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Today, Many Phones Have A Protective Layer Of Gorilla Glass , But Even If You Get The Most Expensive Phones, They Can Still Get Scratches And Break The Screen Or Even The Back Frame .

What Are The Facts Of Gorilla Glass? What Is The Difference Between Different Versions Of Gorilla Glass?

Today, Many Phones Have A Protective Layer Of Gorilla GlassBut Even If You Get The Most Expensive Phones, They Can Still Get Scratches And Break The Screen Or Even The Back Frame.

In the following, we will tell you some facts about screen protectors that can save you from the backbreaking cost of replacing your phone’s screen.

Gorilla glass is very light and thin despite its excellent resistance. Gorilla Glass is used in smartphones and manufacturing durable glasses, ophthalmic devices, and automobiles.

These glasses are manufactured by the Corning company, which we have discussed in the following facts.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a tempered Glass whose strength has been strengthened through a unique chemical process. In general, heat-treated glasses gain higher strength through heat treatment and pressure.

What is Gorilla Glass?

The outer surface of heat-treated Glass has a thin layer that is much more robust than its inner parts. At the same time, high pressure and temperature cause the microscopic holes of the inner layer to be filled, and this helps to increase its strength. However, the thin outer layer plays the leading role in increasing the power of the Glass.

The more the Glass is exposed to heat and high pressure, the stronger it becomes.

What sets Gorilla Glass apart from regular tempered Glass is Corning’s proprietary process. Instead of conventional heating, Corning puts the Glass in a bath of molten potassium salt and undergoes exclusive processes.

By doing this, while the Glass sees heat, ion exchange strengthens it. More precisely, the bath of molten potassium salt causes the sodium ions in the Glass to give way to larger potassium ions, ultimately increasing the Glass’s strength.

Gorilla Glass facts

This process makes the Glass more resistant to impact, pressure, and scratches, making it ideal for protective Glass using one screen.

Getting to know Gorilla Glass and different versions of this mobile phone protector

Gorilla Glass protective glasses have different generations, such as Gorilla Glass 3, Gorilla Glass 4, Gorilla Glass 5, Gorilla Glass 6, Gorilla Glass Victus (Gorilla Glass 7), Gorilla Glass Victus Plus, and Gorilla Glass Victus 2. The manufacturer of Gorilla Glass claims that the new generations are always better than the previous generations. However, there is a less heard fact.

Although the strength of the new generation Gorilla Glass is higher, their scratch resistance is less or similar to the older generations. Returning to the process of making resistant Glass is better for understanding this issue.

Gorilla Glass Victus Plus

The stronger your phone’s Glass is, the easier it is to scratch.

As the Glass is subjected to higher heat and pressure, its strength against breaking increases, but at the same time, its resistance against scratches decreases.

This is precisely what caused even the Gorilla Glass 5 to get scratched. Also, despite its high strength, the easy scratch removal of the ceramic screen of iPhone 12 phones is due to this fact.

The difference between Gorilla Glass 6 and 7

In the following, we introduce and compare the most important generations of Gorilla Glass and their differences.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2

At this time, the Gorilla Galaxy Victus 2 is the latest and greatest generation of this technology found in the newest flagship phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. The critical improvement of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 compared to the previous generation is related to the increased resistance to impact and falling from a height.

Comparison of generations of gorillas and their differences

Corning claims that the Victus 2 has survived drops of up to one meter on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete in tests.

Despite Corning’s claims of good scratch resistance, users have reported that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 scratches easily, attributing it to the soft layer used in the Glass to prevent it from chipping.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

The first-generation Gorilla Glass Victus was introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in 2020, and Corning claimed it was twice as resistant to drops and scratches as Gorilla Glass 6. To better understand the resistance of this new Glass, it is enough to pay attention to the following list, the resistance of each generation is based on the unit of measurement of megapascals per square meter, and the higher it is, the better it is:

  • Gorilla Glass 2 – 0.68

  • Gorilla Glass 3 – 0.66

  • Gorilla Glass 5 – 0.69

  • Gorilla Glass 6 – 0.70

  • Gorilla Glass Weight – 0.76

  • Gorilla Glass Diet 2 – 0.82

As you can see, the 1st generation Victus is not much different in hardness from the 6th generation Gorilla Glass. However, Corning claims it has twice the resistance to drops and scratches. Despite the various hype, the difference between the Gorilla Glass 6 and the V is minimal. In addition, the difference between Gorilla Glass 5 and 6 is slight and can be ignored.

Gorilla Glass DX and +DX

After the 6th generation of Gorilla Glass, Corning introduced two new protective glasses called Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX+ for the phone camera lens. Corning claims that Gorilla Glass DX is similar to Gorilla Glass in scratch resistance but has better anti-reflective properties.

Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass DX

Gorilla Glass +DX is more resistant to scratches in addition to its anti-reflective properties. Of course, Gorilla Glass DX is not limited to mobile phones and is also used as a screen protector in smartwatches.

Other generations

Compared to generation 5, Gorilla Glass 6 has better resistance to falling from a height and impact tolerance. However, it is similar to Gorilla Glass 5 in terms of toughness.

Other generations before Gorilla Glass 3 were obsolete and rarely produced or used. Gorilla Glass 5 is mainly found in mid-range products, and Gorilla Glass 3 in budget products.

What is the difference between Gorilla Glass 5 and Gorilla Glass 3?

Regarding Gorilla Glass facts, although Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 5 has better or similar scratch resistance as Gorilla Glass 3, some studies show that Gorilla Glass 3 is generally less scratched than Gorilla Glass 5. So even though Gorilla Glass 5 is more resistant to breaking and shattering than Gorilla Glass 3, it is also more scratchable.

Also, Gorilla Glass 3 can protect the phone from scratches up to 35%; in contrast to the fifth generation, it is designed so that if the phone is dropped from a height of one meter, it will not be damaged.

Why is it essential to scratch Gorilla Glass?

As mentioned earlier, the most critical layer of Gorilla Glass is located in its outermost part. The problem is that deep scratches can lower the strength of the Glass and make the phone more prone to breakage from drops or impacts.

The difference between Gorilla Glass 5 and 6

Therefore, if your phone’s Gorilla Glass screen is deeply scratched, it is less resistant to falling from a height and impact. Interestingly, many YouTubers who try to drop the phone from a height are unaware of this fact, and before doing the drop test, they hit the screen with sharp objects.

Disadvantages and weaknesses of Gorilla Glass

Ordinary glasses may break into pieces, or some may collapse when hit. But the reinforced structure of Gorilla Glass makes the pressure and shock to a great extent distributed over its entire surface. This feature of Gorilla Glass causes the damage to be spread over a larger area, and the areas adjacent to the impact site or even the Glass as a whole will be crushed.

Gorilla glass victus

Also, heat-treated Glass gets crushed when damaged, and unlike ordinary Glass, there is no news of it breaking into several pieces, so they are more damaged.

Another essential thing about Gorilla Glass is that the edges are more vulnerable, which can cause the impact to spread to other parts of the screen. Therefore, its advantages should be protected more.

History of Gorilla Glass

The easiest way to protect the edges of Gorilla Glass is to use covers or frames that protect the edges of the screen and prevent the bites from being hit.

Summary and answers to frequently asked questions

In this article, we discussed the history of Gorilla Glass and said that it doesn’t matter if you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra or a mid-range phone; their screen can still get scratched. Worse, deep scratches reduce the strength of the Gorilla Glass screen and make it more vulnerable to drops and shocks. Therefore, it is better to be more careful when removing scratches from the screen.

Gorillaz facts

Because the cost of replacing the phone screen is prohibitive and, at the same time, the original screen is rarely found, it is better to take more care of your phone screen.

The easiest way is to use a frame or covers that also protect the edges of the screen.

Also, hard glasses can be a good idea. Glass prevents the screen from scratching and reduces strength.

However, it would be best to use high-quality glasses in addition to Gorilla Glass, and not every Galaxy will necessarily protect your phone’s screen. Many drinks do not have good resistance and break even with a slight impact. This is where some people mistakenly think that the Glass will prevent them from breaking their phone screen and try to replace the Glass.

Screen protector

It is also strongly recommended to pay attention to scratches on the Gorilla Glass screen when buying a used or second-hand phone. Buying phones whose screens have deep scratches is not recommended at all. Be careful when buying used phones; remove their Glass to check the net for blemishes, and you should not be satisfied with the seller’s statements.

What phones have Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is an important feature to consider before buying a phone. To find out which phones have Gorilla Glass, you can refer to the information published by the phone manufacturer.

How to know if our phone has Gorilla Glass? And how much is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a protective cover for the screen and body of the phone produced by Corning. This coating is made through a unique process. To determine if your phone is equipped with  Gorilla Glass, visit your manufacturer’s website.

What is the difference between Gorilla Glass 5 and Gorilla Glass 3?

Although Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 5 is better or similar to Gorilla Glass 3 in terms of scratch resistance, some reviews show that Gorilla Glass 3 is generally less scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass 5. So even though Gorilla Glass 5 is more resistant to breaking and shattering than Gorilla Glass 3, it is also more scratchable.