The secrets of the eyes; 30 unique images of animal eyes

The secrets of the eyes; 30 unique images of animal eyes

Soren Manulian Is A Photographer From Armenia Who Has Recorded The Eyes Of Humans And Animals In His Projects. These Pictures Are Very Beautiful And Worthy Of Attention.

Few people get the opportunity to photograph animals such as hippos, hyenas, or crocodiles. Still, Soren Manoukian, an Armenian photographer, has been able to get close enough to capture clear and detailed images of these animals’ eyes from a close-up view.

Some of these images are so mysterious and unknown that they seem to have been recorded from distant and undiscovered planets or even resemble a portal to other dimensions of the world.

All these images prove that the eye is the window of the soul. By watching and analyzing these images, you can experience profound emotions similar to discovering hidden secrets.

By uploading a photo of an animal’s eye on his Instagram and Facebook page, Manolian asks his audience. This game is very challenging; Because if you have never seen a picture of an animal’s eye before, it is almost impossible to guess the animal’s name.

We also ask you, suitable viewers of us, to try to guess which animal the photo is about without seeing the photo’s title and express the number of correct guesses in the comments.

Alaskan malamute


Manoukian says:

After I finished photographing the eyes of humans, I thought of photographing the eyes of animals. During the first project, I gained the necessary skills and experience to photograph sights in various situations.

Magnolia photographed animals wherever he came across them, from his backyard to zoos and city aquariums.


The eye of a husky dog/ Soran Manoliyan

The eyes of animals that live in water are entirely separate from those of species that live on land. The look of each animal is the result of its adaptation to different conditions; For this reason, eyes are very diverse. This diversity and differences make viewing these images interesting for the viewer.


Eye of Lama / Soran Manoliyan

It isn’t easy to approach animals at a very short distance. To get to know a llama, Manolian stayed in the cage with him for about an hour to gain the llama’s trust and allow the llama to take a photo of him at a distance needed to capture the image.

Magnolia emphasizes that all the animals were alive and healthy during the photography, and no harm was done to them. He does not reveal the technical side of his photos; Because he has spent a lot of time and effort arranging this particular collection. Manoukian says the most exciting thing is that almost all people have the same eye structure; No human’s age, skin color, and race make a difference.

long-eared owl

The eye of a long-eared owl / Soran Manoliyan


Horse eye / Soran Manoliyan

Nile crocodile

The Eye of the Nile Crocodile / Soran Manoulian

Toka gecko

Toka's gecko eyes / Soran Manolian

Fish on rocky shores

Eye of the fish of Sanglakh beaches / Soran Manoulian

Blue-yellow macaw parrot

Blue-yellow macaw parrot's eye / Soran Manoulian

sea ​​urchin

The eye of the sea urchin/ Soran Manoulian


Camel's Eye/ Soran Manoliyan


The eye of the hippopotamus/ Soran Manoliyan

ray fish

Eye of a ray fish / Soran Manolian


Eye of Derna/Soran Manoliyan


Chinchilla Eye/ Soran Manoliyan


Chimpanzee Eye/ Soran Manoliyan

Anolis lizard

The eye of the Anolis lizard / Soran Manolian

Gecko Eublofaris

The eye of the Yublofaris gecko / Soran Manoulian


Cat's Eye / Soran Manolian

black rabbit

The eyes of the black rabbit / Soran Manoliyan

Funk fox

Eye of the Fox Fenk/ Soran Manoliyan

Blue spiny crab

The eye of the blue spiny crab / Soran Manoulian

Discus fish

Discus fish eye/ Soran Manoulian

husky dog

Husky eyes/ Soran Manoliyan

Armenian wild sheep

The eyes of the Armenian wild sheep / Soran Manoliyan

Coral zebrafish

The eye of the coral zebrafish/Soran Manoulian


Python's Eye / Soran Manoliyan

Take Python

Eye of the Python Tiger / Soran Manoliyan

Siamese cat

Siamese cat's eyes/ Soran Manoulian

Father David’s deer

Father David's Deer Eye / Soran Manoliyan

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