How cryptocurrency attacks to detect ?

How are cryptocurrency attacks detected?

So far we have talked about the steps of cryptocurrency and how to do it. Now we want to get to the point of how to detect a cryptocurrency attack. In other words, in this section, I want to describe the signs that if you see them, you should suspect a cryptocurrency attack on your device.

Of course, before mentioning these signs, I must say that it is difficult to detect a cryptocurrency attack; But it is not impossible. The code of cryptocurrency scripts is such that it can prevent these scripts from being detected. So you and your IT team need to be very vigilant.

Here are some methods you can use to detect cryptocurrencies before it’s too late.

Decreased performance device

One of the most important symptoms of cryptocurrency is the declining performance of your computing devices. These devices include desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Slowing down systems can be the first sign of illegal extraction of digital currencies. So if you own a business or if you are a member of a group, ask your employees or co-workers to report any processing slowdowns to the company’s IT department.

Excessive heat

The process of cryptocurrency overuse of resources can cause computers to overheat. This can damage your computer or shorten its life. Also, another component that has problems with devices overheating is the coolers that have to work too much to cool the system. Therefore, take the irrational increase of your device’s temperature seriously and seek to find out the cause.

Increase CPU consumption

Ask your IT team to monitor and analyze CPU usage, or do it yourself for your PC. You can do this using Activity Monitor or Task Manager. The increase in CPU usage when searching for a website with little media content may be due to the implementation of digital currency extraction scripts.

Website monitoring

Cybercriminals are looking for websites that can embed digital currency extraction code. Therefore, monitor your websites regularly so that you can detect any changes in web pages or suspicious files on the webserver promptly. This early detection can protect your systems against cryptocurrency attacks.

Knowledge of new methods of cryptocurrency

Cybercriminals are constantly modifying their code, and every moment they come up with new ways to embed updated scripts into your computer system. So follow the news and always be aware of new and hot topics in the world of digital currencies; This is because it can help you identify cryptocurrencies on your network and devices.

Search for malware

Malware created to illegally extract digital currencies consumes almost as much of the resources of victim systems as cryptocurrency scripts. The use of malware is that it can be used to infect computers, encrypt files, and store them for ransom in the form of bitcoins. The use of security software can be very effective in the timely detection of this malware. You can also use software such as PowerShell to detect cryptocurrency attacks.

How to prevent cryptocurrency attacks?

As we said in the previous section, it is difficult to detect a cryptocurrency attack, and if your system is exposed to such an attack, you may not be aware of it for a long time. But the good news is that these attacks are much easier to prevent, and there are steps you can take to protect your computers, network systems, and digital assets. These measures include:

Informing and educating the IT team

Your IT team should be trained to understand and track cryptocurrencies. They should be well aware of the first signs of an attack and take immediate action to investigate further. Of course, this advice is not just for business owners and applies to everyone. If you do not own a collection or network and are concerned about your systems, you need to build that awareness and increase your knowledge of network technology and science as much as you can.

Awareness of employees about cyber attacks

The IT team needs accurate and timely information from other employees to correctly identify cryptocurrencies. Employees of a company should also receive adequate cybersecurity training and notify the IT team of events such as slow processing or overheating of devices. Or, for example, they should know that they should not click on anonymous or untrusted email links. The same rule applies to personal emails on your own devices.

Use of special plugins to prevent digital currency extraction

Cryptocurrency scripts are often implemented in web browsers. Therefore, we recommend using browser plug-ins such as miner block, No Coin, and Anti Miner, which block digital currency extraction activities across the web.

Use ad-blockers

Internet advertising is a great place to put cryptocurrency scripts. Using an ad-blocker, you can easily detect and block the malicious code of digital currency extraction.

Disable JavaScript

By disabling JavaScript while using your browser online, you can protect your computer from being infected with cryptocurrency. Note, however, that disabling JavaScript may also block many of the functions you need when using the browser.


Throughout the article, it was noted that the volume of cryptocurrency attacks is increasing day by day and this cyber-attack has become a problem in the world of digital currencies. Every bad thing that happens in the world of digital currencies brings a new shock to the members of this society, calls into question the validity of these currencies all over the world, makes people who are still hesitant about digital currencies pessimistic about them, enemies of currencies. It makes digital happy and becomes an excuse to suppress these currencies or ban them by governments.

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