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Special content production

How to produce special content

Special content production has a wonderful name. It has neither arms nor legs nor tail! Special content is written and prepared with great quality. The difference between normal content and special content is in their author. A skilled writer writes the featured content, and the text is incredibly powerful. The production of special content aims to promote online business, increase the sale of products and services, attract the audience, attract the attention of new followers, and satisfy the audience. Special content has a special quality that is in accordance with the principles of SEO and website optimization.

The production of special electronic content is suitable for websites and social media, including YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, and TikTok. Special content may be text, video, and audio designed in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, and banners. You can determine the level of quality you want when placing an order for content production. Finally, according to your wishes, regular, average, or special content will be prepared. To learn more about special content production and to answer the question “What is electronic content production?” Stay with us in the rest of this article.

Why should you take special content production seriously?

What are the benefits of content production? Familiarity with the benefits of content production determines the reason for using and benefiting from special content. Content production is done for the purpose of marketing. Content marketing is the cheapest and most cost-effective marketing method for cyberspace businesses. Online businesses achieve their specific goals by producing content instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising.

Content production planning and strategy

In the production of electronic content, factors such as choosing content goals, buyer persona, relying on the buyer’s journey, the role of the audience, auditing the content, choosing the right format, promoting the content, social networks, email marketing, promoting through click advertising, Publishing content and repeating content are very important. In producing special content, attention should be paid to each of these factors to prepare effective digital content.

Knowing the types of special content

We mentioned earlier that the production of special content is designed in different formats to be uploaded in the appropriate space. Featured content types include blogs, classifieds, long-form articles, guest posts, humor, images, infographics, and legal and professional articles. The tone of the special content is mostly official, but it is different depending on the request of the customer. The requested type of content is determined depending on the request of the audience.

Examining the process of producing high-quality content

How do you produce content? Content production has specific principles, including SEO search, idea generation, writing, editing, uploading, and publishing. The most important thing is SEO and website optimization. Adherence to SEO in the production of special content is such that Google increases the website’s rank by examining specific cases and principles. SEO content is effective in website ranking.

Special content generation tools

It has already been mentioned that special content is prepared and produced in the form of text, video, and audio. Ordering the production of electronic content can be implemented with various tools. The most famous and widely used tools include Canva, Giphy, Vidyard, SurveyMonkey, MakeMyPersona, and Anchor. The introduced software is used to design images, gifs, videos, and recording podcasts. It is extremely easy to work with the introduced software.

What are the effects of SEO on content production?

What is content SEO? Creating SEO content means that the author writes a text that is attractive to Google. The SEO text does not contain any copy, and the keywords (main and secondary) are correctly written in the text. Therefore, this text is considered valuable by Google search engines. The main impact of SEO content production is on website ranking.

Google’s recommendation for creating special content

After the electronic content is produced, the special content is published on the website. Do not wait for ranking and promotion immediately after publishing the featured content on the website. Websites are updated and ranked by Google every few months. Linking websites is also important. Google recommends that you take linking seriously!

Research to produce special content!

The author should have extensive studies around the main keyword. To produce special content, the author must understand the topic and determine the purpose of content production. Before starting to write, the tone of the content should be determined. In other words, the tone of the content is determined by the user (customer). In content production, the personality and features of the audience are very important! The written text should be in accordance with the wishes of your audience.

Place of publication of contents

Social media content is suitable for publishing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Website content is the second type of content that is prepared according to the persona of the audience and keywords (main and secondary). The third type is blog content, which aims to support businesses. There are different platforms that are the place to publish the produced content, but all of them are a subset of the above.

Special content analysis stage

Every content needs analysis. After ordering electronic content production and publishing it in the digital space, analysis should be done. Special content analysis steps include site page views, organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rates, engagement rate, and audience growth. It is recommended to use several methods for a better and more accurate analysis. Taking advantage of all these analyzers is time-consuming and extremely difficult.

Producing inappropriate content questions the character of the author!

The author must have enough power, skill, and knowledge to produce special content! Don’t start creating content if you don’t see the necessary ability and capability in yourself. Taking into account the level of your skills, accept orders and operate in the digital marketing space. The character of the weak and unskilled writer is questioned when he cannot write high-quality content.

Follow the trends of special content production!

To create special content on Instagram, you must go along with Instagram trends. Trends include visual content, video content, visual storytelling, E-A-T promotion, music streaming, more targeted content production, hyper-targeted content, and certain techniques that are popular in cyberspace. As a rule, taking advantage of trends provides more visibility for the Instagram page. I recommend you go with the trends!

Is it difficult to produce digital content?

In the comprehensive training of content production in business, interest is the first pillar of success. If you are interested in content creation and digital marketing, the digital content creation process will be sweet and easy for you. On the other hand, if you are not interested in creating content, this profession will be difficult for you. The importance of textual content is much greater than other digital content. The quality of written textual content affects the level of your business website. Google search engines evaluate the content based on the quality of the written content and influence the page views.

Comprehensive content production training in online business has an effect on content quality. The more your skills and knowledge as a writer, graphic artist, or speaker increase, the proportion of your output will increase. So don’t forget that learning and training should always be a priority! You should always update your skills, knowledge, and information so that you can create the best. Don’t be satisfied with your current skill and look for more and more complete learning.

Zero to hundred site content production

  1. Read before you start producing textual content. As a rule, in the free site content creation training, you have learned that the more and more complete your mastery of the subject, the more perfect your written text will be.
  2. In content production training courses, it is mentioned that after you have written the text, check the quality of the content. Read the text once or twice so that there is no problem in terms of writing and editing.
  3. When ordering content, divide your text into three parts. These three parts include an introduction, body text, and conclusion. In this case, you can easily start writing and fill each section with unique content.
  4. Mentioning examples in the form of storytelling and expressing personal experiences affects the reader and makes him eager to read. As a writer, you combine your creativity and imagination with the content and make your text more effective.
  5. Text editing is very important. It is better to have someone else check your text and find out the mistakes. When you write a text, you are 100% fluent, and it is harder for you to find mistakes. It is recommended to assign the responsibility of editing to another person.
  6. Choosing the main keyword and secondary keywords in content creation training is emphasized. You can use the Google search engine to choose sub-keywords.
  7. Humor, simple writing, mention of advice and admonition, mention of quotations and proverbs, and mention of details in the textual content are also very important.

Why is content production important in digital marketing?

According to what we have learned in the comprehensive training of content production in business, content is the key to entering the digital world. In other words, any business that has benefited from content marketing has achieved success. Content marketing is the cheapest and most economical marketing method in the online space. Digital content is produced with the aim of business development, attracting an audience, increasing sales of products and services, conveying a message, satisfying the audience, and attracting new followers. Adhering to SEO and website optimization principles in textual content is necessary and obligatory.

The main parts of each content

It was mentioned earlier that each textual content has three parts. The articles and materials have three parts: the introduction, the body, the final part, and the conclusion. In the introduction section, you can mention the basic explanations and define the main topics. You should mention more detailed information. In other words, open the issue in more detail and investigate. In the final section, make a general text of everything you mentioned. The final part depends entirely on the author’s point of view. That is, in the conclusion section, we see the opinion of the content writer.

What types of content are suitable for teaching content creation?

  1. Articles and educational content of websites
  2. Electronic books and printed educational books
  3. Castbox educational podcasts
  4. Videos and educational videos on websites and YouTube
  5. Educational videos and webinars of reputable companies

The principles of content creation in SEO and website optimization

It was mentioned before that it is important to follow SEO and website optimization in the training of text content production. The principles of SEO are simple, and it is not difficult to follow them. These principles include article titles, sub-titles, main and secondary keywords, number of article words, heading tags, use of images, and paragraphing. SEO is only used for the textual content of websites and is not used much in social media.

content concept handwritten on blackboard

Content creation training on Instagram is a little different; you must learn it separately. Any type of training you need is available online for free. Search on Google! Google search engines will display content related to your desired topic.


Video content production training is suitable for preparing videos for cyberspace and websites. The value of text content is not less than image content! Any content is valuable. It cannot be said that the content that is prepared in the shortest possible time is worthless or of little value. Any content, be it text, image, or audio, is so valuable that it affects and attracts the audience. To determine the type of content, you should pay attention to the personality and characteristics of your audience. Creating valuable content, whatever it is, affects the audience.