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How To Check If Your Phone Is Infected With Pegasus Malware

Amnesty International Is The Name Of An Organization That Played A Key Role In The Group That Was Able To Access Pegasus Malware. These People Have Now Released A Tool That Lets You Know If Your Device Is Infected With This Malware.

In this guide, we will teach you how to check your mobile phone to make sure it is not infected; But before that, you should pay attention to two points.

The first point is that using this tool requires a moderate level of skill in using computer programs and the operating system terminal. Therefore novice users, if they are not completely confident in their ability, it is better to do so for now…

How to check for mobile phone infection with Pegasus malware

The second point is that this tool is more recommended for Apple operating systems such as iOS and Mac, and it is better to use it on your Android phone for now. This tutorial will also be based on Apple’s operating system.

How to use the Amnesty tool to check if your phone is infected with Pegasus malware

To get started, you need to make an encrypted backup of your Apple phone using iTunes or Finder and a PC or Mac. Then you need to find this backup. Amnesty has provided instructions for making this backup on Mac.

Once you have found the encrypted version, download the mvt program provided by Amnesty (the program usage guide is included).

If you use a Mac, first download Xcode and Python3 from the Apple Store before downloading this app.

Now remove the encrypted backup from your default location and move it to the desktop.

In this step, refer to the Amnesty guide and prepare the code that you have to enter to start the process in the terminal.

This demo code is the code that obtains after performing the above steps:

mvt-ios decrypt-backup -p PASSWORD -d decrypt ~ / Desktop / bkp / Orig

Now to be able to continue the process, you need the pegasus.stix2 file, which you must download and specify its location in your code:

mvt-ios check-backup -o logs –IOCs ~ / Downloads / pegasus.stix2 ~ / Desktop / bkp / decrypt

After completing all the above steps, you can see the warnings that this tool gives about your phone. Most of these warnings and errors do not need to be heeded, and you can safely ignore them.

Finally, you can be happy that there is such a tool to check your cell phone, but unfortunately, this tool only helps to check this issue and ultimately can not recover your spied information.