The Full Version Of The Career Interest Meter Test Holland's Personality And Career Aptitude Test

The Full Version Of The Career Interest Meter Test Holland’s Personality And Career Aptitude Test

Holland’s Personality And Job Aptitude Test Is Derived From The Theory Of Choosing A Job Based On A Person’s Personality Types, Which Can Be Used To Identify A Person’s Personality Type, Field, Job, And Profession. 

According to Holland’s theory, people fall into six personality types in this test. And each personality type has unique characteristics; according to that, particular jobs are also suggested.

Holland’s job satisfaction test

John Holland prepared the Holland test in 1958.

This test is based on Holland‘s career decision-making theory, the matching career and personality theory, which has been used by Holland and others for about 50 years and is currently used in schools, universities, organizations, etc.

The Holland job interest meter test is derived from the theory of choosing a job based on a person’s personality type, which can use to identify a person’s personality type, field, employment, and profession. The Holland test is a self-assessment questionnaire that contains 288 items and consists of 4 sections.

According to Holland, people perform best in work environments that match their preferences and interests and are usually successful in things they enjoy doing.

People interact with their living environment, and according to their personality traits, they prefer some jobs that are more suitable for them. Each personality type has unique characteristics, and according to that, particular jobs are also suggested.

Features of Holland’s Personality and Job Aptitude Test

  • In this test, we try to determine the dominance of one personality type over other types.
  • The questions are based on the experience and interest of the people, and based on this, it offers them a field of study and a job and does not consider only the person’s ability.
  • According to the interests, the personality of the person is evaluated.
  • People’s fields of interest are defined in six job categories.
  • It is a simple and practical test that many people can implement. The Holland Job Aptitude Test is used for students to find academic talents and, on the other hand, to determine career interests. 
  • Holland personality and job aptitude test offer you a list of jobs. The jobs you see listed are tailored to various people with similar characteristics. Each person must see their favorite positions in it. The test result confirms that a person is potentially ready to choose these jobs.

Six job aptitudes measured in the Holland test

  1. realist
  2. search engine
  3. artistic
  4. social
  5. daring
  6. Contractual