Best Video Calling Apps 2022

In This Article, We Have Gone To The Best Video Call Programs And Introduced 10 Examples Of The Best Video Call Applications.

Thanks to the day-by-day improvement of Internet speed, technological advancement, and the use of selfie cameras, video calls have found a better and new format. Today, you can easily make a video call with anyone.

Currently, video calls with smartphones are more popular than with webcams and other devices. In this article, we will go over the best video-calling apps.

1. Zoom application

During the corona pandemic, the Zoom application became more popular and became more popular. This program allows its users to make high-quality video calls. Due to the official framework, almost the whole world uses this application to establish video meetings with their colleagues, which is one of the essential tools for remote work coordination.

This application has two versions, free and premium. One of the limitations of the free version is that it is limited to three users in a video call simultaneously, and to join more users in the video call, you must use the premium version.

Another limitation of the free Zoom version is the time limit of 40 minutes per call, But by purchasing the premium version for $15, you can remove all these limitations. This application is available for all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and Ios.

The best Zoom video calling apps

2. Skype application

You must have heard the name Skype by now. One of the best applications of Microsoft is considered one of the main options for business or friendly video calls. This application has two versions, free and premium, But the free version also meets the needs of its users. Skype can accommodate up to 50 people in each video call. If you like to hold a friendly online session or an important business meeting with many people, you can safely count on the decent quality of the calls and their quality.

Skype allows you to make international calls without any problems; Of course, many people take this more seriously by buying a dedicated Skype number and business plan.

The best Skype video calling apps

3. WhatsApp application

WhatsApp has the most significant number of users worldwide. Since it is considered one of the most popular messengers in Iran, many of you may be aware of its video-calling feature. The video call was added to WhatsApp features a few months after the voice call, which is good quality.

WhatsApp can also hold a video conference with the presence of several users at the same time; But like Skype or Zoom, it cannot provide more features for business meetings to its users; For this reason, they use this software for friendly calls or online discussions.

WhatsApp uses Facebook’s servers for video calls, and you can usually get good quality in Iran with good internet speed. Despite this, WhatsApp in Iran still does not reach its competitor, i.e., Skype, in the impressive quality of video calls. Of course, WhatsApp has a more straightforward and user-friendly interface than other messengers.

The best WhatsApp video calling apps

4. Telegram application

Not long ago, Telegram added its video calling feature to this application. Telegram also has many users in Iran, and due to its many features, it has proven to be a worthy host for users looking for complete messaging. Even with the voice call feature, there was still a lack of video calls in Telegram, which fortunately was added to this messenger recently.

The video call quality of this messenger is satisfactory, like its voice calls, and the image and sound are transmitted well and with appropriate resolution. If you didn’t know about the new feature of Telegram until Today, go to the page of the desired contact and touch the video call icon to make the call quickly. Telegram video call has a picture-to-picture mode, through which you can do other things on your mobile phone while driving a video call.

The best Telegram video calling apps

5. Discord app

If you are a gamer, you must have heard of or worked with Discord. Due to the compatibility and coordination of this application with streaming programs, Discord offers its users the ability to create video calls, and many users use this platform to play with friends and have video interaction.

Discord also has powerful servers that can provide satisfactory quality and resolution to its users. Conflict can also be suitable for calls or business meetings, but its additional features in its video calls are ideal for friendly calls, online sessions, or game streaming.

The best Discord video calling apps

6. Google Meet application

Google Meet offers users the possibility of making secure video calls. This program allows the creation of high-quality video meetings for groups of up to 250 people. This platform’s attractive features are the possibility of creating polls, asking questions, and raising handsare. All your information is encrypted using Google Meet, and Google has announced that this platform’s security systems will improve over, asking questions, and raising hands.

Users can join Google Meet from any device with a video meeting link. Other features of this program include page sharing, documents, slides, etc. Google also offers live captioning with its real-time speech recognition technology in the app.

Google Meet application

۷. FaceTime

This time we are dealing only with iOS users. Facetime is one of Apple’s popular applications through which you can make video calls with other users and benefit from its satisfactory connection quality and speed.

This application can sync with all your iOS devices; When your Facetime is called, all your devices will receive the notification, so you will be relieved that you will not miss any Facetime calls. FaceTime is installed by default on all Apple phones, But for Mac and other devices, you need to find and install it through the App Store.

The best Facetime video calling apps

8. Whereby app

Whereby can be described as one of the high-quality video call apps. This application, like Zoom and Google Meet, allows you to create a link for each video call, which you can share with your friends and invite them to your video call. The free version of this app allows you to make video calls with up to 100 participants. By default, the app locks created rooms, and hosts can determine who can enter the room.

It should be noted that the accessible version of this program offers unlimited one-on-one video calls and 45 minutes for video calls. Whereby intelligently integrates with YouTube, Outlook, Google Drive, Trello, Slack, and Miro so you can collaborate with colleagues while making video calls. In addition, the possibility of customizing the look and brand of your choice for the rooms is available. Other features of this platform include using the Miro virtual whiteboard and reacting to live calls with emoticons.

Whereby video call application

9. Zoho Meeting app

The free version of Zoho Meeting is one of the most powerful videos calling software; the accessible version offers the possibility of creating video calls with up to 100 people. You can also host webinars with the accessible version of this program. As a competitor to Microsoft 365, Zoho has several business applications such as email, calendar, note-taking, and video calling platforms.

This video call app provides features like virtual backgrounds, whiteboards, meeting chats, notes, and screen sharing. Also, Zoho Meeting offers a set of monitoring controls such as locking sessions, switching presenters, and muting and removing participants.

Zoho Meeting app

10. AnyMeeting application

If you are looking for a video calling program with an attractive and easy-to-use environment, AnyMeeting will be one of your best choices. This video-calling app allows you to host HD or join other people’s calls. This application has impressive audio and video quality, and among its practical features, we can mention screen sharing and participant control.

AnyMeeting has no time limit for online meetings and supports up to 200 web or smartphone participants. The waiting room feature allows you to lock discussions and enable late arrivals to enter. You can close the sessions you want so only eligible people can join them.

AnyMeeting application

In this list, we tried to introduce the best options available among video calling apps. If you think a critical app is missing from this list, you can share it with us in the comments section.