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Is it cheaper to buy a ready-made site?

You can own an internet business in the fastest time. Buying a cheap, ready-made website is the best way to have an online store. This is the case that you normally have to spend a lot of time and money to have an online store. With the help of this solution, there is no need to buy a site for online sales or other uses. To achieve this, you don’t need to order a complete website to be designed and pay a separate fee for each part. But our main question is, is it cheap to buy a ready-made site? Let’s go a little more closely.

Is the ready site cheaper?

Setting up and running a full store site requires much knowledge and experience. Apart from these cases, there are important and sensitive points, which are sometimes seen in website design companies or people who provide these services, who do not have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the issue, or in exchange for doing them as services, they charge a fee. They receive a lot.

In most cases, not following these points causes online stores not to have sufficient and expected sales. So what can be the solution? If you don’t have enough knowledge in this field, the best option now is to buy a cheap, ready-made site.

Reasons for buying a ready-made store site

  • All the points considered and required by a website are observed by default, which prevents technical and functional defects in the short term.
  • There is no defect in the functioning of WordPress and ready-made sites due to the continuous updates of the operating systems. But it would help if you kept in mind that disturbances are inevitable in cybernetics discussions.
  • All the essential features are already included, and there is no need to update or pay more to add them.
  • The most important and prominent reason you can use a ready-made site is the low cost and saving time. Buying a ready-made site is cheap.

So this way, you can have a website with the least budget and time. But it would help if you kept in mind that one of the disadvantages of these sites is their very low security. But its great advantage is that you can get ready to own a store website quickly and at the lowest price. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the advantages and capabilities of ready-made sites, we will discuss how to purchase and launch pre-made and ready-made sites.

How to have a ready site?

For this purpose, you should contact the person or company that produces the ready-made site and choose among the ready-made sites according to your taste. Now here, the strategy of parent companies is different. Sometimes they sign a contract with you every month, and sometimes they give you the full IP.

After taking over the site, you can immediately start adding content, SEO optimization, and selling your products or content! It is interesting to know that according to the tariff of different companies, the site’s purchase price starts from 40 thousand tomans and finally reaches 6 million. But in other words, to rent a site, the prices are a contract and an agreement, both of which are much cheaper than a personally designed site, and finally, buying a ready-made site is cheaper.

No discount is without reason.

Buying a ready-made site is cheaper, but it is cheaper due to its fewer features. However, we must mention that these sites do not have some of the features of dedicated sites, or some updates are unavailable compared to designed sites. They are generally slower and do not have adequate support. A few more questions remain to be answered.

Is it difficult to edit ready-to-use sites?

It is very simple to buy cheap, ready-made sites and even free startup sites. Especially now that some of this software is made by Iranian teams and support the Persian language. But perhaps the main problem is the scope of ready-made editing sites, which depends on the company’s software and the language supported by your site.

Do we need programming knowledge to manage and set up and buy a cheap, ready-made website?

The corporate teams already do the programming and complex coding, and after the site is delivered, there is no need for programming and modding unless it suffers from technical bugs. This issue is less common for ready-made sites, but editing may be required, which also depends on the script language of the site. In some languages, editing and applying changes are done by pressing a few buttons and clicking.

Consumption cost and how to buy hosting and domain

This issue depends on the parent company’s strategy, and you should pay attention to this issue at the beginning of the purchase. Some companies provide it to you for free, and at this time, you should ask them about the host configuration because it greatly impacts the site’s performance. The host is also sold to you in the second case, so your hand is more open, and you can choose.

Does site management require hiring another person and additional costs?

If you are a busy person and you are busy collecting and compiling the content needed for the site, you don’t need another person anymore. But both parent companies and website support service providers do this for you; In this case, you have to pay the related fee, but surely the work will be more professional.

Final question and conclusion

Is it cheaper to buy a ready-made site? In the shortest answer, it should be mentioned that it depends on you and your internet business. But if we want to check in detail, according to what we mentioned above, buying a ready-made site without any SEO services or support is certainly cheaper.

Although it depends on the design company and the tariffs of this company, in the later stages, the prices for designed and ready sites are almost in the same range. Site support and content creation have nothing to do with personalization or site readiness. Still, SEO and site optimization depends on the site’s programming and technical issues, and there is a price difference due to differences.

Before choosing, you should also check and consider the tariffs of optimization and SEO companies. But according to our reviews, with a thumb calculation, you will find that buying a ready-made site is cheaper than ordering it. But you should remember that the more you pay, the more you eat!