YouTube Will Make It Possible To Earn Money By Publishing Educational Videos From Next Year

YouTube Will Make It Possible To Earn Money By Publishing Educational Videos From Next Year

Starting Next Year, Youtube Will Allow Creators To Offer Paid Video Courses To Their Channel Subscribers.

YouTube’s move to offer subscription services for watching educational videos can create challenges for some platforms developed explicitly for this purpose.

YouTube is currently a key destination for people looking to learn a specific skill or more about a topic. The platform will add more educational features to its suite of services, including creating a way for content creators to offer structured video courses and get paid for them. Thus, creators don’t need to direct their fans to other sites or apps; Where they provide such services.

According to Engadget, YouTube’s paid video courses are considered a “deep and structured learning business.” Creators can charge for offering their courses or publish them for free. Videos of a paid course will be shown without ads and can be played in the background.

This new feature will be available as a test in the United States and South Korea next year. YouTube plans to offer this feature in other countries after the trial period.

YouTube will introduce a feature called Quizzes to enhance the educational content on its platform and possibly help people who take a course. Content creators can add a quiz to their channel’s community tab, asking questions about educational video content for viewers to answer.

A beta version of this feature will be available in the coming months, and all content creators who have access to the community section will be able to use it.

In addition, YouTube introduced a new embedded player for educational programs.

The company says player for Education removes potential distractions, including ads, recommendations, and external links.

The video platform also announced that it would improve the player used in Google’s Classroom service to provide an even better experience than YouTube. Some companies active in electronics in the United States, such as Purdue University, EDpuzzle, and Purdue Global, will use this new player.