WordPress vs Python: Use WordPress or Python to build your website

WordPress vs. Python: Use WordPress or Python to build your website

Many people face this question and challenge when designing a website: Python or WordPress? Which of these systems and programming languages ​​is better for creating a website? Should we get help from content management systems or use programming languages?

WordPress is today’s most popular content management system due to its practical and valuable features and benefits. Most businesses use WordPress to design their websites. Python is also an open-source, object-oriented programming language. And is a high level that web design is one of the powerful features of Python programming language.

Each of these methods has its features and flaws. Today, we intend to make it easier to choose the best suitable method for designing and setting up your site by reviewing and comprehensively comparing WordPress and Python programming languages. Stay with Ded9.

What about WordPress already, and is WordPress theme better or more programming; We presented articles; You can also check the introduced articles for more information.

You must understand that WordPress is a free and open source content management system for setting up, designing, and managing a website, with the help of which you can design various types of sites such as news, educational, shopping, etc., and it is one of the most prominent advantages. Without technical knowledge and coding science, you can easily create any site according to your interests and tastes with the benefit of facilities and coded templates.

Advantages of WordPress

Due to its advantages and practical and valuable features, WordPress is considered the most popular content management system today, and most businesses use WordPress to design their websites. You can easily set up your favorite site by taking a simple WordPress training course.

1. being flexible

WordPress has many unique advantages, and flexibility is one of its best advantages; This means that WordPress has thousands of themes as well as a significant number of plugins that can be installed with a simple one-click operation; As a result of this feature, WordPress users have been able to create different parts of their websites using the features of different plugins according to their wishes.

2. Being free and non-paid

The most important advantage of WordPress is that it is free; Most WordPress plugins and themes are free, and you can use many of its features without paying any fees; as long as you don’t need new plugins with better features; Otherwise, you will be required to pay for advanced templates and plugins.

Despite these things, building and designing a website with WordPress is less expensive than using a programming language.

3. Building and creating responsive websites

The meaning of responsive sites is that according to the size of the users’ browser; The appearance of the site pages also changes; In other words, this type of design causes the appearance of the website to change in proportion to the screen size of that device in all the devices that the user uses to visit the site, including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, etc… It appears that This possibility is provided for users in WordPress.

4. Open source or open source

Since WordPress is open source, WordPress developers have full access to its source code to add new functionality or edit and change a feature; As a result of this feature, WordPress continues to grow and develop over time with detailed updates.

5. Easy to use and install

Among the other reasons that make WordPress popular compared to other competitors such as Joomla and Drupal; The simple installation of WordPress from the wordpress.org site is just a few clicks

In WordPress, it is possible to use pre-prepared and coded templates for design by paying a small fee if needed if you do not know the program; Get help from a programmer in the field of exclusive customization of some parts of your site.

6. Security for WordPress

Due to maintain the security of the site, many developers and experts around the world work on upgrading and updating WordPress to analyze and fix any possible vulnerability of WordPress quickly; Consequently, it is necessary to install these updates to maintain and increase security regularly; Therefore, it is wrong to think that WordPress is insecure.

7. SEO

SEO with search engine optimization; is a set of operations that are carried out to get the highest ranking of your site in Google results; when your website ranks higher in Google search results, more people will visit it, and you will attract a larger audience.

Plugins such as SEO and RankMet allow WordPress site owners to make their site more visible in search results; Since SEO on dedicated websites is very difficult and time-consuming, WordPress sites are a better option.

8. Ability to build a wide range of websites

You can create various types of websites using the WordPress management system; You will not have any restrictions in designing and building all kinds of websites in the WordPress environment. You can design any size you need, from stores and news to educational, job search, music, social, and dozens of other types, without needing knowledge and coding skills. and launch

Disadvantages of WordPress

Despite its special advantages, WordPress also has some disadvantages, which will be briefly explained in the following section:

Being weak in creating very specialized projects

A WordPress website cannot be created according to your preferences due to the use of ready-made templates unless you use complex page builders such as Visual Composer or Mentor; So, if you don’t know how to code, get help from a programmer to add a new feature or option to your site; Another problem with WordPress is that it is difficult to manage large websites and corporate projects.

Low performance and slowness in some formats

Some WordPress themes have low performance and speed, as we mentioned before; By installing more plugins for WordPress; as a result, these plugins occupy a lot of space on the server and therefore reduce the speed and efficiency of WordPress sites.

What is Python?

Python (Python Programming Language) is an open-source, object-oriented, and high-level programming language that is available under the GNU General License, and web design is one of the powerful features of Python programming language; When it comes to learning a new language easily, Python is a popular choice for beginners; For this reason, Python has attracted the attention of programmers, and most people use Python to start their programming.

Due to the architecture and defects of the WordPress site, it is better to use programming languages to create a professional site with high speed and the ability to customize it according to your taste.

Python is one of the programming languages that you can use to code your site from zero to one hundred and create a standard site that can also be used to study and analyze data; Next, we will examine the advantages of Python.

Advantages of website design with Python

  • If you use a programming language to build your website, the designer and programmer will design your site to meet your needs and taste. As a result, you can easily add new functions and features to the site and expand it as you like.
  • Python-based websites have very little risk of being hacked due to high security, assuming that a skilled coder designs this site.
  • If you want to make changes to the site, the Python programming language is quite flexible, so you can easily make the desired changes to your site with the help of programming.
  • Another advantage of setting up a website with Python programming is monitoring and controlling website users.
  • The uniqueness of websites built using a programming language makes them perform quickly.

Disadvantages of using Python to build a website

  • The cost of building a website using the Python programming language is another drawback; Since this site is built by an experienced team, you have to spend a lot of money to set up and design this site.
  • Creating and running a website in a programming language is difficult and time-consuming.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on dedicated sites built using a programming language; is very difficult.


The purpose of this article was to evaluate the features and advantages of WordPress design and Python programming language together. WordPress and Python both have advantages and disadvantages, and we have to choose which to use for our website based on our needs.

WordPress is the best option to save time and money, but if we need a site with zero to one hundred tastes and distinctive design elements, the Python programming language is perfect; In general, WordPress is a much better option for building a website than Python programming.