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Important Tips for buying a used PS5

Due to the lack of chips in the world and the economic fluctuations that we are currently witnessing, Maybe it makes sense to buy a second-hand PS5! Of course, when purchasing a second-hand PS5, we must make sure of a few things so that our money is not wasted!

In the rest of this article, we will discuss two reasons that compel you to buy aused PS5 and points that you should consider before buying.

Lack of chips

The lack of chips significantly impacts Sony’s ability to produce consoles, which has increased demand and reduced the supply of PS5. Unfortunately, the war between Ukraine and Russia has worsened, and we may face a shortage of worse chips.

We can’t predict the future, but based on the evidence, China is likely to attack Taiwan, which means that the chips coming out of Taiwan Semiconductor Industries will probably be confiscated by China. If this happens, we will face a severe chip shortage. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but it makes sense to buy the second-hand PS5 that’s available and see what happens!



The price of the PS5 is not going down anytime soon; we may even see the price increase (due to rising costs or chip shortages), so it’s better to buy a second-hand PS5. You will pay less money by buying a used console and probably benefit from the free games and accessories with the device. Again, this only makes sense if the price is right. If the price of a second-hand PS is unreasonable, it is better to search until you find a cheaper one.

What points should we pay attention to when buying a used PS5?

  • When you turn on the PS5, you should see a blue and steady white light after a while.
  • The most common problem with the PS5 is that the HDMI port comes loose and stops displaying. So make sure the port is not open or damaged.
  • Check all USB ports for looseness and damage (such as excessive scratches around the port). Make sure it works too.
  • Remove the handle and make sure you can turn on the console by pressing the PS button.
  • Check the disc drive and make sure it reads game discs. When you buy a console, ask a friend to bring a game to test. The disk drive makes noise while working, but this noise should not be excessive. You should not hear any grinding noise when inserting the disc. Also, make sure that the disk is working properly.
  • If you can, play a current-generation game (maybe the free Astros game room is a good idea) for 15 minutes. Some vendors may not allow you to spend this time playing the game; try it for a few minutes and make sure. It is better to check the graphic artifacts like flickering of the image. If a console shows such errors, it may have a problem with the processor or graphics card, stable memory, or a faulty HDMI port, and it is better not to buy it.
  • Ensure all accessories are included with the console unless the seller states it is not.
    Don’t worry if your PS5 starts to heat a lot while playing. This indicates that the vents are open for hot air flow. The air must be warm, indicating that the heatsink is dissipating heat from the APU well.
  • Minor surface scratches are not out of the question on the black side of the PS5, as it scratches very quickly, so there’s not much you can do about it.



List of things that should come with the PS5 (try to get a deal)

1- PlayStation console

2- A power cable

3- HDMI 2.1 cable (the cable clamp is enormous, and the cable itself is thick.)

4- One type C USB cable

5- One or more Dualsense handles

6- Base with a self-tapping screw

7- Ideally, the inner white box and the outer box should come with the PlayStation.