D-Link DSL-124 New Version 2022 D-Link DSL-124 Modem Router Review

D-Link DSL-124 New Version 2022 D-Link DSL-124 Modem Router Review

In This Article, We Introduce DSL-124 New Version 2022 Modem Router From D-Link Brand. This Modem Router Is Designed For Home Users And For Small Environments. 

However, it does offer valuable features that we’ll explore below. This modem router has a very reasonable price and is the new version of 2022 and comes with a 3-year pendulum warranty and a one-year free replacement.

Checking the features and capabilities of the D-Link DSL-124 modem router

N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router DSL-124 is an all-in-one. DSL-124 is a high-performance modem router for homes and small offices. It has a firewall, quality of service (QoS), 802.11n wireless network, and four Ethernet ports, providing all the functions the home needs for the user to create a secure and high-speed connection. This modem router supports download speeds up to 24 Mbps.

In the following, we will fully describe and review the features of the DSL-124 modem router.


DSL-124 New Version 2022 router-modem comes with a 3-year pendulum warranty and a one-year replacement. To get more information about product warranty conditions, visit the Awang website.

Dual-band router modem with two external antennas

The DSL-124 is a single-band modem router. Single-band modems support frequencies from 2.4 GHz. These routers have a better price than dual-band routers and are suitable for home users and small environments, and there is no need to spend more to buy a dual-band modem.

The DSL-124 has two external antennas. Whether the antennas are external or internal, the antennas in the modem router provide a WiFi connection. More antennas make us experience higher speed. Also, with more antennas, more areas are covered by WiFi. The modem router has two external antennas to meet the needs of home users.

Support for 802.11n, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards

The DSL-124 supports the 802.11n standard. The speed provided by the 802.11n standard is much higher than what can be achieved with 802.11g (up to six times faster than 802.11g). To use it, connect devices with a wireless N interface and enjoy high-speed Internet throughout your home or office. By configuring an external antenna, your wireless devices can benefit from extended wireless coverage.

Of course, this modem router also supports 802.11b and 802.11g standards. In this way, all your existing devices, whether old or new, will be easily and quickly connected to the network and, at the same time, will significantly improve their efficiency.

It has 4 Ethernet ports.

The DSL-124 has four Ethernet ports for connecting PCs and other devices, making the DSL-124 a logical choice for users who want a versatile, high-speed WiFi router. Ethernet ports are used when the user needs to connect to the modem router via a cable.

A cable connection offers you a higher speed and is usually used for gamers or those who need a high-speed connection. Using this router modem, you can connect four computers simultaneously via cable.

Advanced security features

The DSL-124 supports advanced security features. These security features protect your network from unauthorized access or intrusion by hackers. SPI is a feature that monitors active connections and checks to see if incoming data packets match those connections. It then decides whether to allow or deny access to the firewall. These firewalls are immune to stateless firewalls.

This modem router supports Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) for data security and encryption. WPA and WPA2 are WiFi security protocols that secure wireless connections. They keep your data private and protect your communications; In this way, your network will protect you from access by hackers. WPA2 is the best choice, even if it takes more processing power to protect your network.

Quality of service for smooth traffic

Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizes specific devices, services, or applications on a network to use the maximum available capacity and speed. For the quality of service, DSL-124 supports priority queuing. This way, home, and office users will experience the benefits of a fast and smooth network connection without worrying about traffic congestion.

Device settings

To enter the router’s modem settings, connect one end of the LAN cable to one of the yellow ports on the back, then click the other end to the computer or laptop.

Once connected to the device, open your Internet browser and type the address in the address bar, then click Search/enter. If you have configured the router before, a window will pop up asking for a username and password. Usually, the default username and password are admin.