Xenia Xe XPG Laptop Review; Versatile Ultrabook

Xenia Xe XPG Laptop Review; Versatile Ultrabook

IDITA Company, As One Of The Largest Manufacturers Of Storage Equipment, Has Long Shone In The Iranian And World Markets.

Xenia Xe XPG Laptop introduced the XPG brand in the gaming products market a few years ago. The XPG product portfolio will be very diverse in 2021 and include various products, including laptops, RAM, software, cooling, keyboards, mice, and headphones. In this article, I want to review the Xenia Xe XPG laptop.

Idita introduces the XPG Xenia Xe laptop as an “ultrabook for gaming lifestyle.” Still, the fact is that this device can not be considered a gaming laptop because it does not have the powerful hardware to run heavy games. This laptop is a very beautiful and high-quality ultrabook that raises the working class of Windows laptops in a few steps. In the following, we will review the specifications of this laptop.

Xenia Xe XPG Laptop Specifications

  • 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor
  • 8 GB of LPDDR4x RAM
  • 1 terabyte of PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD memory
  • 15.6-inch IPS touchscreen with full HD resolution
  • 73.41-watt-hour battery
  • Wifi 6.0
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Weight 1.65 kg
  • The global price for the base model is about $ 1400

Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop, like other Idita products, enters the Iranian market by Avang Company and has a 2-year warranty. This laptop will come to you with the original version of Windows 10 Home, and a free subscription to Microsoft Xbox Ximeps will be available to you for free after activating it.

Video review of Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop

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Design and build quality

The Xenia Xe XPG laptop is a beautiful, stylish, and high-quality ultrabook. With an integrated aluminum body, this laptop is a tough competitor for the highest quality products on the market, such as the MacBook Pro or Razer Blade 15. The device’s build quality is extremely high, and when you hold it in your hand, you will not find any weakness in its design or strength.

The glossy XPG logo can be seen on the body, which of course, could have been designed more elegantly. Plastic strips are installed around the body to improve the communication antenna of the device. The air outlets are located on the back edge and transfer heat to the bottom of the display when the device is heavily used. Two wide rubber bands on the bottom of the body hold the laptop well on the surface.

The display hinge moves perfectly smoothly and does not make any extra noise when rotated. This hinge is well-positioned at any angle and does not move much when shaking the screen. Rotating the hinge 180 degrees allows you to use the device’s touch screen in various situations.

The stylish and minimalist design continues by opening the XPG Xenia Xe laptop screen. The laptop keyboard is a little smaller than expected, and there is a lot of extra space around it. The touchpad has good dimensions, and you will not see any additional stickers and stickers except for the Intel Evo sticker. There are holes in the top of the keyboard that, in addition to increasing the beauty and attractiveness of the device, also contribute to the laptop’s cooling system.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Xenia Xe Laptop Keyboard looks a bit small considering the overall dimensions of the device. The keys are also relatively small and far apart. For this reason, it takes a while to get used to the location of the keys and to type painlessly and without mistakes. The movement distance of the keys is not enough, and you will not receive special feedback when pressing them. Therefore, the keyboard of this laptop can not register in the list of its strengths. The keyboard is equipped with a white backlight whose intensity can be adjusted in three levels. Of course, you can not always keep the backlight on in any case, and if you do not use the keyboard, it will turn off after a few seconds.

The touchpad of this laptop is one of the best in the world of laptops. The glass surface of the touchpad is placed under your fingers with minimal friction, and you can use it with the highest possible accuracy. This touchpad supports Microsoft Precision drivers and multi-touch gestures, and it is delightful to use. In fact, this touchpad can be considered flat or even better than the MacBook touchpad.

Communication portals

The Xenia Xe XPG laptop is one of the complete ultrabooks on the market in terms of connectivity. The physical ports of this laptop are located on both sides of the body. We see Thunderbolt 4 port, USB 3.2 generation 2 port, and HDMI port on the left. The Thunderbolt 4 port, the USB 3.2 generation 2 port, and the 3.5 mm headset jack are on the right. You can use any of the Thunderbolt ports to charge the laptop.

This laptop is equipped with the Intel AX201 wireless module that supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. The data transfer speed of this laptop in the WiFi 6 network is about 1.3 Gbps, which is one of the fastest examples in the world of laptops. When I used this laptop, I did not have any Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth peripherals.


Xenia Xe XPG Laptop Display gives you a fun content viewing experience. The IPS panel of this laptop has great quality with full HD resolution and depicts the content beautifully. With 95% sRGB standard color space coverage and 65% wide Adobe RGB color space coverage, this display is also a good choice for professional photo and video editing.

The display of this laptop with a maximum brightness of 450 nits can use in all conditions. When I used this device, I never needed the maximum brightness, and for general indoor use, I usually set the brightness level to 60-70%. Of course, the laptop is also equipped with a light sensor and can adjust the brightness automatically, but most of the time, it does not work properly, and the brightness of the screen is less or more than the desired value.

If you like touch screens, the Xenia Xe XPG is one of the few options on the market that offers this feature. The screen detection accuracy is very high, and you can easily count on it for general use or not-so-professional designs. Of course, you also have to deal with the page getting dirty. Idita has used Gorilla Glass protective cover on the screen of this laptop so that it does not get scratched with normal use.

The only drawback to the device’s display is its gloss. In fact, in any environment where you work with a laptop, you will see a picture of yourself on it, and if the environment is very bright, it won’t be easy to use the laptop in practice.

Hardware and efficiency

The Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop is equipped with an 11th generation Intel processor, which with the Iris Xe GPU has revolutionized the field of integrated GPUs. The model I received uses an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor along with 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 1TB of high-speed PCIe SSD. This combination of hardware is enough to meet all everyday needs, use multimedia, and even run heavy programs.

To evaluate the power of the hardware, I first went to the Crystal Disk brand program version 7 to test the speed of the SSD memory of this device. Idita has built one of its best SSDs, the Gammix S50 Lite, supporting a fourth-generation PCIe port. According to the manufacturer, its maximum nominal data transfer speed for reading and writing data is around 3,900 and 3,200 MB / s…

As you can see from the results, the SSD of this laptop is speedy and minimizes Windows boot time, program execution, and data transfer. The maximum read and write speeds of this SSD are 3.3 and 3.2 Gbps, respectively. Of course, the best fourth-generation SSDs, including the XPG S70, can reach incredible speeds of 7 Gbps.

I ran the Cinebench R23 app to test the CPU performance. The program uses all the CPU power to render a complex and heavy image in single-core and multi-core modes. You can see the result of this test below.

The 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor scored 1218 and 2955 in the single-core and multi-core R23 chest tests. The single-core mode score is on par with the best processors on the market, but the strange thing is that the 11th generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor in the Asus Vivobook 15 laptop scored 1315 in the same test. In the case of multi-core, we have a moderate score, which is much lower than the powerful H-series or desktop processors.

The Mark 10 PC test measures the overall hardware capacity of the device for day-to-day operations, digital content production, and productivity. You can see the result below.

A total score of 4570 in this test shows that the Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop can easily run everyday applications and performs well in digital content production. Of course, advanced gaming laptops score higher in this test, but this laptop has the highest score in Digital tests among general laptops.

Although the Xenia Xe laptop is not made for professional gaming, the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics processor is much more powerful than previous generations and can run some of the day’s games with moderate-to-low graphics settings and acceptable frame rates. First, let’s take a look at the results of various brand trades.

As you can see, the Intel Iris Xe GPU performs very well in the brand’s heavy-duty trials. The table below shows a comparison of the above results with several other laptops.

As you can see, the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics processor is as efficient as the Nvidia GeForce MX350 graphics card, and you can count on it to run some games. To find out, I tested two Counter-Strike games: Go and Fortnite.

The counter game runs quite smoothly and painlessly with a little manipulation of graphic settings. The game frame rate is between 40 and 60, which is enough for non-professional competitions. Of course, due to the limitations of RAM, the game closes or hangs when loading a new map, and sometimes for no reason. Fortnite does not have a decent gaming experience on this laptop unless you select Performance Mode from the Graphics Settings menu. In this case, the game’s graphics are as basic as possible and unacceptable, but the frame rate reaches about 30.

The important point is that you can not upgrade the device’s RAM. So if you have an account for running heavy programs or even gaming on this laptop, be sure to get the highest model, which has 16 GB of RAM, and its GPU is 15 to 20% more powerful. But this laptop model that I received is ideal for everyday use, and you will not feel any shortage.

The cooling system of the Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop is very efficient, and you will never hear the sound of a fan during normal use. The fans spin at the maximum speed only when the device is used for a long time, producing a not-so-loud sound. Of course, because the hot air outlet is located at the bottom of the screen, the bottom of the screen gets a little hot, but it probably won’t cause much of a problem.

Battery and charger

The Idea XPG Xenia Xe laptop has a 73.41-watt battery, a great capacity for an ultrabook. To compare, the Prestige iOS 14 has a 50-watt-hour battery, and the Huawei Matebook D14 has a 56-watt-hour battery. Idita says that the battery of this device will charge between 12 and 16 hours with normal use, but we expect that the charge in the real world will be less than this figure. Interestingly, in the PC Mark battery test with 50% screen brightness and bright WiFi, this laptop lasted exactly 16 hours and broke the record of laptops reviewed in Digital.

For comparison, the Huawei Matebook D14 with a 56-watt-hour battery and the iOS Prestige 14 with a 50-watt-hour battery lasted about 13 and 9 hours in this test, respectively. This way, you can count on charging this laptop for a full day and even use the light to charge it to the middle of the second day.

The charging speed of the Idita XPG Xenia Xe laptop is also acceptable due to the high capacity of the battery. With its accompanying charger, this laptop can be charged up to 30% in half an hour, up to 75% in one hour, and up to 95% in one and a half hours.


The Idea XPG Xenia Xe is one of the best ultrabooks on the market and can compete directly with the MacBook. With the latest hardware, this laptop has enough ability to meet everyday needs, run-heavy programs, and even run some games. Still, it is not recommended for rendering or editing video professionals.

This laptop’s strengths are the excellent build quality, quality touch screen, multiple communication ports, powerful hardware, and professional touchpad. The most important thing is to charge the laptop, which will easily take you 1 to 1.5 days. A laptop keyboard can consider as one of the few weaknesses of the device.

The most important thing is the price of the device. Considering the global price of $ 1400 for this model and $ 1600 for the i7 / 16 model, it has powerful competitors such as Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 or the latest models of Dell XPS, HP Specter, and Asus Zenbook. Of course, Avang, as the official representative of IDITA, has promised to bring the Xenia Xe XPG laptop to the Iranian market at a lower price. In this case, the competition for this beautiful ultrabook will be much easier.