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20 Top Sites for Downloading Totally Free Photos

Finding beautiful, high-quality images related to the topic in content production can be very difficult. Sometimes beautiful and attractive pictures are available on various websites for a fee, and sometimes the free photos available on multiple sites are of very poor quality. In this article, we will try to introduce 20 free photo download sites so that you can easily download all kinds of high-quality photos for free.

The Importance of Images in Content Creation

We all know that the presence of images next to the text can increase the readability and attractiveness of the topic. Therefore, it is necessary to use exciting and attractive photos in addition to writing content. Maybe you don’t have the opportunity or the facilities required to take professional photos so that you can make your site or blog more beautiful and attractive with them, so you need to use ready-made photos on other specialized websites.
However, finding quality photos related to the topic is not always easy. Sometimes, finding pictures is very time-consuming and will waste hours of your time. You can download the best and most high-quality images according to your subject for free using the photo download site we introduce below.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the largest free stock photo sites. On this site, designers can share their photos to the public. In addition to the high quality, one of the advantages of this site is the variety of photos in different fields. Therefore, you can easily find the most suitable and best pictures according to your topic. By subscribing to this site, you can access pictures more easily. By clicking on the photos on this site, you can get information such as the type of camera with which the photo was taken or the settings selected when taking the photo.




2. Freepik

Freepik is one of the most reliable sites for downloading stock photos and graphics. On this site, you can find a variety of vectors, stock images, icons, and PSD files on various topics. You can download different types of photos simply by joining this site and clicking on the “Free Download” button. Of course, it should not be said that all the photos on this site are not free and some of them can be used for a fee (by purchasing a monthly premium account).
Many reputable and well-known companies, including Microsoft and NASA, use photos from the Freepik website. One of the advantages of this free photo download site is the search based on color, which can be very useful.


3. Negative Space

Negative Space’s free photo download site provides you with a collection of beautiful and high-quality photos on various topics such as sports, architecture, food, the digital world, fashion, etc. This site publishes new images every week that you can download for free. You can easily find the images you want by searching the site and applying different filters. It can be said that the quality of the photos on this site is better than most photo download sites, so whenever you are looking for high-quality photos on any subject, be sure to visit this site.


4. Pixabay

Pixabay is another site to download beautiful photos for free. On this free photo download site, you can access a large number of stock photos (more than 1.7 million photos), so you can find everything you need on this site. The photos on this website are licensed and it is not illegal for you to use them in any way. The images on this site are of high quality, of course, you can download the photos with the quality you want according to your needs.


5. Dribble

The Dribble site is one of the sites that includes more than 6 million vectors on various topics. You can mostly use vectors for fancy designs, but sometimes you can also use vector images according to the style of your website. In addition to beautiful and pleasant vectors, you can also access animated images (GIFs) on this site.
Of course, it should be noted that the use of photos on this website is copyrighted and it is necessary to mention their source. You can join this site and comment on the photos and also like them. Of course, you can also share your photos.


6. Gratisography

The photos from the Gratisography free photo download site were taken by a creative artist from New York named Mr. Ryan McGuire. The photos of this website are more creative than those of other websites, and the strange and attractive images of this website will definitely attract your attention. The images on this site are of high quality, and you can download them for free without the need to be a member. You can also share your images, but it goes without saying that your images will be published according to certain rules and regulations.


7. ISO Republic

Another site that offers high-quality and attractive photos is ISO Republic. This free photo download site has provided a large variety of different types of photos so that designers, developers, bloggers, marketers, copywriters, as well as teams who are active on social networks or those who produce content, can use the beautiful images of this site. The fact that all the beautiful and attractive photos on this website are free is a bit unexpected. But you can download the images of this site for free according to your needs and use them.

8. Flickr

One of the oldest websites in the field of providing high-quality and free photos is the Flickr site, which is licensed by Yahoo! In this search engine, you can easily find high-quality stock images on various topics and download them. In addition, you can also share your images on this free photo download site. In order to use all the features of this site, you need to become a member or log in through a Yahoo account. Interesting, you can download the images in the quality you want.



9. Pexels

Another free photo download site is Pexels. One of the creations of this site is the selection of the best photos from other free websites. Hence, you will be sure to get the best photos. This site has a powerful search engine that makes it much easier to find the photos you want. The ability to share images is another advantage of this website; the photos on this site have been shared by professional designers around the world.
Downloading the photo with the quality you want is one of the other advantages of the Pexels free photo download site. In addition to copywriters and those who do content production, those who are looking for special photos for their profiles can also benefit from the images on this site.


10. Picjumbo

The free photo download site Picjumbo is one of the best collections on the web, which includes a whole range of high-quality and free photos. The photos on this site are provided for free, but by paying a membership fee, you can access a larger selection of photos.
The photos on this site are copyright-free and you can use the high-quality and beautiful photos on this site with ease. In order to access the original size and quality of the images on this site, you need to click on the green Download Free Photo button located at the bottom of the image.


11. Stocksnap

Among other free and high-quality photo download sites, Stocksnap can be mentioned. The wide variety and attractiveness of the images on this site will keep you occupied for hours. If you are looking for special and unique photos for creating content or advertising, be sure to visit this site. One of the advantages of this site is the presence of the most popular and most visited categories of images. Searching this site to find the images you need is very simple. You can download photos according to your needs with the size you want.


12. Burst

On the Burst free photo download site, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers can access a wide variety of high-quality and excellent photos. The photos on this site are ideal for online businesses. You can easily access the photo package related to your company. You can upload the photos on this site to your Instagram or blog. The different categories of this website make it very easy for you to find images. When downloading pictures from this website, you can choose high or low resolution according to your needs.

13. LibreShot

LibreShot site contains unique and beautiful photos by Martin Vorel, which are very creative and interesting. Due to the fact that this artist has a unique view of the world, examples of his works have been seen in few sites. This artist has provided high-quality and free versions of these photos to all users so that they can use them according to their needs. This artist has presented photos on various topics such as architecture, food, nature, etc. on the LibreShot free photo download site.


14. Life of Pix

Life of Pix is an album of high-quality, high-resolution photos created by a Canadian marketing agency and its photographers, featuring many photographers. This free photo download site publishes new photos weekly. The photos on this site are available for free. If you need unique and beautiful photos to create your content, be sure to visit this site. You can access a wide range of fantastic quality photos. In addition to photos, videos and clips are also provided on this site.


15. Pictography

Another site where you can find quality photos is Pictography. This free photo download site has tried to provide photos in different categories so that you can download the desired photos according to your needs. This site also provides you with high-quality photos for free.

16. Flaticon

If you are one of those people who are looking for icons, be sure to visit the Flaticon site. This site has provided a complete collection of beautiful and layered icons. In any topic you search, you will have access to a set of icons so that you can download the desired icon for free according to your needs. You can download the icons you want both as a pack and individually.


17. Reshot

Reshot, like other free photo download sites that we introduced, is a good source for downloading high-quality photos. The images of this site are provided completely free of charge and you can use the good photos of this website without mentioning the source. This site is very easy to use and you can download the images you want without needing to be a member.


18. Jay Mantri

The famous artist “Mantri” has collected his valuable photo gallery on the Jay Mantri website and made it available to the public. The works of this artist are very professional and high quality. This artist has mostly worked on nature photography, so if you need images of nature scenes in your content production, visit this site.

19. Freestocks

If you are looking for free and high-quality photos on topics such as animals, architecture, fashion and clothing, nature tourism, technology and food, visit the Freestocks free photo download site. You can use search by hashtags to find the photos you want.

20. Freeimages

Freeimages is one of the old sites that provide quality photos that provide you with the images of this site both for free and for money. The images of this free photo download site are updated weekly and you can download new images. Membership in this site makes it easier for you to use the site and interact with designers. By using tags, you can easily find the images you want.



In this article, we tried to introduce the top 20 sites that provide all kinds of high-quality photos so that you can use the free photo download site in addition to the Google search engine to create your own content. Most of these sites are free and do not have copyright. You can prepare a list of the sites you use according to your field of work and use them to create content.