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How to design the Telegram channel logo?

Logo design has become one of the most profitable jobs in the world of content creation in modern societies. Many people who intend to start a page on social media see the first challenge in choosing the right logo. Today, people’s knowledge in the field of digital marketing has increased a lot thanks to the Internet and virtual space. In the continuation of this article, we are going to examine the importance of creating a logo for the Telegram channel.

According to the opinion of graphic content production order experts, the most important reason you need to choose a logo for your Telegram channel is to know your channel name and brand. You have probably come across the term branding in business. Branding is not only for business in the real world; you need to do your branding after starting any business. As you know, branding has different methods. It can be safely said that one of the main principles of branding is designing a good and professional logo. An attractive logo can be more effective than you think in terms of sales or visits to your channel.

Why should we design a logo for the Telegram channel?

According to the basics of creating a logo for Telegram, you will be able to build trust among your customers by designing an attractive logo. Today, even though internet businesses have prospered a lot compared to previous years, many people still do not have a good view of online shopping. One of the ways to build trust between people and customers is to design a logo that conveys a sense of trust to the customer. Note that all ordinary people are considered as customers. For this reason, as a designer, you need to design a logo for your client that will increase people’s trust in the employer’s business.

It should also be noted that designing a logo for Telegram will show your professionalism to your contacts. This factor is one of the points that have been mentioned a lot in the logo-making courses for the Telegram channel. Because in the minds of your contacts, such a belief is formed that because you have spent a lot of money on your brand logo, you value your business and, as a result, your customers.

What should be the size of the Telegram channel logo?

One of the other important principles of branding that has been emphasized a lot in the professional logo design articles for Telegram is the size and dimensions of the logo. According to this article, in order to do branding, you need extensive and general advertising. For this reason, it is obvious that you need to print your logo in different sizes on posters, banners, etc. One of the characteristics of a good logo is that it maintains its identity and shape regardless of any size changes.

One of the important points you should pay attention to while creating a logo for Telegram is the readability of your logo. The logo that you, dear designers, design for the employer must be readable in any ratio and size. As we have presented to you in the upper parts of this article, branding is one of the main tasks of a business owner.

Also, note that your logo needs to be legible horizontally and vertically. As we told you, the logo that you design for your employer has various uses. For this reason, you need to design the logo so it is legible without its use.

Logo size for the Telegram channel

Now that you are more familiar with the importance of the logo size in making a logo for the Telegram channel, it is better to get to know the recommended size for the channel. As you know, the logo size is different for social networks; each has its own size.

Normally and according to the opinion of experts, your logo should be around 512 x 512 pixels in order to comply with the principles of logo design in the Telegram social network. Of course, for the posts related to the Telegram channel, you need to design the photos’ size in 100 x 100 pixels. The numbers mentioned for Telegram posts are considered a minimum. In order to design your Telegram channel post photos, the maximum size is 1280 x 1280.

Telegram logo design bot

Some people prefer to use a logo-making robot for the Telegram channel instead of placing an order for logo design. The use of logo-making robots for the Telegram channel is important because it will significantly reduce the cost of designing your logo. Besides, one of the other advantages of using Telegram’s free logo maker robot is saving money on logo design. If you refer to the logo design portfolio, you will notice that all the designs on our site are completely unique. For this reason, designing a unique and professional logo requires a long time. But this is if you can get your logo in the shortest possible time using logo design robots.

Also, one of the problems that people get from Telegram logo maker bots is the low quality of the logos designed by these bots. Of course, this is if the new logo maker robots that have been introduced to the logo design community have high image quality. For this reason, many people today welcome logo design by Telegram logo maker robots.

Of course, it is also necessary to mention that bots for making logos for Telegram channels also have disadvantages. For example, one of the major disadvantages of the Telegram logo design bots that have not yet been resolved is the lack of uniqueness in the design of the logos designed by them. Based on the surveys, it has been determined that almost all users do not welcome copy designs. First of all, you need to attract your audience. In general, you only need a few seconds to attract your audience’s attention to the brand logo. For this reason, you should use all your art so that the designed logo fits in the audience’s mind!

What is the logo design software?

Logo design software is needed to digitize the manual study of the logo or to design them digitally. With the help of this software, you can also design the Telegram channel logo. These software are very wide and can be used on different platforms from Windows to mobile operating systems. In the following, we discuss three popular and widely used software for logo design. These software are Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Draw.

Introducing Photoshop software

Surely, you have heard the name of Photoshop software. This software is one of the most powerful software for graphic works; among its capabilities, the following can be mentioned:

  • This software gives you a place to work on high-quality photos and design and edit.
  • With the help of Photoshop, you can edit photos professionally.
  • This software also offers the user the ability to share photos.
  • It has many different effects that you can apply to images.
  • This software gives you the ability to review the images and photos you have created or edited in a professional way.
  • Also, with its help, you can change the color of photos, size, and many other parameters.

The important thing about this software is that Photoshop is not considered great for logo design. Still, it is used to improve the design of the Telegram channel logo and help it become more professional. In general, Photoshop is considered a complementary software for logo design.

Introduction of Corel Draw software

Corel Draw software is one of the best current software for designing and graphic work. Working with this software is relatively simple, but it still offers many features to the user. The most important advantage of this software is its high processing speed and its good speed to produce the desired sample. Among the features of this software, the following can be mentioned:

  • This software supports various formats such as AutoCAD, Word, PDF, Publisher, etc.
  • The ability to register the design as a template and read and use it again
  • Using the table tool
  • Using layering in images and hand-made works with the help of Object Manager
  • Ability to import files designed with Adobe Illustrator

Introducing Adobe InDesign software

This software is one of the software used in industries and has mostly industrial design aspects. Its functions include page layout, business card design, box design, etc. Most of Adobe’s use of this design is in the field of the printing industry, and it is mostly used to collect texts and put them together with other elements.


In this article, we tried to introduce the Telegram logo design robot in addition to the most important principles of professional Telegram logo design. Be careful; even though you will be able to save time and money by placing an order in Telegram’s logo maker bots, your final logo design will not be unique. You can also refer to logo and graphic design sites for logo design. Be careful that you can also refer to the pages of the relevant websites to know the cost of logo design.