6 Real And Creative Ways To Make Money From Machine Learning

6 Real And Creative Ways To Make Money From Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence And Its Sub-Branches, Such As Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Etc. Are Attractive And Widely Used Technologies That Allow Professionals To Earn Money From Them In Different Ways. In This Article, We Will Learn About Six Practical And Tested Methods In This Field.

Organizations and companies widely use artificial intelligence and its essential sub-branch of machine learning to advance their business activities. To be more precise, it is possible to use machine learning in various fields such as information technology, financial markets related to FinTech (FinTech), health care (HealthTech), educational technology (EdTech), and other areas.

Various companies worldwide are seriously focused on the benefits of artificial intelligence, moving their strategy out of the experimental stages and quickly using this technology to improve products and services.

The clockwork website has made a report or, more precisely, a prediction regarding the value of the global artificial intelligence market, which shows that its value will reach 190 billion dollars by 2025.

This figure clearly shows that the set of skills related to machine learning and artificial intelligence is increasing day by day.

As a result, no point in time has provided users with many opportunities to earn money from this technology. In this way, interested parties can interact with different companies in the world in connection with attractive technology initiatives and choose job opportunities that suit their interests in this field.

Learning about the basic concepts of artificial intelligence and related programming languages ​​can pave the way for your powerful entry into machine learning.

First, you need to choose one of the programming languages ​​related to this field and its frameworks so that you can write software solutions for the problems. Make sure that artificial intelligence is included as the main foundation of work and machine learning as part of the learning strategy.

Along with acquiring knowledge related to technical topics, access and interaction with experts in this field will make you progress faster and learn key points. Suppose you are planning to enter international markets.

In that case, it is better to focus on big business projects like online marketing, building e-commerce websites, registering on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, and looking for personal branding through social networks.

In this case, you can make the best use of the solutions we will introduce to you in the following ways to earn money from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

1. Development of a simple artificial intelligence program

You can make good money by building an AI and machine learning-based application that can monitor social networks, chatbots, IoT applications, etc. To banish it, you can publish your app in a paid form on platforms that users have access to or add exclusive features to it so they can access it by paying the corresponding fee.

Statistics show that the total sales of Android and iOS apps will reach $133 billion in 2021, and estimates show that subscription apps generate more revenue than other non-free apps.

If you publish paid programs based on artificial intelligence algorithms on different platforms, such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc., so that a larger audience can access them, your income will increase. Writing a program that can make positive changes in users’ lives is better.

You can choose open-source platforms and frameworks such as Flutter to reduce costs and resource dependence. Also, you can use Flippa to sell your app to earn money in less time. In general, try to choose a specific target market and use the knowledge of audience data to build monetizing programs in different segments.

2. Creating educational content about machine learning

Machine learning is still a relatively new field, with few specialists. There is a massive gap between demand and supply in recruiting artificial intelligence professionals. Because of this, you can earn by transferring technical knowledge to students and interested people. Online learning platforms such as Coursera and Udemy are available for creating and selling training courses.

Also, you can start your own social media channel and make a course on artificial intelligence and machine learning available to the public. In addition, hosting webinars and imparting practical knowledge in exchange for money is another way to make money.

3. Freelance jobs in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Another way to earn money from specialized knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning is to do projects through freelancing. Many companies seek to attract experts in this field, whose wages are paid according to work hours, quality, experience, and expertise. Getting a freelance contract from websites like Toptal requires you to go through a few trial stages, but then you will get a high-paying contract offer if a reputable company wants to use your expertise.

The benefit of freelancing is that you support AI systems and improve their performance. So, in some cases, there is no need for programming knowledge.

4. Using artificial intelligence social networking functions to increase sales

Most businesses use social networks to understand customers’ needs, get to know them better, and grow. Social media platforms are also using machine learning to improve user experience. One of the advantages of machine learning index in social networks is to provide customized news feed according to users’ taste. Based on this technique, platforms show ads more likely to attract users’ attention.

Machine learning can analyze the user’s behavior and provide suitable suggestions, taking into account the user’s interests, occupation, and nature.

It’s good that Pinterest uses computer vision to recognize objects in photos and provides user recommendations based on that. This platform is based on machine learning, collects valuable data from videos and pictures, identifies pins in pictures, and makes recommendations for pins tailored to a specific user.

5. Production of artificial intelligence mass data

Another way to earn high income from artificial intelligence and machine learning is to provide specialized data. Businesses need data to make decisions, and since machine learning can generate or process a vast amount of information without problems, this advantage can be used to extract and sell data. Artificial intelligence has a function similar to the human brain.

This technology can understand audio and visual elements and adapt to the environment with continuous learning. AI-driven systems feed on comparative education and dynamic data such as text, audio, and video.

Access to such valuable data is expensive, but you can make money by selling it to research foundations and knowledge-based companies. You may need to use the services of regulatory agencies to ensure privacy, security, accountability, accuracy, and reliability when selling data for money.

6. Financial plans and predictive analyses

Your expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning can give you a chance to earn more profit from the financial markets. Machine learning can predict when to buy or sell a particular stock or the outcome of a sporting event. If the predictions are reliable with a small margin of error, you may be able to get paid well for providing services from online investors and stock market investors.

Of course, to achieve such a goal, you must first test your knowledge of artificial intelligence and financial markets. You can retrieve data using Python APIs. For example, it is possible to use past data to predict the stock market and dialogs to predict buy and sell contracts.

last word

Learning about artificial intelligence and machine learning is easy because many online courses are in Persian and English. Also, it is possible to attend some classes and receive valid certificates, which increases your chances of entering this industry.

One of the common questions that users ask is how much income is from providing intelligence-based services. The answer depends on various factors, the most important of which are experience, the market you work in, and the specific job position. Specialists in this field can receive an average salary of $80,000 per year, which is a high salary compared to other jobs.

Data analysis is one of the most attractive jobs in artificial intelligence. Since the introduction of artificial intelligence, there has been a change in the role of data analysts, as they no longer need to perform simple tasks such as processing or analyzing data to gain valuable insights. The second most crucial question in this field is what branch is the most in demand in artificial intelligence.