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Babylon's Fall Game Review

Babylon’s Fall Game Review

Platinum Games Can Be Considered One Of The Most Successful Studios In Making Hack And Slash Games, Which Has Created Fascinating And Extraordinary Games In This Genre Today. 

When we first introduced Babylon’s Fall, we saw a hack and slash game that bore a lot of resemblance to the Bionta and Astral Chain series. Subsequently, Platinum Games changed its product’s entire structure, and Babylon’s Fall became an action role-playing game with elements of online hack and slash.

Babylon's Fall Game Outlook

The beginning of the game promises a mysterious and fascinating story, but the further you go, the more you get bored.

Now Babylon’s Fall game has been released, and the question is whether Babylon’s Fall has been able to offer a successful experience due to its change of style and style? Can it provide enough content due to its online structure? In response, I must say that Babylon’s Fall is not only fun and engaging but can also be described as the most frustrating game of Platinum Games and Square Enix.

The game begins where several citizens gain access to a special power through the Sentinel device. The Sentinels now have the task of working together to conquer different towers. Still, the problem begins when the buildings are each led by foreign enemies and bosses, and the protagonist must destroy them one after the other.

Babylon’s Fall tells the story of the game with a medium. Although the beginning of the game promises exciting events in the storytelling, the storytelling and storytelling in the continuation of the work can not keep you satisfied.

Of course, the game has many problems in most parts and does not leave any opportunity for the player to communicate with the story.

Battle with the elite enemies of Babylon's Fall

The game has no character that the user wants to interact with in terms of characterization. The game’s main character does not have a unique texture, and the other characters of the game do not have a remarkable story.

It also applies to negative characters in the game. However, when it comes to a fully online game, the gameplay, content, and development system in the game is something whose proper or inappropriate design can determine the game’s fate.

Babylon’s Fall is a loot-driven online third-person action game with hack and slash elements. Therefore, the first and foremost feature of the game is the system of collecting and earning loot.

The character-building system allows you to take three elementary classes and enter the game.

The lots of the game are not as varied as they should be and may not provide you with items that you can increase your power in proportion to the higher levels, and the player sometimes has to experience one stage more than once to get better lots.

However, before entering the game, you have to build your character, and the character-building system in Babylon’s Fall is such that you have to choose one of the three main classes and then start building your character. The characterization system is somewhat acceptable but does not provide many options for in-depth character personalization.

Babylon’s Fall has a fascinating and strange case! In loot-based games or games where clothing and other equipment affect the player’s power, you can use them while completing stages and picking up new items, but Babylon’s Fall does not allow this.

Bass Fight Babylon's Fall

In other words, before the start of each stage, from the Inventory section, you can equip the equipment you want. From the moment you enter the location, you will no longer be allowed to change the equipment, and you will have virtually no control over your items until you finish the stage. This limitation makes it impossible for you to increase your power whenever you want, and we are on the side of a strange burden.

All this while Babylon’s Fall combat system is fascinating. Players have two primary weapons, and with the device attached to them, you can use the other two weapons as a skill. In other words, you have four weapons to use in battles, and in the meantime, restrictions such as energy bars are designed to make the game not too simple.

Due to the current Target Lock system of the game, which only bears the name of this feature, the use of combo kicks becomes much more complex than usual.

Of course, not only a sound combat system is necessary for the game to be successful and attractive, but all the elements associated with it must also function properly. Target lock system, or lock on target, is another weakness of Babylon’s Fall gameplay. There is no button designed to lock the target permanently, and this is done by always holding a button.

Holding a button when you need to press four more buttons to fight and combine combos makes it unreasonably difficult for you. Even without locking the target, some battles can be difficult and annoying for you.

Battle with enemies in Babylon's Fall

The only positive feature of Babylon’s Fall is its music

In terms of content, we are on the side of a product that entertains you for about 10 to 12 hours, after which the story content ends. Also, my content is not enough to keep you entertained for hours.

The next point is the uniform and repetitive design of the structure of the game stages, which over time, will make you bored. Also, game weapons do not have such a diverse design, and we are only dealing with three or four different types of firearms.

Aside from the fact that Babylon’s Fall can play as a single-player, it can also be experienced as a co-op, but the absence of multiple players forces you to wait in line for a long time before several more players may join you.

Visually, Babylon’s Fall has unique art graphics, but this type of design does not provide a good experience without any visual or environmental details. The result is a product that visually looks more like a wild, matte, seventh-generation game.

Talk to Babylon's Fall characters

The main basses have a good design and, although few, they have a different fighting style, and you will not get a repetitive experience in this section.

In the meantime, it is not harmful to have references to the game cinematic interludes that are trying to tell the story of the game to you. Still, the lack of proper characterization has destroyed the specialness of the game interfaces. 

Also, the game’s enemies do not have a variety of designs, and the production team could have used more enemies to create variety. Technically, Babylon’s Fall does not have a specific frame drop or bug.

Lock on target in Babylon's Fall

The only specific positive thing about Babylon’s Fall is its music. The music of the game is beautiful and playful. Although we are on the side of an oriental product, the English dubbing of the game is almost at a reasonable level, and those users who cannot experience the fun with Japanese dubbing can dub the game with Experience English.

In the end, Babylon’s Fall is a good game and the worst game ever made by Platinum Games, and its experience is by no means recommended; Even if it is available to you for free.