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Writing and editing text on photos in Photoshop (step by step tutorial)

Banner ads and invitations, book and CD covers, and even social media posts like Instagram stories all have one basic point: they all use typography!

Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the version legible, clear and visually appealing. Most typographies start with learning how to add text in Photoshop.

Let’s take a look at how to add text in Photoshop, change the color of text and add your own fonts to the computer.

If you do not know how to work with Photoshop text tools, watch this video

If the video is not enough, continue reading:

1- How to write text in Photoshop

  • Add text in Photoshop

First let’s learn how to add text in Photoshop.

Open your image and then select the Text tool in the left toolbar.

Click on any part of your image and start typing your text!

We will use this sentence:

Everyone has a dark  corner that does not show to anyone – Mark Twain  Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody – by Mark Twain

  • Change text settings

Now let’s change the font settings, including font, font size, font alignment, font color. Change the text font by selecting the text and going to the toolbar on the left. Click the drop-down menu and choose one of the pre-installed fonts! Below we use the Georgia font.


You can resize the font by selecting your text and then looking at the middle of the toolbar above.

Change the numbers next to Size to increase or decrease the size of the text.

You can use this tool by selecting the Move tool and clicking on one of the six dots that appear and then zooming in and out.

Click the text to change the alignment of the text font and then find one of the three-line symbols in the toolbar above.

You can select left, center or right. Below we have selected the left alignment!

Change the text color by re-selecting the entire text.

Now click on the colored square at the bottom of the sidebar.

Here you can choose any color you like!

2- How to install our fonts

Did you know that you can install your own personal fonts on your computer? This is not only free but also very easy!

Step 1: First, go to a site like Iran Font or Download Land and click on the download button to download the fonts you want. (You can write the above text in both Persian and English)

Step 2: Save the zip file to any location on your computer, such as your desktop.

Step 3: After saving, go to the .zip file again and double-click on the .zip file to open it, then extract the files from the .zip file and place it on your desktop.

And in Step 4 Option 1: Select the font files that are usually .ttf or .otf, then right-click and click Install.

Then in Step 4 Option 2: You can also place the font files in the Fonts folder, which is usually found in C: \ Windows \ Fonts.

You can access the Fonts folder by going to Start> Control Panel> Appearance and Themes> Fonts.

Once the font files are in the Fonts folder, you can delete all the desktop files!


3- How to add text effects

There are several simple and easy text effects that you can add to any text to customize it and add it to your design. Let’s look at a few simple things. Try and even mix them to get different results!

  • Add Shadow to Text in Photoshop

Add a drop shadow to the text by typing your text.

Next, double-click on the text layer in the Layer Panel and check the Drop Shadow. Here you can change the amount of blur, distance and size.

Once you have set all your settings, click ok!

  • Add Stroke to Text in Photoshop

To add a stroke to text, first type the text.

Then double click on the text layer in the Layer Panel and check the Stroke. Here you can change the color, thickness and opacity.

Finally click ok!

In the text layer, we reduced the Fill to 0. to give it a better look.

  • Insert image in text

You can turn an image into text by holding down Alt (or Option on a Mac) and hovering the mouse over the text and image layer divider in the Layers panel.

Click your mouse button. The image is now in your text!

  • Put text behind an image in Photoshop

First type your text, place it at the top of the image.

Then copy the image, bring the copy above your text.

Now use the Object Selection Tool to select the object you want to place the text behind.

Add a layer of mask. Your text appears as if it were behind an object!