Does Instagram Notify The User When Taking A Screenshot Of A Story?

Does Instagram Notify The User When Taking A Screenshot Of A Story?

Users On Social Networks Say If You Take A Screenshot Of A Close Friend’s Instagram Story, The Account Owner Will Find Out.

Several Iranian users on Twitter announced the activation of a new feature on Instagram, which we saw the first test of in 2018. Users say that due to changes in Instagram if you take a screenshot of the stories posted in the close friend section, the owner of the user account will notice this.

In 2018, Instagram started to notify about taking a screenshot from the story as a testThis feature, limited to several selected users, was removed after some time, and since then, such a feature has not been seen in the Instagram story section.

Recently, Persian Twitter users have repeatedly expressed concern about activating Instagram screenshot notifications.

Some users say this function has been activated in a limited way, like the replay of the direct section. Another group of users claims the new feature is only enabled in the iOS version.

The image attributed to the close friend Instagram story screenshot notification

Persian Twitter users shared these two screenshots

Initial reviews show that the change users are talking about has not been implemented on Instagram. On the other hand, none of the reliable media have mentioned such a change. Instagram itself has not published an announcement about the activation of the screenshot notification from the story until the moment of writing this article.

Instagram has been involved in many issues in recent weeks. This social network has officially announced that it plans to focus more on video content. The head of Instagram initially said that the social network would continue to make changes, but eventually, Instagram backed down from its position. In response to this incident, several famous Instagram figures, such as Kylie Jenner, have publicly expressed their criticism.

The popular social network owned by Meta (formerly Facebook) is in the spotlight now more than ever. The full-screen feed, new videos turning into Reels, and full-screen photos are changed.

Instagram has hosted the replay feature in the Direct section for a long time, but many users still do not have access to this feature. Considering this issue, the screenshot notification from the story may be another feature that is available in a limited way.

Screenshot notification icon in Instagram Direct

Icons marked with a red circle indicate that a screenshot has been taken of the photo you submitted.

Zoomit emphasizes that, according to official information, Instagram currently does not have such a feature; however, if you take a screenshot of the timed images sent in the Direct section, the other party will notice (the same feature is also not widely available).

Instagram may change its policies and add new features to its platform anytime. Currently, Snapchat, the popular social network, notifies the user account owner when a screenshot is taken from the story.

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