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With Its New Tweet, Telegram Destroyed The Ability To Create A Channel On WhatsApp

With Its New Tweet, Telegram Destroyed The Ability To Create A Channel On WhatsApp

WhatsApp Recently Introduced The Ability To Create Channels For Its Users. Telegram, As Always, Mocked The WhatsApp Channel Functionality With A New Tweet.

Telegram and WhatsApp, as two of the most widely used messengers in the world, have always had fierce competition with each other, and this competition has been brought to Twitter many times. Usually, it is Telegram that provides a platform for joking with its competitor by providing a new feature in WhatsApp.

It was just a while ago that after adding the message editing feature to WhatsApp after a long time, Telegram boasted in a tweet that it has been offering this feature to its users for years. 

Now that WhatsApp has made channel creation available to users, Telegram mocked these rival messengers with another new tweet.

Making fun of the ability to create a channel in WhatsApp by Telegram

Telegram mocking tweet for WhatsApp channel feature

WhatsApp tweet to introduce the ability to create a channel


WhatsApp introduced the ability to create channels in these messengers on its official Twitter account yesterday. After that, Telegram quickly shared a screenshot in response to this WhatsApp tweet, which shows that the ability to create a channel was introduced to Telegram long ago in September 2015 (September 2014). With this image and without any additional explanation, Telegram reminds its competitor that it has much to say in diverse applications.

Rumors of providing the ability to create channels for WhatsApp have been heard for a few months. A few months ago, the first image of the WhatsApp channel was published, which at that time was in the testing phase, and finally, this feature was officially unveiled recently.

Through the channel, users can share their desired content, including photos, videos, gifs, stickers, etc., one-way with others and even conduct polls for their channel followers. This is a practical feature that many Telegram users even earn through it.