How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme?

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme?

What is the most challenging part of setting up a new WordPress site or changing it? Choose a domain. Are you choosing the right hosting? Or choosing a good theme?

All the things mentioned above are considered challenges, but today we want to examine which themes are suitable for us, So stay with us.

We can’t tell you which WordPress theme is the best choice for your website, but as experts in managed WordPress hosting, we can give you some tips to help you decide.

Here are our dos and don’ts for choosing a WordPress theme that works for you.

1. Choose a theme that supports the latest version of WordPress.

This point has nothing to do with the appearance and beauty of your site but has a direct relationship with the security and performance of your site.

If your theme is not fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress, the features of your WordPress site may not work as you want.

If the plugins you use for your site require the latest version of WordPress and you cannot update them because of your theme, your site’s performance problems will increase.

2. Do not use themes that have not been updated for a long time.

As per the first point, ensure that the ones you are looking for have been updated within the last few months. Check the “Last Updated” line in the info box.

A theme that works with the current version of WordPress but hasn’t been updated in over a year may not get another update, which means sooner or later, it won’t work with the latest version of WordPress.

3. Choosing a theme should follow the theme of your site.

For example, if you plan to launch a store website, you should choose a store theme or template so users can easily access products and categories. If this issue is not observed, users will be dissatisfied with your site, and as a result, it will cause your website’s ranking to drop.

Some categories of templates:

  • weblog
  • news
  • a shop
  • corporate
  • Photography
  • medical
  • educational
  • And…..

4. Your template should be compatible with different devices.

Almost all modern themes are (or should be) responsive, which means they display differently on different devices and show the best result to the user. But that doesn’t mean all themes look equally good on mobile.

Why is this issue so important?

According to statistics taken in the first quarter of 2021, more than 54% of people use their mobile browsers for web browsing.

5. Do not get your template from unreliable sources.

If you want to get the theme you want for free or buy it, be careful not to get it from any source. The website from which you intend to buy a theme must have strong support, and the users must be satisfied with its use.

Some free themes may contain malware and cause irreparable damage to your site.

6. Use the themes you have that are suitable for SEO.

Using a suitable SEO theme can have a great impact on the optimization of your site in Google ranking. A suitable SEO theme should have features such as low loading speed, simple and beautiful appearance, and also responsiveness.


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