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5 Of The Most Important User Complaints About Windows 11

5 Of The Most Important User Complaints About Windows 11

Despite The Very Good Performance Of Windows 11 – Windows 11, Some Shortcomings Of This Operating System Have Raised The Voices Of Many Users. 

Here we will discuss some of the most critical complaints of Windows 11 users about this operating system. Does Microsoft have a solution for them?
Windows 11 has made many improvements since its release, and Microsoft has fixed many of the flaws of this operating system, according to user comments.

At the same time, some features of previous versions of Windows are still missing in Windows 11, and access to some settings and sections in this operating system has become more complicated.

These cases have caused some users to be dissatisfied with Windows 11, leading to extensive complaints. In the following, we will examine some of the most scathing criticisms of users of this operating system.

What complaints do Windows 11 users have about this operating system?

Too strict Windows 11 hardware requirements

TPM 2.0 chip

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft enabled Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to this version for free.

Windows 10 users also benefit from this feature to upgrade to Windows 11. However, not all devices equipped with Windows 10 can receive Windows 11; Because the hardware requirements of this operating system are a little stricter!

Many Windows 10-powered systems are now six years old or older. For this reason, many of them do not benefit from TPM 2.0 technology in their processors.

The lack of this technology is the most crucial reason for discouraging many people from upgrading to Windows 11.

Of course, some methods can bypass the TPM 2.0 chip limitation and install Windows 11. However, there is no guarantee that these methods will not cause problems for users!

Surveys show that many Windows 10 users are willing to upgrade their operating system to Windows 11 if the need for the TPM 2.0 chip is removed.


The need for a Microsoft account during the Windows installation process

Microsoft account

Using a Microsoft account has many benefits for Windows 11 users. For this reason, Microsoft recommends all users of this operating system register on the Live site to use the many benefits of this account.

However, using a Microsoft account in Windows 11 is unnecessary.

At the same time, having a Microsoft account while installing Windows 11 is necessary!

This means that if you do not have a Microsoft account, you cannot install Windows 11! This is one of the most critical complaints of new Windows 11 users.

Of course, it should be noted that after installing this operating system, you can delete the account and use a local account to enter Windows!

Not many new features and benefits compared to Windows 10

Complaints from Windows 11 users

For many people, Windows 11 is a unique and creative operating system with remarkable capabilities and is considered an ideal operating system with essential improvements in design and performance.

However, some other users consider the improvements of Windows 11 to be superficial, and its progress compared to the previous generation is insignificant.

In the meantime, Windows 10 also gives some people a sense of familiarity because it has been installed on many people’s systems for a long time.

The users of an operating system must always use its latest version and have the latest security updates and features at their disposal.

However, if the user feels that the new version of the operating system does not provide him with many new features, he will naturally hesitate to upgrade it and may even give up on the upgrade!

The complaint of many Windows 11 users about this operating system is the lack of new features and its excessive similarity to Windows 10.

In this context, it seems that the only way to save Microsoft is to add new features to its new operating system.

Difficulty changing default apps

Default application

One of the most critical complaints of Windows 11 users from this operating system is the complex process of changing the default applications to do different things.

In Windows 10, it was possible to change the default programs for opening emails, playing music, viewing images, browsing the Internet, etc., quickly and with just a few clicks through the Default Apps page in the Settings section.

This process has become challenging in Windows 11, So now you have to select default applications for different types of files and links separately.

In other words, instead of choosing a suitable application to open a specific file category, you need to select the format of each file you want and a particular application for each one!

Returning the ability to select default applications for file categories similar to Windows 10 is one of the essential requests of Windows 11 users from Microsoft.

Of course, this company has announced that it will soon fix this problem and provide the possibility of a quick selection of default applications for users of this operating system.

More limited features of Windows 11

Complaints from Windows 11 users

The limited efficiency of Taskbar in Windows 11 is another issue that users of this operating system have complained about!

Windows 11 taskbars currently suffer from defects such as the lack of the ability never to combine (Never Combine) existing items or the inability to move the Taskbar to the corners or the top of the image.

Of course, these two items are at the top of users’ demands from the Windows 11 taskbar. However, there are several shortcomings that Microsoft can fix to gain the satisfaction of its users.

Of course, Microsoft has also taken steps in this direction. The evidence indicates that the Never Combine feature in Taskbar will be available to Windows 11 users in the following updates.

Windows 11 is not without problems, But it is still a great operating system.

Like any other operating system, Windows 11 is not without bugs. Nevertheless, the performance of this operating system is excellent in many cases and has resulted in the satisfaction of most users. So if the things mentioned in this text do not bother you much, you will probably enjoy the experience of this operating system, its features, and its attractive visual design.

In the meantime, you should also note that Microsoft has also shown that it pays a lot of attention to the opinions of its users. Therefore, there is a possibility of solving many problems of Windows 11 shortly.