Mediatek's Special Satellite Communication Chip Was Introduced; More Powerful Than iPhone

Mediatek’s Special Satellite Communication Chip Was Introduced; More Powerful Than iPhone

Until Some Time Ago, Satellite Communication Was Considered The Only Feature For Military Phones, But The Release Of The iPhone 14 Series Changed This Issue. 

Now, with a new chip, MediaTek plans to provide the possibility of having this feature for regular phones as well. Follow the news in hardware city.

For the first time in smartphones, the iPhone 14 series is equipped with satellite communication technology and can send messages without an antenna and internet. Now Mediatek has introduced a chip that enables satellite communication for other smartphones. Motorola, Bullitt, and Cat phones will come to the market with this chip.

The feature in the iPhone 14 phone allows some models of this series to connect to the satellites of the lower orbits using the Emergency SOS feature and ask for help if the antenna is unavailable for the phone.

Mediatek-style satellite connection for all phones

MediaTek allows users to send a satellite message to anyone they want with the new chip, just like usual. The MT6825 chip is a radio that can be added to any mobile by the manufacturer without changing the smartphone’s processor and chip settings.

Earth orbit insta

In addition to low earth orbit satellites, the MT6825 radio communicates with geostationary orbit satellites orbiting the earth at more than 37,000 kilometers. Mediatek said that despite the connection with these distant satellites, the MT6825 chip has the minimum system requirements and low consumption.

This product has recently been used in Motorola Defy 2 and CAT S75 phones, which are resistant phones for outdoor use. Motorola’s Defy 2 phone, with features such as a 6.6-inch screen and a 5000 mAh battery, will come to the market for $600.

Motorola Defy 2 phone

It should be noted that with the efforts of Samsung, MediaTek, and Qualcomm, shortly, we will see the best Android phones using satellite communication.

Satellite Communication Chip

The Android 14 operating system has also added support for satellite communication.