How Can you Change The Theme of Firefox Browser and 13 Best Themes for Mozilla Firefox

How Can you Change The Theme of Firefox Browser and 13 Best Themes for Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox has an add-on called Firefox color that helps you color the look of your Firefox browser to your liking.

You can change the colors of different browser parts, such as a toolbar, toolbar icons, background color, search bar color, etc., to your liking. There are also some pre-designed color themes available for you to choose from to your liking. In addition, there is a random selection button that clicks on a random color template. Applies to your browser.

How to work with Firefox Color

First, log in to your Firefox browser and click the link.
On the page that opens, click Install Firefox Color.

Click Allow in the dialog that opens.

Wait for Color Firefox to download.

Finally, click Add.

After completing the installation process, you will see that your browser will change color. Click the Firefox Color icon added to the browser to access the browser color change page.

At the top of the page is a button called Random that, when clicked, will randomly change the color of your browser.
Apart from random colors, there is a series of pre-designed color themes, and now you can choose 18 different themes, click on the Preset Themes tab to do this.

If you do not like any of the default themes, you can customize the theme by going to the Custom colors tab to get the colors of the toolbar, toolbar icon, toolbar text, background, and background text Change the search bar, window background and more. Changes will be applied as soon as the color is selected.

In addition to changing the browser colors, you can change the color and even the background image. To do this, enter the Custom backgrounds tab.

Select one of the available backgrounds from the left, and if you want to use your favorite image for the background, you can do so by clicking the Or add your button.

So In the Following, we have Prepared a video to learn better.

13 Best Themes for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox users are still numerous, and the lovely fox has been the first browser of many, including me, on many occasions. Here are 13 of the best colorful and beautiful themes for the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox is full of exciting features and capabilities you will not find in any other Internet browser. However, sometimes you can feel that it is very similar to other browsers or its appearance is boring for you.

Fortunately, Firefox has a solution to this problem. There are many different themes for Firefox, all of which can completely change the way you browse.

13 of the most interesting themes you can download for Firefox are introduced.

1. Dark space

One of the unique features of Firefox themes is that they can be animated, and Dark space is one of the best examples. Most themes are pure matte black or dark gray, but you will be greeted with a set of stars on the tab bar.

The best part is that the stars move slowly over the bar, blinking, shining, and dancing together. This movement is relaxing and engaging without distraction and is great for working in the background while browsing.

2. Neutron Stars

Like the previous theme, there is another animated theme from Firefox. This theme has a white background for the Firefox landing page, so if you are looking for something that does not greatly change the default experience, this is a good choice.

The Charm of Neutron Stars As the name implies, two orbits in orbit fill the search bar, tabs, and bookmarks. They move slowly against each other with enough movement to be interesting. The text of the unselected tabs matches their color, another interesting feature of the theme.

3. Kimi no Na WA

Another animated theme finds its way into this list. Kimi no Na Wa, a theme inspired by the Japanese movie of the same name, has a night sky.

The rest of the theme is relatively basic. The default Firefox landing page is intact, and the theme changes the color of the buttons and bookmarks to match the theme palette better.

4. Sakura

Another animated theme for Firefox. As you can guess from its name, the theme has cherry blossoms, along with falling petals. The theme does not extend significantly to the landing page and gently changes all the buttons to match the color of the falling petals.

The main focus of this theme is the animation of falling petals. Watching this animation is relaxing.

5. Stars at night [blue]

The latest animated theme on this list is Stars at Night. This theme does exactly what you expect, placing tabs, searches, and bookmarks in the dark blue night sky full of bright stars.

This theme touches the Firefox landing page and sets it to a dark gray that matches the header.

6. SciFi

This theme changes the color of the buttons and bookmarks to light turquoise and dark blue, respectively, to better match the theme.

7. Running Foxes

If you want something that will not change your browser much, this theme may be just right for you. The theme does not change buttons or colors in analyses you an almost vanilla experience.

The main difference is the two foxes that appear at the top of the theme.

8. Foggy sea sunset

Another vanilla theme, Sunset Foggy Sea, keeps Firefox largely as you remember it with a small change. This theme puts the image of the sunset on the foggy sea as a background for your tabs, searches, and bookmarks.

9. Zebra Abstract

In the continuation of this minimalist trend, we have the zebra theme. Like some of the previous ones in this list, this theme does not touch the landing pages or Firefox buttons.

Instead, Zebra Abstract turns Firefox tabs, search bars, and bookmarks into a mesmerizing blue zebra pattern that serves as a perfect backdrop for your browsing.

10. Dreamstime Mountains

This theme sets the Firefox background to an image of lovely mountains, though it does not touch any other parts of Firefox.

۱۱. Sky of Tiles

If you want a lighter theme, this Firefox theme might be for you. This theme illuminates tab bar, search, and bookmarks on blue tiles. The theme darkens the color of all buttons and text to change this difference.

12. Rainbow pastels

If something is a little more colorful than you are looking for, then do not look for rainbow pastels. This Firefox theme turns your tab, search, and bookmarks background into a rainbow of pastel colors.

13. Two Little Birds

Finally, we have two small birds, which do exactly what you expect them to do. This Mozilla Firefox theme puts a beautiful image of two little birds in the corner of your browser and fills the rest with bright, matching colors.