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12 Online Entertainment For Times When You Are Bored

If You Are Bored And Want To Spend Your Time In A Way That Changes Your Mood, There Are Several Things You Can Do To Spend Time Online.

Bored, one aspect that is always emphasized is creativity and productivity; But sometimes there are times in our lives when the only way to get back to creativity and productivity is to get away from things and do things we don’t usually do.

There are many things you can do to keep yourself entertained when you are online. Some of these online hobbies are useful and practical and can not be viewed just for the sake of leisure. Bored and a little if you want to get away from thinking and entertaining yourself, you’ll be familiar with several things you can do online and do enjoy in this article.

Watch the video

Watching a video is a great way to spend time. You do not have to do anything while watching the video, and you need to sit down, move away from the current world, enter the video world, and open your sleepy eyes after finishing it. You can find your favorite content by simply browsing YouTube.

If you watch the video as a waste of time, choose educational and useful content to learn while achieving peace of mind. Watching educational videos and videos, in addition to entertaining you, will grow and open your eyes to various issues.

Play online

There are many games you can play online; These include first-person shooters, puzzle and mind games, strategy and war games, urban games, and even board or board multiplayer games.

If you are online and want to play, we suggest you visit the GeoGuessr website. This game takes you to different parts of the world using street view. Your goal is to look around and guess where you are by placing a pin on a world map. Your score depends on how close the guess is to the actual location.

To restrict locations, you can select your preferred map from several different maps available. If you know of an interesting online game that you refer to when you are bored, introduce it in the comments section.

Listen to the podcast.

Podcasts are a great source of entertainment. Start with popular genres; Including mystery and crime podcasts and true stories. Podcasts are also great for personal growth and development. With podcasts, you can learn a lot about money management and get out of installments and loans.

Time management podcasts are also useful for increasing productivity. Because most podcast apps allow you to download podcasts for offline listening, you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

Read a comic or e-book.

If you are a reader or a fan of picture books and manga, what better time than when you are bored and want to spend time? There are many ways to access ebooks and comics, and manga. For the first two, apps like Niche and Fidebo are almost instantaneous, and you can use some of their books for free to some extent.

There are also many manga reading apps that you can access with a simple search. There are also many channels on Telegram that translate popular comics and manga and make them available to users for free. If you are fluent in English, you can visit many books and open library websites to read popular books and comics for free.

Learn skills

One of the most useful and creative things you can do is learn a new hobby, skill, or craft. With so much to learn on the internet, you can easily learn several hobbies and skills and even turn them into your extra source of income or forget about money and focus on having fun and spending time. Some useful skills include writing, drawing, gardening, and photography.

Start writing a magazine or blog.

Starting to write is a post-test activity that reveals its psychological benefits over time. Writing is an old hobby that the only difference in today’s life is the place to write. Nowadays, instead of writing on physical paper, we write our notes in a notebook app or personal blog.

It does not matter where you write your content. As long as you write, be honest and write down your feelings and thoughts. Try to do this for thirty days until it becomes a habit. After a few months of writing and gaining skills, you will notice a good feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Make a shopping list.

List some of the items you plan to buy. Research each item and decide if you need it. If, after researching the product, you are still focused on buying it, add it to the shopping list and order. Also, if you need more money to buy it, save it. On online shopping websites like Digikala, you can add your favorite products to your list of favorite products to monitor.

For a month, try not to buy anything out of your list of favorites. This is very useful for those who fill their boredom time with unreasonable purchases. Instead of paying for and buying goods, try to enjoy the buying process (selection, research, and decision making).

Visit online forums

If the above does not meet your needs, go to Reddit or Twitter. Reddit is the largest time-wasting site on the web. If you have never heard of Reddit, you know that Reddit is one of the thousands of different forums that users have created.

Users can create new subtitles at any time. Each subtitle in Reddit is a focal point for discussing or focusing on a specific topic or idea. You can browse forums related to finance, personal growth, behavioral patterns, funny videos, and more by visiting Reddit.

By joining Persian Twitter, you can be aware of the views and reactions of different people in society to current and important events in the world and express your views freely and with respect. Persian Twitter encompasses many everyday users, writers, satirists, satirists, informants, etc.

Watch movies and series online.

One of the easiest ways to spend time online is to watch a movie. We recommend that you do not make this a habit for yourself; But what could be easier and more fun than watching movies and TV series?

Try to be obsessive in choosing movies and series so that your mind and eyes do not get tired in vain. Still, if you are so bored that you want to enjoy watching a series of simple events without getting involved in the film, the popular comedy film is for you. To watch more famous anime with Persian subtitles online, you can also refer to Aparat and step into the interesting world of anime.

Take online exams

Taking online exams is a great way to learn more about yourself. A variety of personality tests are available online, including the Myers-Briggs personality test. Knowing the results of these tests can potentially help you in your future job; This is because companies sometimes use the results of these tests in the hiring process.

There are also various fun and aimless quizzes to determine which Harry Potter character you are or which Friends you most resemble.

Enroll in online classes

If you really want to make the most of your boredom, an online class is one way. If you are interested in a particular skill, why not enroll in an online class? During the Covid-19 epidemic, online education became increasingly popular. Today, you can learn almost anything from cooking to French online.

However, most online courses and training will cost money; YouTube is a great way to pursue interests and education that you have always wanted to pursue. By stepping into the prolific world of YouTube, you can use all the tutorials you can think of and even make money.

Take a virtual tour

Virtual tours are an unusual experience for a time when you are bored. By participating in these tours, you can visit the virtual places you wish to see, with the difference that in online tours, you can relax under the air conditioner in your home clothes and drink your favorite drink.

If we are positive and want to spend our time intelligently, there are hundreds of different virtual tours to discover and explore.


The hobbies we mentioned in this article are common ways to spend time online. The Internet has the power to attract you for hours, days, and weeks and even disrupts your normal life. One of the main reasons for browsing is boredom or procrastination.

If you think that internet entertainment is a way for you to escape from tasks and duties, you should think about the reason for your feelings and escape as soon as possible.