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20 Greatest Animation Companies

There are many animation studios, including VFX and post-production studios worldwide. Be sure to find an animation studio that fits your style and budget among the studios that produce blockbuster movies and videos that require a lot of budget or the smaller non-profit video production companies.

These days, technology is changing and evolving based on unique trends.

Vancouver is one of the places with several animation studios producing high-quality animated films. Animation studios have conveyed meaningful messages to the audience through video storytelling, from the production of blockbuster movies to commercials and corporate videos.

Many companies produce explainer, training, corporate, and other animated storytelling videos for different businesses.

A combination of creative text and story-driven videos will help you connect with your audience on their level and better convey your message clearly and concisely.

There are many reasons why today’s leading animation production companies and organizations are looking to hire a professional video animation company. But creating a video that conveys your brand message the way you want it to is very challenging.


You need an explainer video for your business. But the first step is to know how to use this content effectively.

Today, video marketing is more popular than ever. Animated explainer videos work great because they can turn complex data into understandable visuals.

What should we look for in an animation studio?

Do they have a good portfolio?

Almost all animation studios have an online portfolio. Review a company’s past work to get an idea of the kind of work you can expect from the studio. You can easily judge their potential by looking at the portfolio of an animation company. Some studios focus on specific animation styles such as VFX, 2D cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, stop motion, 3D animation, motion graphics, and composite animation.

Most companies define the complete process of satisfying the customer by providing quality service within a specific timeline.

How is the studio’s production process?

You can compare the production cycle of different animation creators from start to finish to judge the level of expertise of a particular studio. Check if the video animation production company agrees to give you regular updates on your work and is willing to make any necessary changes.


Can they work with your budget?

Each company offers different prices for animations to its customers. Explainer video production costs depend on the nature and length of your animated video. However, it is important to choose a company that offers services that fit your budget.

Do they have the necessary skills?

Some animation studios have specialists who can work on complex ideas and deliver a satisfying video. You can certainly find the right studio among small video production companies and professional and large companies working on a blockbuster movie, which is the most suitable option for the production of your project. Content is king, so even the best animation can’t save your poorly written story. If your animation company can’t write a great video script, get help from a content production specialist. A great video script will give you better results even when the animation is mediocre.

Can they deliver the project on time?

Most animation studios can create a high-quality video within your budget and timeframe. When choosing the right animation video maker, be sure to check reviews and ratings from other customers to see if the studio will deliver your work on time. The best way to find a reliable animation studio is to check the amount of their completed projects.


Choose the best animation studio for your project.

Not every animation studio is ideal for your project. You need to determine if the type of video, budget, and studio availability best suits your needs. Some studios only work with film production companies and million-dollar budgets. You can find smaller studios if all you need is an animated explainer video.

As entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses look for the best promotional video production companies to create explainer videos, they usually choose a studio that has enough experience in creating successful animated videos in their specific field of activity. This way, there will be more chances to make a successful video.

You’d be surprised to know how much effort most top animation studios put into completing all projects on time and without compromising quality. The company starts the process by asking a few questions about the purpose of your animated video.

There are many ways to create an explainer video. An animation studio that is really interested in knowing the content you want to promote in your video will recommend the best format for your animated video.

Types of animated videos usually offered by top animation studios. They are like this:

  • 2D character animation
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Animation
  • 3D animation
  • Live action
  • Stop motion

Regardless of your video’s nature, any animated video’s goal is to bring your brand closer to consumers or teach your audience useful information. Make sure the company you choose focuses on delivering your message through a professional animated video.

What are the characteristics of the best animation studios?

Some of the main features of the top animation studios are as follows:

Presentation of original work

Good animation studios do not copy ideas or steal content from other studios. They are unafraid to try new ideas and always put the customer first. The best part about working with a quality animation studio is that you can check the progress and ensure everything is going as planned and well. Clients can choose the animation style that best suits their needs, budget and audience.

Have an animation portfolio.

An audio or video presentation that demonstrates a company’s work to a potential customer is known as a demo reel. This presentation will give you a true idea of what kind of work an animation studio has done in the past. There are a few things to look for in a demo reel: animation quality, originality of work, image resolution, story writing, scripting, and overall execution of the storytelling.

It is also important to understand the role of the animation studio in each project; Because most studios work collaboratively on projects. However, the top animation studios guarantee that they will show their production and animation work in real-time.

Variety of portfolios

While it’s fine for some animation companies to work in a specific area, the best animation studios have a team that works in every area. Having multiple videos from different industries is a testament to a company’s expertise and determines its success rate.

excellent quality

Animation quality is not the only factor to measure the success of an animation studio. In fact, it is a quality and professional animation that conveys the message better. High-quality studios produce contemporary and innovative designs with good scripts flawlessly.

It’s not just about the visual elements. The voice should be clear and professional. Famous animation studios respect the copyright so that you don’t have to deal with any problems with the soundtrack of your video.

Production of videos that increase views

Again, the real purpose of explainer videos is to increase your traffic and grab your audience’s attention organically. Explainer videos can do a great job of portraying your company culture work values and promoting your products.

Experience and expertise

Not all animation companies can produce quality corporate video content that fits your needs. However good animation video companies work with an experienced team of story writers and animators. Because of this, they deliver professional results that will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Strong communication

Animation studios can’t deliver compelling results when they can’t understand what a company is trying to accomplish with a video. Well-known professional animation studios They have exceptional communication skills to understand what the customer wants.

Discussing and addressing the most critical points in your requested video is essential, and it will require a few corrections in the end.

I am keeping the customer informed in time.

Most of the top animation studios answer all questions quickly so that nothing is left in the dark. Professional studios will always inform you about the progress of the work and apply changes according to your opinion so that nothing will be a challenge.

Providing advertising services

Today’s busy consumers usually look for an animation studio to promote their videos across multiple platforms. Bad promotion of a video, even if it is of high quality, will lead it to obscurity.

That’s why some of the top animation studios also offer video ads.

Multipurpose videos

Top animation studios excel at creating different types of explainer videos. Some types offered by these animation makers are as follows:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos: videos to show production, supply chain and other processes.
  • Customer Videos: Focus on a customer who has been loyal to your company or service. The unique story of the customer is created in these videos.
  • Landing page videos: These videos encourage your visitors to sign up.

The Best Animation companies in the whole world

In this section, we will introduce a list of famous animation studios in Vancouver. Of course, this list is not complete because there are many more studios that you can find yourself online. Each animation studio focuses on a specific area of work, from explainer videos, TV commercials, and feature films to TV series and more.

  • Creamy Animation
  • Animal Logic
  • Arcana Studios
  • Atomhawk
  • Atomic Cartoons
  • Bardel Entertainment
  • Big Bad Boo
  • Bron Studios
  • DHX Media
  • Flying Kraken
  • Giant Ant
  • Global Mechanics
  • Harbor Block Production
  • Kickstart Productions
  • MiMo Films
  • Modeling Café
  • Nitrogen Studios
  • Ocean Productions
  • EH-Okay Entertainment
  • Rainmaker Entertainment


There are several factors that define a good animation studio. Expertise, experience, communication skills, history of worked projects and quality of work are important factors that are considered in evaluating a company’s success rate. But these 20 companies excel in all these factors:

1- Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the largest animation studios in Vancouver. The company’s creative team has been producing quality animation projects for the past eight years.

2- Animal Logic


Animal Logic is based in Vancouver as one of the world’s leading independent animation studios. The company has been producing award-winning designs, animation and visual effects for over two decades.

3- Arcana Studios


This is a famous Canadian entertainment company. Since its inception in 2004, it has produced notable works including The Clockwork Girl and Kagagi: The Raven and Pixies.

4- Atomhawk


Atomhawk has a highly creative team of expert game developers and product designers. This company has been operating since 2009.

5- Atomic Cartoons


This award-winning studio offers comprehensive animation services and is located in Vancouver’s bustling animation district. The studio is adept at creating several styles of animation and is globally recognized for the quality of its work.

6- Bardel Entertainment


Bardell continues to be a leader in providing animation services. The company has a great reputation and has been in the business for over three decades.

7- Big Bad Boo


It is the leading animation studio company in Canada. This company, which has won various awards, has produced wonderful 2D animations. The programs of this studio are implemented in

more than 120 countries.

8- Bron Studios


This media company focuses on producing quality content for digital media. This studio has offices in New York and Los Angeles and has collaborated with famous filmmakers in numerous projects.

9-DHX Media


DHX Media operates as a global company committed to creating quality children’s content. With popular projects such as Teletubbies, Peanuts and Strawberry Shortcake in its portfolio, this company owns the largest independent library of children’s content in the world.

10- Flying Kraken

This studio is known for producing high-quality and original animation and other content. The company was praised by industry veterans in 2011.

11- Giant Ant


Giant Ant is an animation and motion graphics company and one of the best animation studios in Vancouver, known for its storytelling and motion graphics videos. The company specializes in writing, producing, and delivering some of the biggest, straight-forward stories in the industry.

12- Global Mechanic


Founded in 2000, the studio has produced hundreds of hours of critically acclaimed content for advertising, film and digital media, and has been nominated for an Emmy and an Academy Award.

13- Harbor Block Production


This film, television and new media support company has been in the business for over three decades. The company has a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who produce nothing but quality work.

14- Kickstart Productions


This film production company was established in 1998. Since then, the company has grown into a well-known animation production studio in Vancouver. The company also has offices in China and Hong Kong.

15- MiMo Films


This studio is committed to producing a new generation of digital entertainment. This company, which has been praised by critics, has won several awards.

16- Modeling Café


This company has produced various modeling projects regardless of the genre and style of the show. The studio is known for its original concept design process and professional animation services.

17- Nitrogen Studios


This animation studio was founded by husband and wife Greg Tiernan and Nicole Stein. In 2017, Cinesite Studio acquired this company.

18- Ocean Productions


This film studio is a part of Ocean Group companies. This company has been developing, producing various global projects and joint production.

19- EH-Okay Entertainment


This creative entertainment company offers highly professional services and supports all stages of production from script to filming.

20- Rainmaker Entertainment

This entertainment studio is known for its multifaceted projects. Online Animation Studio is dedicated to producing exceptional content and has a team of highly talented professionals.