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Travel Guide To Yazd; Travel From The Capital To The Zoroastrian Land In 3 Days

Iran is a vast land that has an attractive destination for any climate and excites every tourist. The people of every climate and culture have adorned a corner of the land of this land in their own style. 

This time we pack our bags and head from Tehran to Yazd to get to know this mysterious and original Iranian land and explore its beauties.

In our travel guide to Yazd, we have chosen land and car travel so that we do not miss the pleasure of the road and the beauties of cities such as Kashan and Meybod. Travel with us on this three-day trip.

A road planner in a travel guide to Yazd

The first thing to think about before traveling by car is the soundness of the car’s technical system and calculating the distance to the destination. It is about 620 km from Tehran to Yazd, which takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes. Driving without interruption and rest will undoubtedly be impossible and tedious. In this desert road, there are many spectacular cities such as Kashan, Ardakan and Meybod, which by stopping and exploring in them, in addition to relieving fatigue , the pleasure and adventure of your trip will increase.

Day 1: Moving to the sights of the route

Travel guide to Yazd - Kashan Abbasid HouseKashan Abbasid House – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

In the travel guide to Yazd by car, we suggest that you leave early in the morning and do not miss the pleasure of watching the sunrise on the road. The fading of the sky behind the old half-timbered mountains is very spectacular. After driving for about 3 hours, you have passed about 245 km from Tehran and you are now in the historical city of Kashan. Stopping in this city and having breakfast and sightseeing in its historical houses will make you a pleasant morning. Houses and historical monuments such as the houses of the Abbasids, Tabatabai, Boroujerdi and Sultan Amir Ahmad are located nearby and you can see their amazing beauties without wasting time on the way.

Travel Guide to Yazd - Tabatabai House in KashanTabatabai House in Kashan – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Be amazed by the plan of the Abbasid labyrinth, be delighted with the beauty and grandeur of the Tabatabai family, and be immersed in the art of the colorful paintings of the Boroujerdi house. You can have lunch in the traditional Abbasian dining hall of Kashan and enjoy the taste of traditional food in a historical atmosphere. Finally, include the tranquility and purity of the Finn Garden and the pleasure of watching the historic and mysterious bath and its secret in your plan. Now is the time to hit the road with double the energy of watching history and continue on your way.

A night in the city of Ardakan and the pristine beauties of Aqda

Travel guide to Yazd - Aqda Pomegranate Residence
Aqda Pomegranate Residence – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

In this travel guide to Yazd, we do not neglect the beauties and sights of the route and do not think only of the destination. On the road from Kashan to Yazd, if you drive about 300 km, after about 3 hours you will reach the historic village of Aqda, which is about 40 km away from Ardakan. This village has a pristine texture and staying in its silence will be attractive for you. In this village, there is no news of tall and disturbing buildings and the cool winds of Yazd blow recklessly. Large and beautiful clouds adorn the clear blue sky of Aqda.

Travel guide to Yazd - local foodPhoto by Faezeh Mirsoltani

In our travel guide to Yazd, we offer you accommodation in eco- tourism houses . This type of accommodation, in addition to reasonable prices, will evoke the traditional atmosphere of houses in Yazd province. In Aqda there are beautiful eco-lodges where you can spend the night in its beautiful historical context and have a delicious local dinner cooked by the people of Aqda. The traditional residence of Anar Aqda is one of the eco-tourism houses whose historical texture has been reconstructed in an extremely beautiful way and is a manifestation of the spectacular architecture of Yazd.

This residence has clean and traditional rooms and the pleasure of eating in its courtyard and roof, in the fresh air of Aqda, increases your energy. Have a delicious local dinner like eggplant curd on the rooftop and enjoy the cool night air and the mischief of the stars in the clear sky.

Start of the second day in the travel guide to Yazd

Travel Guide to Yazd - Morning in AqdaMorning in Aqda – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

The friendly staff of Aqda Pomegranate with a breakfast tray of delicacies such as halves, halva, cheese and tea on the rooftops of this traditional house and the most pleasant memory of Aqda is eating breakfast under the clear sky and golden sun with the caress of the cool morning wind. With every bite you drink, take a look at the vastness of this historic land and enjoy the vast landscape in front of you where there is no disturbance of towers and tall buildings. Remember the blue sky, the tranquility, the silence, and the historical and traditional context of Aqda architecture; This frame will be one of the most beautiful images of your trip.

Around this residence, there are Aqda water reservoirs and beautiful roofed alleys that we suggest you see before leaving for Yazd.

Meybod sights before reaching Yazd

About 50 km on the road to Yazd, you will reach the city of Meybod. Meybod is known as the city of the sun and has many historical tourist attractions . Meybod traditional and ceramic handicrafts are valuable souvenirs of the city of the sun. Pigeon house, Narin Qala, printing house and Meybod refrigerator are some of the places you need to stop in this city so that you do not miss their exploration.

Travel guide to Yazd - Narin Qaleh MeybodNarin Qaleh Meybod – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Narin Qala is a huge building of the glory of history, whose high and low excavation has an attractive and adventurous feeling. From the tower of this castle, Meybod is under your feet and the sky is in your arms. This building, which is located in the second square of the municipality, is very old and dates back to before the Sassanids.

Travel guide to Yazd - Meybod Pigeon HouseMeybod Pigeon House Tower – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Meybod Pigeon House Tower, located on Basij Boulevard, presents the nests of thousands of birds in a special order. In the past, many pigeons used to live in the tower’s nests under the pretext of water and seeds, in order to use the acidic nature of their waste in the tanning and leather industry. The beautiful order of this pigeon tower is very spectacular.

Travel guide to Yazd - Meybod Printing HouseMeybod Printing House – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Meybod Printing House on Ghazi Mir Hossein Boulevard shows the growth of post and communication equipment, such as Morse code, telegraph and everything related to communications. This museum emphasizes the importance of communication throughout history.

Travel guide to Yazd - Glacier
Meybod Refrigerator – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Meybod refrigerator is one of the must-see buildings. The inside of this refrigerator looks like two cones stuck together at the end. The appearance of this building, although it seems simple, but it has a special feeling; Especially when you hear the echoes of your footsteps in this building. This building is located near the printing house.

Eager to reach the destination in the travel guide to Yazd

Travel Guide to Yazd - Yazd Friendly House Ecotourism
Eco-friendly house tour of Yazd – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

From Meybod, after driving about 55 km, you finally reached the historical city of Yazd. As soon as you arrive in Yazd, go to your place of residence and after a little rest, go out for a night and evening tour. Accommodation in eco-tourism houses and traditional hotels located in the historical context of the city, brings to life the pleasant feeling of living in the old houses of Yazd with its thatched architecture. Also, some of these eco-tourism houses have a reasonable price and you can stay in them for a fee. Avoid extra. The best eco-tourism houses and traditional hotels in Yazd include friendly accommodation, brick house, Taroneh, Sharabaf, etc.

Spectacular symmetry of Amirchakhmaq Square

Travel guide to Yazd - Amirchakhmaq Square, Yazd
Amirchakhmaq Square, Yazd – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Start from Amir Chakhmaq Square or in other words Amir Chaghmaq and enjoy the symmetrical and pleasant architecture and its large pool in the middle of the city. The construction of the mosque with the light of the lights at night is very spectacular. In this large square complex, there is a mosque, a reliance, a water reservoir and a traditional and simple bazaar. Around the square is full of shops selling traditional Yazd souvenirs. This square with its special and impressive architecture is one of the famous symbols of Yazd city and like the Grand Mosque and windbreaks, it is a well-known image in tourism.

You can easily prepare delicious Yazdi small sweets, peanut sugar, pashmak, nuts, high quality candy, high-grade ardeh halva and any sweet Yazdi sweet in this square. The main branch of the famous brand Haj Khalifa is also in this part of Yazd, which takes your mind off with its pleasant and high-quality delicacies.

The glow of Dolatabad Garden in Yazd at night

Travel Guide to Yazd - Dolatabad Garden, Yazd - Photo by Mohammad Reza Doomiri GanjiDolatabad Garden, Yazd – Photo by Mohammad Reza Doomiri Ganji

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions for the second night in the travel guide to Yazd is Dolatabad Garden. This huge garden has a special effect at night and the cool wind that blows in it refreshes your soul. Dolatabad is the land of large trees that, with the help of a wide fountain and cool breeze, make the nights of Yazd pleasant.

Dolatabad Garden includes a windbreak octagonal building, a rope mansion and a religious paradise. The lighting of the beautiful summer porch building with that tall octagonal windbreak at the top, takes your intelligence away. Inside the mansion you will find royal rooms, a pool house, wooden doors with stained glass that will keep your eyes busy.

Travel guide to Yazd - Dolatabad porch buildingDolatabad porch building – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

This garden has the tallest windbreak in the world and with the help of the pool located in the heart of the building, it has played a cooling role in summer days. The beautiful lighting of this building at night, along with its long waterfall and the mischievous fountains, is the most beautiful frame of Dolatabad Garden. Take a walk in the soft light of the night and enjoy the coolness of the water and the touch of the night breeze of Yazd on your skin.

Experience deliciousness in the best restaurants of Yazd

Travel Guide to Yazd - Yazd Do Had Restaurant Restaurant
Juan Dohad Restaurant in Yazd

During your trip to Yazd, if you plan to go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, we suggest that you draw a line around fast food and experience authentic Iranian food in this traditional land. Yazd is full of quality restaurants such as, Juan Do Had, Yazd Hall, Malek Tajar, Termeh and Toranj and که that welcome you in the best possible way.

Day 3: The most spectacular day in the travel guide to Yazd

After a hearty breakfast at your residence, head to the heart of the city. In the historical context, most of the sights of Yazd are gathered together, and with proper timing, you will have the opportunity to see many of them.

The glory and beauty of Yazd Grand Mosque

Travel guide to Yazd - Go to the Grand Mosque in the travel guide to Yazd
Going to the Grand Mosque in a travel guide to Yazd – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Start from the Grand Mosque and its famous street. The unique and huge building of the Grand Mosque attracts the attention of every spectator and you can not take your eyes off the elegance of its architecture and the patterns of its beautiful tiles. This mosque will be familiar to you if your tradition gives rise to twenty-toman blue banknotes. The image of this valuable historical and religious building was engraved on these old banknotes.

Travel guide to Yazd - Grand MosqueJame Mosque – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

The stately entrance of this mosque, with its tall minarets, looks magnificent from the end of the Grand Mosque Street, and the closer you get to it, the more tangible its grandeur will be to you. The artistic tiles of this mosque on the entrance and the building of the dome show the beautiful architectural architecture. Masjid Street is full of attractive shops and the traditional money exchange market is located inside the street close to the mosque. A tour of this traditional, earthy market makes sense.

Sights of Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd

Travel Guide to Yazd - Iskandar Prison in Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd
Alexander Prison in Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Fahadan neighborhood is one of the historical neighborhoods of Yazd, in its traditional and beautiful texture, there are several attractions of the city. After the Grand Mosque, continue the third day of the travel guide to Yazd with this neighborhood.

Watching the traces of history in Alexander Prison

Travel guide to Yazd - the roof of the Inscription Museum in Alexander Prison
The roof of the Inscription Museum in Alexander Prison – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Go to Fahadan neighborhood and in addition to enjoying its handicraft shops, go to Alexander Prison with its famous dome. The main courtyard of Iskandar Prison, or Ziaieh School, with its numerous rooms, which today have been turned into small shops, will attract your attention as soon as you arrive. There is a portable and spectacular courtyard on the other side of the building, where a spirit full of simplicity and beauty flows. Part of this prison is dedicated to the display of ancient inscriptions, and the height of the ceiling will surprise you.

Travel Guide to Yazd - Alexander PrisonPhoto by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Inside the main courtyard there is an underground passage that leads you into a small cafe with a very simple menu, wooden layout and a small pond. At the bottom of the most historic building in Fahadan neighborhood, drink tea and sweeten your palate with Yazdi candy. Attending Iskandar Prison is a good opportunity to buy the handicrafts of the beloved people of Yazd from the traditional shops inside this building, in addition to watching the history and enjoying the Museum of Inscriptions.

Patrol at Fahadan Hotel in Yazd

Travel guide to Yazd - Fahadan Museum Hotel, Yazd
Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Fahadan Museum Hotel is a historical house that has all the elements of old houses such as outside and inside courtyard, pergola courtyard, porch, corridor, windbreak room, etc., which is located in Fahadan neighborhood and it is possible to visit many places. The friendly and friendly staff of this hotel will accompany you and patiently show you the sights of the hotel. One of the most exciting parts of this hotel is its main windbreak room, which is large and active, and standing under this windshield will transfer a pleasant coolness to your skin.

Yazd New Palace Water Mill

Travel Guide to Yazd - New Kushk
Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Another place that we recommend you to watch in your travel guide to Yazd is the Kushk-e-Naw water mill, which is located in the Kushk-e-Naw neighborhood, near the Fahadan neighborhood. The mysterious and deep tunnels and canals of this mill tempt you to continue on your way as long as you can and discover the charms that are reminiscent of the Safavid period. This mill is the common point of several important aqueducts of Yazd and for this reason it is also called the intersection of aqueducts.

Heidarzadeh Museum of Coins and Anthropology

Travel guide to Yazd - Arabzadeh HouseArabzadeh House – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Arabzadeh historical house with its remnants of Qajar architecture and beautiful engravings is located in Fahadan neighborhood. In the heart of this house, the Heydarzadeh Museum of Coins and Anthropology has been set up, which shows the way of life of the people of the past, the necessities of life and efficient tools in each period. But the most important part of this museum is its collection of coins and banknotes. Coins from history are made of gold, silver, copper and brass.

Travel Guide to Yazd - Collection of old locks in Heidarzadeh Museum
Old locks in Heidarzadeh Museum – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

These coins, dating from the Achaemenid period to the modern era, have found a pleasant place in the house of Arabzadeh. The old banknotes also have their historical course to the present day, and in it one can find twenty tomans attached to history and the former red five hundred. There is also a beautiful collection of old locks in this museum, which is very spectacular and attractive. Lighting and cooking utensils are other spectacular collections of the museum.

Peace and good feeling of Yazd fire temple

Travel guide to Yazd - Yazd Fire Temple
Yazd Fire Temple – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Now it is time to leave the sidewalk in the thatched streets of Yazd, get in the car and drive to Markar Square and Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard. Yazd Fire Temple, which is considered the holiest place of Zoroastrians, is one of the most attractive places of interest in Yazd, which has a deep peace in all moments of its presence and accompanies you.

Travel guide to Yazd - Zoroastrian fire temple of Yazd
Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

As soon as you enter this complex, a large round pool will appear in front of you. A large building with a symbolic entrance of Forouhar and solid columns is located at the end of your view, and around this beautiful frame are planted green trees. The great cup of the Zoroastrian holy fire can be seen inside the building, from behind a glass chamber. Fire as a symbol of light and truth is sacred to Zoroastrians. On the walls of this holy place, important words of the Zoroastrian religion are placed, which are not without grace.

Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum

Travel Guide to Yazd - Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum
Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

The Yazd Mirror and Lighting Museum is located along Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard. The beautiful building of this museum is located in the heart of a large and green courtyard and a collection of mirrors and ancient lighting accessories will show you the most basic lighting methods. Numerous mirrors, beautiful paintings and plastering, doors decorating with wood carvings and delicate mirrors are some of the museum’s fascinating sights.

The mysterious ritual of death in Zoroastrian history

Travel guide to Yazd - Zoroastrian cryptZoroastrian crypt – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

Zoroastrian crypt is one of the important attractions in the travel guide to Yazd. Never forget to go to this mysterious place and drive to the crossroads of Research and Young Boulevard before sunset. The ancient Zoroastrians believe that the body should not be buried in the ground, because it contaminates the earth. So the dead were taking to a crypt somewhere on top of a mountain to be eaten by carnivores. A wall surrounds the peak and in the heart of it is a special hole in which the bones of the corpse were dump. The care of the dead and the observation of their dismember corpses were carried out by people name Nessalar, and no one was allowed to see the dead body.

Travel guide to Yazd - Zoroastrian cryptZoroastrian crypt – Photo by Faezeh Mirsoltani

In this area, two high mountains can be seen, which are easier to climb than one because of its stepped path. The sense of step-by-step climbing, under the sunlight and the mysterious silence of this region, is a pure and strange experience. With each step we feel closer to our past and our ancestors.

Traveling to Yazd and entering the rich history of the ancient Iranians is an extraordinary experience. In the travel guide to Yazd, we shared with you personal experiences and the desire to see this heroic land for a three-day trip. If you have more time to explore this desert land, be sure to visit its other sights and share your information with other tourists of this sweet land.