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Check content click rate

Content click rate is a performance index that is the ratio of users’ clicks on a link to the number of times it is displayed. In other words, the click rate shows the percentage of users who click the call-to-action button and enter the connected link after viewing the advertisement. For example, if an ad is displayed 1,000 times and only clicked 10 times, the content click-through rate is obtained by dividing 10 by 1,000. In this case, the click rate is equal to 0.01. The click rate is calculated and determined to check the reception status of the target community. A high click rate indicates the success of ads; a low click rate is a sign of failure and possible failure. In digital marketing, the click rate of each content (text, video, and audio) is important.

What is CTR? CTR stands for Click Through Rate. CTR is the content click rate that checks the status of online advertising. The click rate is the best tool to measure the effectiveness of advertising products and services in cyberspace. From the click rate, you can find out how attractive it is to the audience. To learn more about the click rate and CTR of the content, stay with us!

How do you calculate content click rate?

We have already described an example for you. To calculate the content click rate, you need to divide “the number of users who clicked on a certain online ad” by “the number of times the ad was seen (Impressions).” The click rate or CTR is expressed as a percentage, so the result should be multiplied by 100 to get the click rate percentage. For example, an ad has been shown 500 times and has only been clicked 100 times by users. One hundred should be divided by 500 to calculate the content click rate. This ratio is equal to 0.2, and it should be multiplied by 100. The product of 0.2 multiplied by 100 is equal to 20. This means that this ad’s click rate equals 20%.

Using tools such as Google Search Console, you can get “the number of users who have clicked on a specific online ad” and “the number of times the ad has been seen (Impressions).” Existing tools do the calculation of click rate or CTR, and there is no need for manual calculation, but learning it is not without grace.

Use of click rate

Checking the content click rate is important in determining the popularity of advertisements among users. Each advertisement is for a specific group of users. For example, advertisements with digital currency content are designed for people who are financially literate. Digital currency advertising is not suitable for people who do not have any financial literacy and are not able to analyze. When creating content, the target community should be considered. The click rate is different for different content topics; as a rule, specialized ads have a low click rate, but general ads have a high click rate, and the reason for this is the wideness of the target community.

The use of content click rate includes the following:

  1. Finding out the tendency of users and audiences to specific areas
  2. Improving the content according to the feedback from the click rate of the content
  3. Accompanying the content requirements of the audience (text, video, and audio)
  4. Finding out the spread of a campaign in the target community

The relationship between content click rate and SEO and website optimization

Improving and improving the click rate of content affects the algorithms of Google search engines and causes Google search engines to give your content a better rank. One of the ways to improve content in terms of SEO is to increase the click rate. The impact of click rate on SEO is determined after Google is updated once because Google’s ranking is every few months. It was mentioned earlier that the click rate or CTR is completely proportional to the specialized content and is relative. The click rate of specialized content is lower than the click rate of general content. For example, a 25% click rate is great for specialized content, but a 50% click rate is acceptable for general content.

Practical techniques to increase the click rate

  1. Publish content that is audience-friendly. One practical technique to increase the content’s click rate is to identify the user’s favorite content. The audience will definitely support audience-friendly content. To produce audience-friendly content, it is recommended to take advantage of the current trends in the world. As a rule, unique and exclusive content is more effective than other content.
  2. Produce attractive content. When placing an order for content production for advertising design, it is better to mention the importance of creativity. One of the practical techniques to increase the content’s click rate is the advertising content’s attractiveness. Attractiveness should be seen in textual, visual, and audio content. Users easily pass by ordinary content and ignore it, but instead, users do not pass by attractive content and spend time reading it.
  3. Benefit from interactive tools. Interactive tools also affect the click rate of the content. The widely used interactive tools include meta descriptions and tags, which affect the subconscious mind of users.
  4. Learn the ranking mechanism of Google search engines. Learning Google search engine algorithms allows you to create unique and effective content. The content produced according to the algorithms of Google search engines has an impact on the website’s ranking. Taking advantage of Google’s algorithms provides the opportunity to increase the CTR of the content.

Methods of improving the click rate of advertising content

  1. Design your advertisements in the form of figures inside articles and textual content. Write strong textual content and advertise your products and services. Combining textual content with advertisements has a great effect on users.
  2. Combine your advertising with learning. The importance of the click rate is the level of attention of users. You should include brief tutorials in your ads so that users are attracted to your ads. It should be boldly said that adding educational elements to advertisements attracts users’ attention and improves the content’s click rate.
  3. Prepare your advertisements with an indirect tone. In the content of advertisements, you should speak indirectly and express your wishes. Direct expression does not always have a positive effect; sometimes, it has a negative effect. One of the ways to improve the click rate of advertising content is indirect expression, which effectively attracts the audience’s attention. Indirect expression is mainly used in social marketing.
  4. Repeat your ads. Repetition of advertisements is effective in increasing the click rate of the content. Linking to other websites and hashtagging in the virtual space provides the basis for the constant repetition of the advertisement.


Available tools calculate content click rate, and you can even analyze it. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can produce valuable content. Good luck!