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10 Content Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone

Content marketing apps can be a useful feature for internet marketers today. Below is a list of 10 essential content marketing programs for your smartphone to help increase productivity as you go about your business.

Content Marketer

As a content marketer, it is always important to move forward. The best content marketing campaigns are based on amazing ideas, which can be achieved through teamwork. Amazing ideas come from being inspired by new thinking, collaborating with others, and searching for hot topics in your industry and related industries.

Successful content marketing campaign

The fact that a successful content marketing campaign is based on great ideas almost shows that you need to be ready to work anywhere, anytime. No one can predict when the moment of inspiration will come. If you are not ready to use mobile as a content marketer, you are likely to face a major obstacle to the success of your campaigns.

Introducing several content marketing programs for smartphones

If you are also looking for a content marketing program for your smartphone, it is recommended that you consider the following:

1. Pocket

You can from the App Store | Download it on Google Play.

If you work in content marketing, you have a good chance that you will never stop looking for inspiration for the next big idea in the form of content. It is a content format that can be useful for setting up your social feed programs or perhaps discovering a new impact that you can use in your next campaign ads.

Good content

However, often the problem is that you discovered this good content by accident. Someone may have shared something on social media or encountered a “hot topic” on LinkedIn while browsing.

If you find yourself in this situation repeatedly, You must download Pocket. Its very simple line of action is: “When you find something you want to check out later, put it in your pocket.”

You can use it for the following: Prepare a drop-down file for content that you will return to later.

2. Quora

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play

You are behind if you are a content marketer and do not use Quora. This option is one of the top types of content marketing programs. Quora is a place to acquire and share knowledge and is a goldmine for inspiration for the next blog post, infographic, or social discussion. You can use it for the following:

Get to know the hot topics that the community is talking about.

Identify trends in topics of discussion.

Discover the questions that arise.

Can your next content help solve a frequently asked question? Quora can help you identify these questions. After production, it also gives you a platform to promote your content in related categories. Use it to: Gain insights on “hot topics” in your industry and inspiration for your next content.

3. Reddit

It’s from the App Store | Download Google Play.

You may have been familiar with Reddit, but are you using it as part of your content marketing campaign? It is a great content marketing program. For many marketers, Reddit plays two vital roles.

Great content and discussion

It is a great source of inspiration for new topics and research. Do you have any hot questions that you would like answered for using the data as part of your infographic or campaign? As long as there is an active subreddit, the Reddit community can help.

Do you follow content that follows the great content and discussions in an industry? Reddit can probably help you with this. This app can be a great place to promote your final content. Post your link on a subreddit. You will most likely receive great feedback from the community. You can also get referral traffic this way!

4. Evernote

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play.

Evernote is another type of content marketing program. It is great for travel notes because it can be easily synced across multiple devices. With this, you can make sure that you can have your information on your phone and your desktop.

In addition, Evernote is active when you’re offline and syncs with other devices as soon as you access the Internet. You can do more than insert textual content as a note in Evernote.

Steps of idea generation

You can save and sync links, checklists, tables, pictures, and even audio. Collaborating with others will also be easier than ever through a simple sharing function. As a content marketer, this software is a simple solution for keeping notes in an easily accessible place where you can go from anywhere. Work on a device.

Evernote is not intended as a tool for writing your next post. It is where the idea generation and development process can begin.

You can use it to create and share content on multiple devices and share with other partners.

5. Slack

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play.

Content marketing is a cohesive collaboration with others. There are several ways to connect with the team and other content creators (authors, designers, developers, or customers). A place that allows you to chat individually as well as in groups.

Slack on the phone

Download Slack to your phone to stay in touch with other people involved in the content production process. You can set alerts and be notified whenever someone sends you a message. This content marketing program speeds up communication and makes things easier.

Use it to Collaborate as a content team and increase productivity.

6. Grammarly keyboard

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play.

Have you ever had to collect a blog post at the last minute or submit that very important concept paper away from your desk? In cases where you need an instant copy to write while you do not have your laptop or desktop, your only choice is usually to use the phone. Anyone who has ever needed this knows how the best writers make many writing and spelling mistakes this way.


Because it is very difficult to use mobile keyboards!

If you have ever made embarrassing mistakes while typing on your phone, you should download the Grammarly Keyboard. This simple but useful add-on lets you write, view, and correct mistakes safely. Use it to avoid embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes when writing on your phone.

7. CoSchedule

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play.

CoSchedule is marketed as the “Marketing Calendar No. 1”. Those who use it on the desktop will be happy to know that the app is also available on mobile devices. On the other hand, those not currently using it should check it out! They see this tool as a solution to “eliminate endless email issues, interrupted workflows, etc.”

In short, CoSchedule allows teams to collaborate on content and social media campaigns better. A key feature of calendar content marketing is that it allows you to plan campaigns and see the future.

Use it to: Manage your content calendar during activity.

8. Boomerang Mail App

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play

It is the case for content marketers who are actively involved in the content advertising process, especially those who work remotely or with people in different time zones. The boomerang of the Gmail app, which many are probably familiar with, is a great way to schedule emails to be sent at a specific time. This content marketing program has many applications today. Another important feature is that you can see who has opened your emails.

Download the app on Apple or Android devices. You will quickly see that access to the mobile phone becomes a little easier.

9. WordPress

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play

How can we compile a set of content marketing programs without mentioning WordPress? It probably does not need to be introduced, but WordPress Blog Management (or offers very simple programs to log in to this system via mobile. Whether you are writing a post, editing, or editing, you can do all this through the app installed on your mobile when you need it most. This app is also active for editing comments.

Use it to manage WordPress pages, posts, and edit comments on your phone.

10. Trello

You can get it from the App Store | Download Google Play.

Trello is one of the most popular (simple) project management tools. Thousands of content teams worldwide use it to manage their workflow and transfer content from ideation to proofreading and publishing. If you are responsible for overseeing content production for a team and are currently using Trello as a tool, You need to download the mobile version. This program allows you to easily and quickly monitor your progress when away from your desk. If combined with Slack (integration is excellent), you have complete control over everything.

Use it to Manage the content team over your phone.


There are many other great content marketing programs that you can use. However, these ten content marketing programs are among the most useful. Using a smartphone as part of your workflow can help you stay productive even outside the office.