Samsung Added Luna Service Games To Its Smart Tvs And Monitors

Samsung Added Luna Service Games To Its Smart Tvs And Monitors

Samsung Has Also Added Games From Its Luna Streaming Service To Its 2022 Smart Tvs And Monitors, Giving Users Access To More Than 1,000 Games In Total.

Samsung says it plans to add more than 250 games to its intelligent TV gaming hub (Samsung Gaming Hub) through the Amazon Luna streaming service. The Koreans want to make these games available on 2022 TVs and M series monitors.

The Samsung Gaming Hub service was introduced at the beginning of this year during the CES exhibition and became available to users of Samsung 2022 smart TVs and monitors a few months ago. This Tizen-based service currently offers games from Xbox, Nvidia, Google, and Utomik streaming services.

With the addition of Amazon Luna, Samsung’s new smart TVs and monitors, users can stream over 1,000 games.

The Samsung Gaming Hub service allows the user to connect the TV or monitor to the YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch accounts to provide access to audio and video content while playing the game.

“Starting today, Luna users can also connect their profile to the Samsung Gaming Hub and continue gaming on Samsung’s 2022 TVs, ” Samsung says in a press release. “Gamers can experience the games available in the Luna service through the Luna controller or other supported Bluetooth controllers.” You can also play through your smartphone if you don’t have a Bluetooth controller.

In March 2022 (March 1400 and April 1401), Amazon made the Luna game streaming service available to users living in the United States. TechCrunch writes that the company has released a limited beta version of Luna since 2020.

Amazon Prime subscribers can access a few free games every month through the Prime Gaming Channel; however, if they want more fun, they can pay an additional fee to subscribe to the Retro Channel service and classic access games. It is also possible to subscribe to the channel of game companies such as Ubisoft. The cost of these subscription services is between $4.99 and $17.99.

The services offered by Luna are not limited to TV, and users can also stream games on phones, tablets, and computers.