Winners Of The 2020 International Photography Awards

Winners Of The 2020 International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards Is An Annual Competition For Professional, Amateur And Student Photographers Held On A Global Scale.

The international photography competition is held every year with the participation of many photographers from different countries, with 13 main axes and numerous sub-branches. This competition is one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in today’s world of photography.

In this year’s competition, spectacular images from insects to domestic animals and natural landscapes competed.

The international photography competition, whose founder and manager is an Iranian named Hossein Farmani, cultivates photography talents worldwide. According to Farmani, the purpose of creating this space is to respect the achievements of the world’s best photographers, discover new skills and appreciate the art of photography.

This international competition was held as in previous years, and prizes were given to the selected photos.

Hossein Farmani, the founder of IPA, expressed his satisfaction with this year’s winning images and considered the state of the photography industry growing.

According to Farmani, despite the spread of the Corona disease, many photographers around the world participated in this competition, and it can be said that this year, this competition witnessed the presentation of the best images recorded during the past decades.

More than 13,000 images from the world’s best photographers in 2020 were submitted for this competition, and the judges were faced with incredibly challenging choices in all 13 categories. The judges recognized this year’s winners for their exceptional work in various genres.

This year’s entries generally reflect some of our generation’s most significant challenges. Among these challenges, we can mention dealing with a virus that has affected every person on Earth for the first time in some way or the global uprising that is going on against injustice.


First place winner in the “Beauty” category.

  • Photo name: Phoenix
  • Photographer Name: Marie Simoneau
  • Photographer’s country: Russia

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

The strongest souls and people have come out of the heart of suffering. The deepest pains make a person approach the highest limit of his power, Like a phoenix reborn by rising from the ashes. In ancient Greek folklore, the phoenix is ​​a long-lived bird regenerates cyclically. A phoenix gains a new life by rising from its ashes, Just like humans who are reborn every time from many sufferings.

First place winner in the “Pets” category.

  • Photo name: Flying over the sea
  • Photographer name: Claudio Piccoli
  • Country of the photographer: Italy

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

I love showing the dog as a superhero in action pictures. In this image, the dog is the main subject, which has created an exciting position in the air by stretching its muscles to the maximum. This dog and its owner were practicing discus throwing in the water. It isn’t easy to perform such excellent functions in these conditions; Because water breaks every movement. It was sunrise, and I loved the colors. The dog’s owner was focused on him, and the discus was thrown beautifully. However, this game cannot be repeated repeatedly; Because the dog needs to rest.

First place winner in the “night” category.

  • Photo name: The Goddess of Emergence
  • Photographer’s name: Stanley Lane
  • Photographer’s country: Taiwan

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Norway is located above the Arctic Circle and is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. The magical aurora borealis has been seen time and time again in the most beautiful fishing village in Norway on a clear, cloudless midnight. When I saw this beautiful picture in the sky, my heart was filled with peace watching this impressive sight in this small, quiet town. It seems that all the hard work that I did before, I left behind at this moment. Aurora is one of the atmospheric phenomena of the Earth. The appearance of colored and moving lights in the night sky, which usually occurs in geographic latitudes close to the Earth’s two poles, is called aurora borealis.

First place winner in the “Pets” category

  • Photo Name: Best Friends
  • Photographer name: Claudio Piccoli
  • Country of the photographer: Italy

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This is a picture of my two dogs, who teach me daily how to find joy in simple things like running. To get this shot, I had them start from a different spot so they could get to the log slower. It’s incredible to see how they compete with each other and, at the same time, play with each other like best friends.

First place winner in the “Press/Environment Group” section

  • Photo Name: Men on the Front Line
  • Photographer name: Montana Chasing
  • Photographer’s Country: Ghana

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

The poor in Accra (the capital of Ghana on the African continent) are at risk of being injured and drowning in the Korle lagoon. They swim in this lagoon to collect and sell recyclable plastics that enter the lagoon from the city’s waterways during rain. This group of people contains plastics for a small amount of money; their sustenance depends on these wastes. Scavengers and garbage collectors are the primary and hardworking backbone of the informal plastic recycling industry worldwide. They provide significant economic and environmental contributions to society by helping to reduce waste, reducing the cost of cleaning, and giving secondary materials to industries. However, their role is not well known and not appreciated.

First place winner in the “Panorama” category.

  • Photo name: legend
  • Photographer’s name: Mark Gray
  • Photographer’s country: Australia

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

What an incredible experience! Descending into this ice cave under the Vantnajökull glacier in Iceland was like stepping into a fairy tale. The sun illuminates the ice walls of the cave at sunset. Since this photo was taken, the shelter has completely melted. My happiness is indescribable; Because I visited this cave before it melted and captured its image.

First place winner in the “Professional Nature/Astrophotography” category

  • Photo Name: Combined Solar Eclipse and Maasai Warrior
  • Photographer’s name: Eugene Kameno
  • Country of the photographer: Germany

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This photo is my tribute to Jeffrey Louva. He was a friend whom I had never met in person. He was going to be my host, driver, and photography model for the combined solar eclipse in Turkana, Kenya, on November 3, 2013. On October 8, 2013, he sent me his last message via Facebook announcing a combined solar eclipse in Turkana. Unfortunately, he was killed just a week before I arrived here. His friend Peter Naqua, who had tried to save his life, stood on a hill for 11 seconds to capture this photo. The bitter truth is that our human lives are fragile and short.

First place winner in the “Professional Nature/Wildlife” category.

  • Image Name: Giant Shadows: The Giant Elephants of East Asia
  • Photographer: Andrew Doggett
  • Photographer’s country: America

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

It is estimated that there are only 24 giant elephants left on Earth. It seems that these vast elephants have been pulled out from the historical pages of the past and have come to the present age. It is not strange that they still roam the Earth after all this time, But the ivory market has pushed their lives to the brink of destruction. These elephants, with tusks weighing about 45 kg, are among the most incredible and spectacular creatures on the planet. In the animal kingdom, they are essential custodians of the knowledge necessary for developing the next generations of elephants.

First place winner in the “Nature/Professional Seasons” category

  • Photo name: Black Mountain
  • Name of the photographer: Yes Rex
  • Photographer’s country: Australia

In January 2019, Canberra (the capital of Australia) experienced one of the most spectacular thunderstorms. This thunderstorm on Mount Ainslie in this city was like a big and bright celebration.

First place winner in the “Nature/Professional Trees” category.

  • Name of the photo: Divine light
  • Photographer’s name: Kosuke Kitajima
  • Photographer’s country: Japan

When this image was captured in Hokkaido, Japan, the sun shone like divine light on the trees of a snowy field. This photo depicts the stunning beauty of nature without any apparent human intervention.

First place winner in the “Press/Miscellaneous” section

  • Photo name: Melody Omid
  • Photographer name: Urim Hong
  • Photographer’s country: America

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

The United Nations left, and the police stations became ruins. The gangs declared war, and people died amid their continuous shootings. The sound of gunfire had become a melody of cruelty in everyone’s ears. Over the past three years, a little voice in my heart has grown louder and wilder. I said to myself: Can we talk about hope here? That’s when I heard the whisper of a soft but sweet melody. The song resonated in my impenetrable darkness—the voice of children calling and waiting for a better tomorrow. For me, it was a melody of hope.

First place winner in the “Professional Nature/Macro Category.”

  • Photo name: Portrait of insects
  • Photographer’s name: Pedro Luis Ajuriaguera Saiz
  • Country of the photographer: Spain

Macro photography allows you to take unique portraits of insects, bees, spiders, and flies.

First Place Winner in the “Professional Individuals/Kids” category

  • Photo Name: Brian Hodges
  • Photographer’s name: Handmade soccer ball
  • Photographer’s country: Australia

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Kilometers away from the main roads in rural Uganda, soccer balls are unevenly made. Instead of green grass, the playgrounds are covered with weeds and are very dry and muddy. In fact, in this place, football is played in any flat space. Sneakers, boots, rubber sandals, and even bare feet make up children’s clothing in this area. However, children compete with each other to gain pride and joy by skillfully releasing a homemade ball. They build their ball with whatever they can get; Cloth or socks, rubber or skin, plastic bag or banana leaf. They use recycled materials to make the balls, giving new life to things that are supposed to be thrown away.

First place winner in the “Wedding” category.

  • Name of the photo: departure time
  • Illustrator Name: Yu Wei Chen
  • Photographer’s country: Taiwan


According to Eastern people, the father is a respected figure. This picture shows the girl’s wedding day, and you can see the father’s tender love for his child. The photographer says in the description of this photo:

First place winner in the “minimalism” category.

  • Photo name: Traffic lights
  • Photographer’s name: Darragh Muldoon
  • Country of the photographer: Ireland

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Lake Baikal is the largest source of fresh water on the planet, providing 23% of all fresh water on Earth. This lake freezes in winter and creates a winter wonderland. locals planted trees and small branches in the ice to act as beacons and allow travelers to cross the lake safely. These trees are significant for connecting communities from one side of the lake to the other. This way, an important road communication system is provided to connect the communities.

First place winner in “Professional nature/other categories.”

  • Photo Name: Blue Viper
  • Photographer’s name: Chane Leung Teo
  • Photographer’s country: Singapore

This image was recorded when two snakes were tied together. This species of snake is in danger of extinction.

First place winner in the “Travel/Wandering” category.

  • Photo Name: The Last Eagle Hunters
  • Photographer’s name: Zayyar Lin
  • Country of the photographer: Myanmar

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

For centuries, hunters have used the golden eagle for hunting in the dark months of winter. This is perhaps an extraordinary example of the relationship between humans and semi-wild animals. There are about 250 eagle hunters in the Bayan Ulgi Plain (located in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia). They continue to hunt with the golden eagle on horseback. These hunters primarily hunt red foxes and Krasak foxes. Hunting eagles in Kazakhstan are old and getting weaker due to harsh winters; For this reason, this type of eagle is in danger of extinction.

First place winner in the “Professional Architecture/Urban Landscape” category.

  • Photo name: Metal Forest
  • Photographer’s name: Ma Yu Han
  • Photographer’s country: China

This aerial image shows Hong Kong. One thing that is immediately apparent after seeing the photo is that this city is devoid of greenery and freshness.

First place winner in “Professional Editorial, Press and General News Group.”

  • Photo name: Revolution in our era
  • Photographer’s name: Kieran Ridley
  • Country of the photographer: France

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

On June 9, 2019, an estimated one million people marched in the streets of Hong Kong to protest the government’s proposed extradition bill. This movement, also known as the demonstration against the extradition bill of Hong Kong 2019, is a series of protests against the extradition bill of suspects and accused in Hong Kong to China. This bill was first proposed by John Li (the then Minister of Security of China) in February 2019. If passed, it would allow local authorities to deport wanted people to territories with which Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements, including mainland China and Taiwan.

First Place Winner in the “Professional Class/Lifestyle” Category

  • Photo Name: Irish Traveler Children
  • Photographer’s name: Bob Newman
  • Photographer’s country: America

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Irish Traveler children and their families are historically nomadic and have long been marginalized, and around 40,000 of them have lived in Ireland for hundreds of years. They are racially separate from Gypsies. About 15 years ago, a law prohibited them from moving continuously. These travelers study with settled Irish, but generally, they leave school at the age of 12 to 14. They are primarily Catholic and often marry at the age of 18. Irish Travelers often have extended families and live in roadside camps or purpose-built accommodations provided for Travelers by a local authority.

First place winner in the “Fine Arts/College” category.

  • Name of the photo: City of Music
  • Name Reflector: Ki Pius
  • Photographer’s country: China

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

In this project, I made music sheet music using images by recording the time and movement of football spectators. The pavilion is a set of five horizontal lines, and the people are musical notes. While the people in the stands are resting, chatting, eating, or watching the football game, they have inadvertently created a musical show.

First place winner in the “Press editorial/professional environmental group” category

  • Photo Name: Victims (Criminals)
  • Photographer’s name: Sandra Ballesteros Mega
  • Photographer’s country: unknown

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Currently, only about forty families of Dukha – who are engaged in breeding reindeer – have survived. Rising temperatures due to climate change and the protection laws of the Mongolian government to protect the taiga from the environmental impacts that dokha creates on its territory have threatened the traditional lifestyle of these families. The global conflict between the use of environmental resources and their sustainability is dramatically palpable in this remote place where the people of Doha live.

First place winner in the “Self-Portrait” category.

  • Name of the photo: Escape
  • Photographer’s name: Astrid Verhoef
  • Photographer’s country: Netherlands

Astrid explores the relationship between humans and nature by placing things where they don’t seem to belong. He travels to distant landscapes to explore his connection with nature and its impact on his sense of identity. In the meantime, a personality emerges that tends to connect with its surroundings; But it can feel like it doesn’t belong. He can be humble and anonymous, But at the same time, it has a symbolic appearance. This article shows the struggle against the modern background and man’s place in the natural world.

First place winner in the “Professional Nature/Underwater” category

  • Photo name: In the bubble
  • Photographer’s name: Atsushi Adachi
  • Photographer’s country: Japan

1st Place Winner in “Art/Abstract Art.”

  • Photo name: Shinjuku
  • Photographer’s name: Jackie Ranken
  • Photographer’s country: New Zealand

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

Shinjuku is a large commercial and administrative center with many people. This image was recorded from the cinema area in this commercial center. It was a bustling scene, and I made it even more alive with multiple shows. I can also find abstract form in the long lines that continue down the street. Shinjuku’s extensive commercial and administrative center includes places such as the northern half of the world’s busiest railway station (Shinjuku Station), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and the Tokyo Government Administration Center.

First place winner in the “Professional/Historical Architecture” category.

  • Photo name: Ampi Vedut
  • Illustrator Name: Noel Clegg
  • Photographer’s country: England

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

These images are the first examples of the “Ampi Verdot” collection, An ongoing project exploring Venice, Italy’s expansive landscape and architecture. This project presents a range of diverse architectural styles over the centuries that have lovingly preserved the beauty of this unique city in its design. Amp Verdot was introduced with the inspiration of the qualities that Venice was built on and the soft and muted colors of the Renaissance period. The collection also unveils the intricacies of architecture by using a minimalist perspective in a classic setting.

 First Place Winner in the “Aircraft/Drones” category

  • Image Name: A Damaged World in Transition
  • Photographer name: Jason
  • Photographer’s country: America

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

This image shows the salt pools of the San Francisco Bay Area that were once home to an array of wildlife and plants.

 First place winner in the “Sports and Hard Sports” category

  • Photo name:
  • Photographer name: Augusto Bartel
  • Photographer’s country: unknown

The photographer says in the description of this photo:

The scenery of Maldives is incredible, and for the first time,, a skydiving event was held on this island, one of the most beautiful islands. For these photos, Kudo Island is our background. The blue-green color of the Maldives is well known, a Color combination that creates unique images. Parachutes and paratroopers are an integral part of these photos. They also explain why we are on this island. With its colorful water, resorts, bungalows, and nature, this island creates a perfect scenario for one of the most outstanding aerial and skydiving pictures in the Maldives.