25 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Developer In 2022

25 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Developer In 2022

Research Shows That 38% Of Website Visitors Leave If They See Unattractive Layout Or Content. That’s Why The Demand For Professional Web Developers Has Increased Since 2022.

However, finding and hiring a professional web developer is not an easy task. A technical web developer is someone who not only writes code but also clearly understands the needs of a project and studies the target audience and product of that company.

One of the biggest problems facing Iranian companies and web developers is the lack of an accurate understanding of everyday tasks.

To be more precise, the company still does not know the main reason for hiring a web developer temporarily or full-time, or the developer does not know what the employer is going to do or what questions to ask.

Unfortunately, articles related to this area are about technical questions, and you will rarely find a piece that raises more critical questions.

In this article, we have compiled a set of questions to help companies and web developers collaborate successfully to experience mutual respect.

Questions to ask yourself

What if you have started a startup and want to create a website from scratch? Are you fully aware of the target audience of your product, the market you are about to enter, your budget, etc.? Working with web developers will make it easier for you if you are an old business owner and want to rebuild your company’s old website.

Before hiring a web developer to build your company or project website, it is essential to know the goals and requirements of your project. If so, do not expect the web developers you want to hire to know the answers to these questions. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get on the right track.

 1. Who is the target audience of your product?

  • Whether you want your products to be modern and refreshing for the current millennial generation or members of large, classic, and stylish corporations, then identify your target audience. When defining your target audience, the people who will use your products, you need to know everything about them, including age, gender, location, occupation, hobbies, and so on. It requires in-depth market research once you know who will be using your product.

 2. Why do you need a website?

  • Just as you introduce your startup to investors, you need to identify the challenge that your website will address—targeting the millennial generation or selling products to people who live far from the store? Having more customers or having all the websites are the wrong answers.

3. Where do you find your customers?

  • Do your customers come to you through personal referrals or advertising? What role will advertising play in your success? Which advertising medium works best? Are you active in social networks? Answering these questions will help you find the primary sources of your customer traffic and steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

 4. How much is your budget?

  • If you have a limited budget and can not afford to pay large sums, do not despair because there is a solution. If you hire a talented freelance web developer, you can have a high-quality and reasonably priced website. The low cost of freelancers does not necessarily mean that they have a mediocre quality of work, but rather that they offer lower prices for various projects. However, please read the feedback you receive from customers and review their portfolios before signing up with freelance developers. Today, some companies outsource projects to reduce the cost of hiring full-time web developers.

5. How much personal time can you devote to the project?

  • You need to trust your web development team, but your involvement in the project is irreplaceable. You can not talk to the development team before the project starts and leave. To have a website that represents your brand in the best possible way, you should regularly check the developers’ templates, models, and prototypes. Regular status meetings and progress reports help prevent any unpleasant surprises. However, it is essential not to over-monitor your team so they can focus better on the project.

Questions for selected web developers

Once you understand why you need a website, it’s time to hire web developers who can fully meet your needs. Here are some questions that, in addition to the usual technical questions, can be helpful during the interview and show the candidates’ soft skills.

1. Describe three recent web development projects you have worked on them. What were the most exciting and challenging parts of these projects?

The answer to this question shows the attitude of the person or agency you will work with about the projects. If the selected person is enthusiastic about web development and happily talks about past projects, you can be sure that this person is right for your team. The answer to this question shows how this person solves problems. For example, you can be a little more specific and ask how they manage interference in a web application when different people edit the same data.

 2. What new technologies and languages ​​have you learned to program recently?

  • Asking about new skills your chosen people have recently acquired can show you whether they are interested in learning and are eager to improve and upgrade their knowledge constantly. In a rapidly evolving world of technology, skills become obsolete every two years. Therefore, it is better to hire web developers interested in learning new technologies, not people who are only familiar with a particular technology and may not be comfortable with the latest technology.

3. What do you think about our current website?

  • If you hire web developers to upgrade or improve your existing website, you can check to see if they have already researched your company or product site. It shows if the volunteer is curious about your project and may have suggestions for improving the website.

 4. What web platforms do you have experience with them? Which one do you like the most and why?

  • There are dozens of web platforms like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc. The answer to this question shows how much the volunteer is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms and why he prefers tools like Magento to Shopify. If they speak confidently and make clear arguments, it is a sign that your website will be in the hands of trusted people.

 5. What is your work schedule?

  • The answer to this question shows how quickly the selected person completes daily tasks and delivers results without affecting quality. You can also ask them how much time they have spent on previous projects and how best to delegate tasks to others. Answers can help you decide if you can count on them to do immediate work and meet deadlines.

 6. What kind of research do you do before building a website?

  • While many web developers start building a website, experts first ensure they can create the right website. Research should begin with defining the target audience, goals, brand identity, etc. In other words, the developer must ask almost the same questions you asked yourself before hiring a web development team. The answer to this question shows the level of professionalism of the selected person.

 7. In what field do you specialize?

  • It is impossible and impossible for a person to be an expert in any field and to be able to create excellent and extraordinary websites for any guild. First, ensure that the developer or agency that will do the development work defines its areas of expertise, For example, e-commerce department stores or one-page corporate websites. It will help you find a developer with deep and extensive knowledge in one or two areas, not someone with moderate expertise in each room.

 8. Is it possible to edit the website? Will I have the code?

  • Intellectual property is always a painful issue, so clarify it first. Does the developer you are considering say the code belongs to the customer? Can their previous customers edit the website without any knowledge of programming? If yes, then you can probably trust this person.

 9. How much do you charge for your services?

  •  We do not recommend hiring developers with the lowest cost, as it will usually backfire and cost you several times as much. A website is an investment, but website development should not be an endless well for your money. A trusted person or agency in web development can determine your costs in advance to ensure you can afford them before starting a project. Another question before hiring a web developer is how should make payments. Is there a fixed fee, or is it calculated hourly?

 10. Do previous clients recommend you?

  • The web developer must provide proven records and work samples from his previous websites before hiring. However, you can inform them, talk to previous customers and get feedback on their work.

11. What techniques do you use to optimize website search engines?

  • Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of actions that ensures that the website appears at least on the first page of search engine results. These techniques depend not only on the website’s content and search-sensitive keywords but also on the technical characteristics of the site. If the web developer is a professional, the answer is that he has included SEO features in his work from the very beginning. After designing a website, please do not go to organizations that offer website optimization for SEO because it can cost you extra.

12. How do you ensure website responsiveness?

  • Responsiveness means the ability of a website to adapt to screens of different sizes, whether a large monitor or a mobile device. If your chosen person or agency knows about responsiveness, they will answer this question without hesitation, so make sure they are familiar with the latest web development trends. It shows that their goal is to ensure the best mobile experience for the website in the future.

 13. Does your service include content marketing and strategy?

  • Exciting and attractive content, design, usability, and loading speed, are inseparable components of any website. Ask if you hire a  web developer if they include content marketing in their service package. Of course, this question only applies if you do not have an in-house content marketing team.

14. Describe the typical web design and development workflow?

  • Workflow plays an essential role in the design and development of a website and can vary between different teams. Each web development team has its internal process that drives projects. You will gain valuable information if you know the team workflow and how it affects your project. It is also essential to know who will be involved in the project and what role each person will play. If you decide to outsource web development, see if you can reach out directly to the developers throughout the project.

15. What do you want from me as a client during the project?

  • Building a website without the participation of the audience is not very profitable. When hiring developers to build a website, there is still work to be done on your part to complete the project. Therefore, you must understand what is required on your part and your company, including providing resources and time commitment. Ideally, the web developer or web development team should work closely with your company and as part of your internal team.

 16. How do you test a website before you start?

  • Make sure your chosen one can test the same display in the browser or Cross Browser in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. They have to do multi-platform testing on the latest versions of iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. In addition, they must follow a checklist of project quality assurance procedures to ensure that each item is covered before launching the website. The ability to do this is a sign of professionalism and reliability.

 17. How do you manage hosting, security, and maintenance?

  • Hosting, security, and maintenance are the essential factors that determine the performance of your website. Many clients want a web development team to host their websites. Knowing what kind of hosting environment this team provides and what steps it takes to prevent security breaches is essential.

18. How many edits can you submit?

  • The ideal answer to this question is: as many as needed. However, some web developers can limit the number of edits. In such cases, you should negotiate this number and adapt it to the needs of your project. For example, you can agree on an unlimited number of minor edits. On the other hand, if the project needs a lot of significant revision, we have to say that you chose the wrong web development partner.

19. How are we going to communicate during the project?

  • If hiring an in-house web developer, you do not need to ask this question. You will provide all the possible tools to ensure smooth and efficient communication. However, this question is essential if you plan to work remotely with a development team. Remote collaboration requires transparent and open communication, so both parties must choose the appropriate remote management tools such as project management software or video conferencing.

20. Do you have experience working with remote customers?

  • Just like the previous question, it should only be asked when you want to hire a freelance web developer. If a person has many years of experience working in the office and this is his first remote project, you should think twice before hiring him. Teleworking is not for everyone, and a lack of face-to-face interaction may impair productivity, even for the most skilled and experienced. The world seems to be accustomed to the concept of telework after the Covid epidemic. However, this does not necessarily mean people have learned how telecommunications works. Share your concerns with the person before you start working with them.

Ultimately the decision is yours.

We hope you now have a clearer idea of the questions you and your potential web development team need to ask before building a website. If you work with developers who make money through outsourcing activities, they certainly have enough experience in this area. Sometimes, they understand the skills of a project manager, which include prioritizing tasks and getting things done on time. If you need to contact the web developer directly, mention this before signing the contract.