that you should not send any post in your groups, some people have a habit of sending different messages in all their groups, such as. For example, according to religious holidays and ceremonies, etc., but we must know that this is not correct at all, because there is a possibility that the people present in the group have different ideas and beliefs from us.

If a topic is really important to you and you plan to inform your contacts, only send your message privately to people you know this topic is important too, and of course, be prepared to receive backlash or spam because Don’t get negative results from this, choose your partner correctly and carefully!

Avoid sending fragmentary messages!

Please don’t send pieces of your words separately in public groups or private chats. If you want to send a message, instead of sending your words in pieces, word by word and sentence by sentence, type it all in complete text. And send it at once; by doing this, you have avoided sending a mass of spam and unhelpful messages; it is very important to observe this, especially in crowded groups.

Send as much text as possible, not audio files.

In general, reading text messages is easier than listening or seeing audio or video messages; listening to a voice message (Voice) by your audience will be more time-consuming and difficult if your text is long or contains useful content. And it’s not educational. Avoid sending voice or video messages as much as possible and send them as a normal text. In some special situations (for example, in a crowded place or while driving), sending a voice message seems necessary.

In such a situation, apologize for sending a voice message at the beginning of your message and send your answer or message in the shortest possible form and sentences.

Do not enter people’s private chat for no reason.

Try never to go into someone’s private chat (PV) for no reason, especially if you don’t know someone. You find them in the group members list, never go into their private chat without them having sent a message in the group if for any reason you have to In the field of work, send a private message to someone. It is not a bad idea to briefly introduce yourself at the beginning of the message by mentioning your name and surname, your job or place of work, and then explain where and which group you found him in.

In this way, the person knows where you know him, then write your desired topic, question, or request, and preferably add an apology at the end of your message for sending a private message to this person; remember that you must include all these items in Send one message, not multiple messages.


The truth is that if we want to talk about the manners of being on social networks, many things can be said about it, all of which are obvious and can be understood with a little thought, for example, taking a stand against other people’s words, how to respond. When to send messages to people in groups so as not to offend them, when to send messages or not to send messages at all, to type our messages in English (Finglish) or Farsi, what are our duties as a group manager, and how to deal with other group members And…

As we said, many of these things seem quite obvious, but unfortunately,, many people neglect them. Observing these seemingly simple points help to use communication tools as a useful and practical tool for the growth and promotion of personal and business communication. And use it as a group; please help to improve these things by respecting the culture of using these networks.