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Adobe Audition

Introducing Adobe Audition and its features

Adobe Audition was released on August 18, 2003, as a Digital Audio Workstation software by Adobe. This software, which is for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is different from all other audio file editing software or other DAW software.

While other software, focusing on musical instruments, performs the user’s desired operations on audio files, Adobe Audition software provides users with different and unique tools. In this way, users can easily and professionally convert their audio files into ideal podcasts. For example, make different audio recordings on their audio files and get different outputs.

There are many features in Adobe Audition software available to users. We will mention some of the most important and different ones in the following. We will explain the features, advantages, or maybe even the disadvantages and limitations of this software.

Features of Adobe Audition software

Adobe Audition software has many features and characteristics. Here are some of the most important ones:

Noise Removal

With this feature, Audition background noise and noises, as well as the ambient sound in which the speaker has recorded his voice, can be removed. Noise removal operates for removing background sounds without damaging the voice of the main speaker.

Sound amplifier

This feature allows users to make the sound recorded in the audio file louder and clearer. In this way, if sometimes there are no standard conditions for recording sound. Including being in the studio, people can use this feature of the Adobe Audition program. Amplify the sound recorded in a non-standard environment and turn it into a clear and transparent sound.

Sound step settings

Using this feature in Adobe Audition software, people can change the pitch of the recorded sound and move it in different octaves in the following spectrums. This feature is very useful for users in providing the following:

  • Necessary narration for animation
  • Podcasts that require the voice of a child, male or female, but do not have a suitable speaker
  • Audio files that require speakers of different ages and personalities, but depending on the circumstances, do not have access to a suitable true speaker, and the like.

Existence of default effects

A library is full of sound effects created by Adobe, which is available by default in Adobe Audition software. It is available to users who can always download more and newer items from the Internet and add them to this library.

Ability to integrate and work with Adobe Premiere software

Adobe Audition software, along with Adobe Premiere software, creates a complete and powerful set. The combined use of which can be a unique and highly professional achievement for users of Adobe software.

Adobe Audition CC or CS?

This software is currently a member of the Creative Cloud suite and therefore has a CC extension. Membership of this software in the Creative Cloud software package of Adobe company, allows users to prepare and download it as a package of different CC member software or as single software.

Also, due to the CC nature of Adobe Audition software, users can use the facilities and services available in the CC suite. Services such as purchasing and downloading new and updated sound effects from the Adobe online store and the like.

Adobe Audition software workspace

Adobe Audition software has a professional yet simple workspace. In the main window of this software, the audio files that the user is working on area sound waves or in the common term Sound’s Wave.

The user has two options to lock the sound to prevent changes on it and release the sound to make changes in the abdomen. In the sidebars, the set of tools that the user needs while working on the file or audio files is available to him.

Like all programs produced by Adobe, Adobe Audition software has the ability for the user to change the workspace according to their tastes and needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Audition software

Another feature of Adobe Edition is the ability to work on multiple audio files in groups and apply the same changes to all of them simultaneously. Adobe Edition can record audio for situations where you do not want to record audio by software and other devices.

In terms of disadvantages, so far no special restrictions or requirements that are not addressed by Adobe Edition have not been posted by users of this software in cyberspace. Although some specific audio formats are not supported by this software. The simple solution to enter these formats into the program and fix this problem, convert the desired file format by format converter software or sites active in this field. Is. Of course, if you want to output your project in these specific formats, you can say that you have encountered a limitation in Adobe Audition.