It Is Possible To Pin Three Posts On Your Instagram Profile

Instagram Says Users Can Now Pin Up To Three Posts Or Reels To Their Profile. This Feature Had Already Been Piloted And Was Widely Released Last Night.

The latest version of Instagram, released last night, allows you to pin up to three posts and Reel to the top of your profile. Like the posts posted on TickTock and Twitter, the posted posts on Instagram are displayed at the top of the mailing list as if they had just been published.

Screenshot Ability to pin posts on Instagram

In the new version of Instagram, you can access the ability to pin through the menu of posts and Reels. After tapping the point menu, you will see the Pin to Your Profile option.

After selecting this option, you will see the pinned post in the upper left if you return to your profile. A white pin icon also appears in the corner of the post. If you decide to pin a new rod or Reel, the previously pinned posts or Reels will be moved to the right.

According to the Verge, the ability to pin Instagram posts has been under development since this year.

A whistleblower named Alessandro Palotzi noticed the development of this feature by Instagram in early 2022. Last month, Instagram made the ability to pin posts available to a limited number of people on a trial basis.